Southeastern University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Nothing, everything has been great so far. I love the campus,classes,teachers, and the students. It has been a great experience.


The worst thing about my school is that we are growing at such a fast pace that we are actually outgrowing our campus. There is not enough housing, parking or classrooms for the expanding size. But we are building more buildings and parking and getting creative with housing by buying apartments near buy to turn into student housing!


One thing area the school can improve in is having more ethnic and gender diversity within their leadership.


The chapel requirements and the idea that anyone that doesn't believe what they believe is wrong.


Rain season, because it's wet!


The worst thing about my school is the high tuition cost, because it is a privite school.


It's extremely boring on the weekends.


The worst thing about my school is probably that the food in the cafeteria gets old. It's not the same thing every day, but it feels like the same type of thing.


There aren't many bad things about this school. But I guess the worst thing about the school is the dress code. I wish the school was a little more lenient on the dress code.


The rules at southeastern are very strict. There is a fine for just about everything. Also many students are forced there by their parents and are consequently somewhat immature.


Because I go to a Christian school, there is not always a lot of things to do. Most of the students do not drink, and college students are almost always poor, so we usually cannot afford to go out and do things. They also have a a ridiculous rule of not allowing different genders in the dorm room, which makes it difficult to hang out with a lot od our friends.


It's far from the beach. I grew up on an island, so the lack of saltwater is sad


Well I am just starting school this semester so not sure what the worst thing at my school is, but I would have to say no football team. I love football and going to the games. Besides that I am not sure.


Honestly, I can't think of anything. The process of admissions and transisitions has gone smooth. I researched a lot of schools. After disecting my options, my decision has yet to fail me.


I do not get the opportunity to experience the real world.


The worst thing about the school is the lack of space. We have been increasing in numbers so quickly that the facilities can't keep up. I know that it takes money and time to create new dorms, classrooms, and buildings but it doesn't seem fast enough. I know that this is something that I cannot blame the school for, but it is the worst thing about the school and also the best.


The cost of attending Southeastern is the worst thing about the school. My parents don't qualify for financial aid, but yet my parents do not make as much as they did when I started school here. I hope that I can continue to attend Southeastern. I love everything about the school.


The cost to attend, because it goes up a little each year.


The food variety in the cafeteria. It's good food, but it just seems like the same thing every week.


They focus too much on maintaining the facilities and are not concerned enough with what the students need/want. They are more focused on attracting new students than retaining the ones they have (and I believe their numbers show just that).


The office is badly organized and even have the tendecy to miss place paperwork.


The worst thing is the housing policy. The school is expensive yet they dont allow students to live off campus unless thier 22. The rule is ridiculous, especially when the tuition is ridiculously high, and students are struggling just as much as anyone else to make ends meet. Our housing department weren't professional in dealing with students nor in making exceptions for students who needed to be off campus.


The worst thing about the school is dealing with the finanacial aid department and the business department. They don't tend to help you unless a parent is involved. They usually give you the run around when you ask questions regarding your financial aid.


Students do not have as much freedom as they would at another school. Many of your desicions are made for you by rules and regulations. I believe that students need to be able to make more of their own choices so that they are prepared for the real world. They can't be protected forever.


Hypocrisy and legalism - the administration does not seem to understand its students very well.


The Chapel is too small. They need to expand so that when the have campus events in it everyone who wants to attend can.


The business and financial aid because the offices are way too disorganized and the people running the place don't really care one way or the other what goes on. They also misplace a lot of paper work and fine you for things that are unecessary as well as not telling you everything you need to know first so you are constantly having to go back to the offices and finishing your paperwork. It seems like a never ending process.

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