Southern Arkansas University Main Campus Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Southern Arkansas Univeristy for me was the food. Sometimes the cafe food wouldn't be good and the only other place to eat on campus was Quiznos, which is very expensive in the eyes of all college students. As a student without a car, noodles were the main course of almost every meal, which is very unhealthy.


The academic advisors. Plan your own classes or you will be in school for much longer than you intended.


The University Village apartments does not have a good meal plan available overall. The maximum offered is $450 declining balance but this is used up well before the semester is over. It will last approximately 2/3 of the semester.


The only frustrating thing about SAU is the fact that a few of the buildings are spaced out and it's a pain in the ass if it's cold or raining.


The distance from metropolitan areas: shopping centers, movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc.


The parking situation. THey provide parking permits, but they are quite expensive. If you do not have a parking permit, then you will get a ticket. So you pay both ways. Why can't they just accept you paying for your school and not everything else!!