Southern Adventist University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Some people do not take enough responsibility for their actions. Some people come here and expect everything to be handed to them amd so they blame everything that goes wrong with Southern on the school instead of looking at themselves.


The most frustrating bout the campus is the curfew, its for our well being but it can get reallly annoying at times.


One of the frustrating things about my school is the fact that its eight hours away from home, but I've learned that it has made me a independent person and is preparing me for the future. The last thing that frustrates me is the fact that a lot of people have problems paying there tuition which sometimes only leaves them the option of leaving Southern.


the cost of attending


Personally, the price is one of the most frustrating things about Southern Adventist University. Although it's one of the most inexpensive Adventist Universities in the country, the cost of school along with the extra costs for textbooks and food is sometimes a struggle to meet. Financial help is hard to receive from the school itself.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that it does not have the major i wish to pursue, Anthropology, thus, even though I love the school, I will have to transfer out in two years.


I wish that the school bill was lower, everything else is great.


It is extreamly expensive and the cerfew rules are too strict.


I think students complain about three main things: 1) There is a fine for everything. Especially jewelry. Many students feel that if jewelry is not keeping them away from God, then it should not be a problem. But the school is ultra conservative. 2) Cooking meat in the dorm. SDAs are suppose to be vegetarians, but many of them eat meat. Most meat eaters on campus do not understand why they can order meat to be delivered to the dorm, btu they cannot cook their own. 3) There is no transportation for off campus trips to the mall or Walmart.


Our meal plan is non-refundable, even though some students do not use the full amount; it is also not rolled over to next semester.