Southern Adventist University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think everyone should attend this school. I'm not saying that because I have school pride but because you should be there primarily for one thing: education that leads to your occupation. Now that I mentioned that, I can take on my school pride. My school is a very religious school and we are very welcoming to many ethnicities and religons. We all like to listen, learn, and appreciate other peoples many cultures without being judgemental but being happy that you got to learn something new about your new friend.


One who doesn't care about his/her studies


Only those incredibly serious about their education should attend this University. Not only is the tuition higher than other state institutions the level of education is higher and therefore more demanding and thorough. I would suggest that those who are more spiritual would really enjoy this campus as opposed to those without a more serious spiritual directed life.


People that are offended by Christian beliefs would not feel welcome at this school. People that are into drinking and drug use would not belong at this school. This is a school that pushes success, therefore a student needs to be focused and able to enjoy life on a deeper level.


Everyone is welcome and accepted at this school.