Southeastern University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most fustrating thing about Southeastern University is that there is no room. It is a big university, but there is no room to walk in certain places. Everyone is trying to get to a certain place at the same time and it is cramped. Another issue is the parking. There are so many different projects going on all the time, so the avaliabilty of parking is almost non-existent.


The expenses associated with tuition is the most frustrating thing to me.


This is my first semester with SEU. I do not have anything frustrating to say. I really only have positve comments although I am an online student and have never been on campus.


Retention levels are low because financial aid is hard to hold on to. Also, since it is an A/G school there are some strict rules that can get frustrating as students become "adults" (curfew, dress code, and no opposite gender in rooms).


The most frustrating thing about SEU is the drama. Since we are a Christian school, if someone isn't as "holy" as someone else, they can tend to get talked about behind their back. I love Southeastern, but since it is a small school it's easy to build up a reputation for yourself, which can be a good thing if you're a good person, but also a really bad thing.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the cafe's and bookstore's high prices.


The dorms do not have WiFi! It is absurd that we are still chained to ethernet cords in this modern era! I also find it frustrating that the students are forced to eat in the back room of the cafeteria when there are event being held in the main cafeteria room. The students pay (alot!) good money to attend school and to eat there; it is unjust and demeaning for us to be sent to the back to eat food of lesser quality while other people of "higher status" get to eat in front.


The most frustrating thing about my school is older and/or married students are not taken into consideration when events are planned. If you are not an on campus student, you are often left out of the loop on school sponsored activities.


I would say that the most frustrating this about this school is the fact that they frown upon a lot of things, such as dress code, staying out late, etc.


The most frustrating things about my school has to be the cost of attending and not quite enough resources.


I would have to say the most frusrating thing would be my financial advisor. He is very hard to get a hold of and does not help me understand stuff. He takes a long time to return my phone calls.


commuter student parking is rather limited.


Nothing really. I have not started there till january.. I currently attend hesser college. what frustarates me about this school is how the people act. Also how the teachers look down apon religon.


I can only fault them for not being close to the Gulf beaches which I love. Everything else is great!


One of the most frustrating things about this university is that exceptions to the rules are made at times when it comes to curfew and dress-code. I believe that when a rule is made it should be followed. If students didn't want to abide by the rules, then they should've chosen to attend elsewhere. I'm not saying that I haven't made mistakes in the past, I'm just saying what's the point in making a rule if one is not going to enforce it?


Southeastern location can be a hinderance. A blessing if you have means of transportation. The school does not offer shuttles to get going to the groccery store. It is a blessing because students are right in between the tampa and orlando, where jobs, internships, and fun can be had. I remember trying to get around last year was a little hecktive. I even tried to get the bus, but because it is in a small town the bus stops running early. Also Southeatern does not offer enough schlorship oppurtunies for the students. Scholarships for intened majors are very scarce.


To me the most frustrating thing about the school is probably the location.


That you are required to live on campus till the age of 22 or the semester you are interning.


The most frustrating thing about school can be the loans. Struggling to pay for school, gas, bills and trying to actually enjoy college can be very overwhelming. My advice to prospective students is to find balance. Budget, research loan companies, carpool to save gas and design a visual schedule for yourself. All these things help minimized the stress of the aforementioned frustrations.


The most frustrating thing about Southeastern is that you have to drive everywhere, at least if you want to be somewhere engaging. The school is surrounded with lakes and trees. Of course, the natural beauty of the scenery is relaxing, but who wants to spend their weekend in the middle of nowhere. The city of Lakeland IS charming but for people who are from the big city (like me) it can be annoying and for the lack of a better word, boring.


It's so small and you have only one option of choosing what time your class meets. There are several options for Gen. Ed requirements, but the classes in your major are only offered once every other semester, and if you don't plan accordingly you will be spending an extra semester here.

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