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The student population is about half and half with commuters and on campus housing students. The variety allowed for different groups of friends and study groups.


The campus has many clubs and organizations that try to give every student the opportunity to engage in a leadership role. Also, the administrators do their best to meet the demands and needs of the students to make Southern a truly great place to be.


Southern is very diverse and accepting. There are a lot of organizations that get the student body involved, it is a lot of fun on campus and there is a wide variety of activities for students. The campus is large, but the classes are not overwhelming. There may be a few lectures with over 200 students, but this is very rare. The professors like to get the students involved and help you out in any way possible. The whole experience here is wonderful.


At Southern Connecticut State University we have a diverse population of students. Each semester I meet students from different backgrounds that are able to teach me more about their culture, lifestyle , cuisine, and history. Other schools had less of a diverse population. I also enjoyed the welcoming staff on my tour which set aside my school from others. I met with my social work department teachers prior to enrollment to the college they really gave me an idea about the program and were able to answer specific questions regarding the program. Futhermore, Southern's students carry pride in their hearts.


Southern has a very diverse campus, and everyone enjoys each others company. You will see groups of students, such as the art scholar, guitarist, break dancer, and football player, having a blast together, even if career interest's or hobbies aren't similar. Everyone is always smiling, and it's just a calm, friendly environment.


Southern Connecticut State University is unique compared to other schools that I considered because it really is driven for success. Being one of the best schools for educational studies I knew from the begining that this was my school. I have dreamed of being a teacher ever since I can remember. Also being that Southern is such a close nit school, I wanted to be in an environment that I felt confterable and I knew that this was possible here.


SCSU is very diverse. Everyone seems to get along, and it has a lot of different classes to choose from.


The atmosphere around southern has really offered and helped me make my decision of where to go to school. I like the busy surroundings and how spread out the campus is. The size is pretty large but I feel that the school could be developed a lot more having great potential for future years and offer more courses.


There is no actual bus/shuttle schedule- it just comes whenever it pleases which is mind-boggling. The campus is also split in half by a city street that students have to cross just to get to class every day. We have a good reputation for our Education and Nursing schools.


Nothing really


The amount of commuter students and yet everyone still seems close knotted to eachother


The best part about my school is its location. It has a very nice balance of urban and rural settings. New Haven is a nice small city that is not overwhelming, and it does not take long to get to places where you can experience the joy of the outdoors. I am from the country so it is very nice to be able to have places nearby that are not too urban and that remind me of home.


The other schools I considered were not in the city.


There are so many activities to be involved in, and if you enjoy more than one it's not too hard to balance them. There is always an activity for someone, and many groups provide a lot of programs for students that want something to do.


Southern was cheaper than the other schools I applied to, and it is in New Haven which is a cool city.


Southern is very deversitied and offers a lot of trips to places off campus, which is really a great way to meet people and stay on campus. the housing and dorms were also a lot better then many other colleges. Thought there was enough space for two people in one dorm room.


The education program at Southern Connecticut State University is amazing, I had only applied to the state schools and by far SCSU had the best education program, it also has a wonderful nursing program for anybody pursuing that.


The location of SCSU is unique. It's located in New Haven which is a fun city to go out in. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars close by. The size of the school is good because its big enough to always be meeting new people but its small enough to have small, intimate classrooms.


It is resonably priced in comparison to the tution of other universities. The buildings and classrooms are newly remodeled, large, and comfortable. The teachers are always willing to help and the financial aid department is definitely full of helpful employees.


southern is just a really pathetic school, I should've gone somewhere more challenging, I just didnt have the guts to travel its not unique at all in my opinon, good if your a party girl