Southern Adventist University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


People being unwilling to try something new. This is the worst part about my school because it makes it really hard to grow as an individual if you want to try something new and no one else is supporting you at all.


Some of the classrooms. They are old and need windows.


What I think is the worst thing about Southern Adventist University is the price of food in the cafeteria. When I can eat at Olive Garden or at the cafeteria for the same price, there is a problem. However, there are other more reasonably priced places to eat on campus. This is the worst thing about Southern because almost everything else is awesome!


In my opinion I can't really find something bad about the school, it's in a great location, campus is beautiful, contains great student resources, and well rounded educational enviroment.


The worst thing about this school is its limited fininacial assitance, it's very difficult to get fininancial aid to cover tuition and mostly the students who attend are funded by family members. Also, the university is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, not very good social life.


In order to maintain the more conservative aura, there are strict rules in place. I went to a private high school, and not until I got to college was I told how late I could stay out of the dorm. It felt constricting, but at the same time, there were people who definitely abused the regulations so I can't really blame the school. The system could use some tuning, though.


The worst thing about SAU is the cost. While many schoalrship are available freshman year, as you progress, the amount begins to build up. You can leave SAU with 100,000 in debt. The school is also very conservative, leaving little room for acceptance of others who live a more liberal lifestyle. I believe it is necessary to view and understand completely both sides of politics, but at Southern the conservative side always dictates. Besides those two issues, SAU is filled with positive things.


I realy have non negative comments about my current university (Southern Adventist University). This university have a great nurnsing program that helps students achieve their proffecional dreams. The only concern about my school is the high cost of credits, but I believe its becosuse it's high standards and good preparaion.


They fine you if you don't attend worships, convocations, vespers, and sabbath checks.


I consider the worst thing about my school to be the convserative viewpoint and strict regulations. This is because I feel that there needs to be more open mindedness. I also believe that students attending a university should be responsible enough to live off campus if they choose and to not be required to attend worship services. Religion should not be forced onto the students but instead be presented in a less evasive way.


The worst thing here is that we have this thing called convocations and we have to go to 14 of them during the semester and if we don't go they will charge us. Also, this school is very expensive and I would like to come back next year, but I actually don't know if I'm going to be able to study another year here because If I come back I would have to take more loans.


the students that live on campus must attend worship and convocation.