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What are your classes like?


I'm a journalism major, and right now I'm taking two journalism classes. One is a writing class about print and broadcast writing, but you don't do too much writing. The other class is about the history of journalism, and it's also a speech class. We had to recite the first ammendment, and do other speeches about some of the stuff we learned in the book for the class. Math is a hard subject for me, and so I'm taking one of my math classes for the second time. The math teacher I had my freshman year was the best, he was very interactive with the students, and wanted us to always ask questions. My other math teachers are speedy and if you do ask for help, they help you, but with a yelling tone of voice, which just doesn't help me at all. There's a tutor center, but students are your tutor, and they sometimes have their own way of solving the problems, which isn't always helpful to me. I'm also in biology, which is ok, but there's also a bio lab once a week, which is kind of hard when the tests for the class come because you have to remember lots of terms, but it you study A LOT, you'll pass it. English classes are ok, you just have to type your essays the way the professor wants you to, and your papers usually have to be at least 3 pages or more.