Southern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Southern Connecticut State University is a very good school. I found the school to be a perfect fit for me. People who enjoy to learn, have set goals and want a career in teaching will greatly benefit from the B.A programs offered at S.C.S.U. The amazing staff and curriculum is geared to prepare you to be the best teacher you can be.


The kind of people that should attend this university would be anyone actually. If you're local, or out of state any one should attend if they're looking to further their education. Becoming a college student, I've learned that there are all kinds of people and feel as if there is not a certain kind of person that is ideal for this school or any school in fact. I feel as if anyone should attend this school if they have the determination and confidence in themselves to attend.


This is a great school communtiy with friendly staff and students. It is a school for students who are intrested in liberal education and making the best out of the opportunites given to them.


I think this school is great for commuter students. It is very commuter friendly, and the professors are great.


Those interested in entering education or nursing fields would love Southern Connecticut State University. The majority of the student body are aspiring teachers, professors, or nurses.


A person who likes meeting new people and having new experiences and is open minded.


The type of person that should attend SCSU is someone who has a thirst for knowledge and a friendly disposition. If you have those two qualities you will do incredibly well here. This is a place where you can be who you are without being judged or persecuted for it. For the price of attending this school you are getting an amazing education. This school teaches both the wealthy and underprivileged but at the same time treats them like equals.


There are a couple senarios where a person should attend Southern Connecticut State University. For one, as colleges go it is not very expensive if you live in Connecticut so one should come here if they want to save money and still get a quality education. Also, if a student is not sure what they want to major in this is also a good college because of the liberal arts style teaching and classes.


A person looking for a local university that provides all the "college-living" qualities, while having the option of living with parents, commuting to school or working while still in school. A person who doesn't have a lot of money to attend a private school, and/or does not want to take so many student loans, this is a more economic option.




Someone who wants a good college expierience but doesn't want to stray far from home, or spend thousands of dollars.


Anyone can attend this school to be honest. As said before, Southern is very diverse, and there is an activity for everyone. They do alot of residence life programs to keep everyone happy and active as well. A person who loves to feel as if they were at home would most definitely enjoy this school because the people around you turn into family for the most part.


Anyone who is willing to get a quality education.




someone serious about learning and college life


Student that isn't looking to spend lots of money on college, but still wants to get a good degree. Someone who isn't white-bred and ignorant.


anyone who is driven to accoplish a goal in becoming whatever they want to be in life. they should be driven and able to focus to whatever may come their way.


The person that should attend this school should like different type of people.And should not be afraid to be socialize with people from different backgrounds. They should also like decent sized class rooms the classes here aren't that big and some are even small with like 20 people in them.


A person that is willing to learn to the best of their ability. someone that will put all of their time into school and put their best foot forward. Attending this college was the best choice that I could have made. I am close to home and still keep in contact with my friends from high school. the enviornment is very friendly and ther is a lot of help among faculty and staff. the classes are tough and a person has to stay focused and turn their sociual life on a lower level.


This school is great for all types of people, its easy to fit in, no matter what religion, race etc. There are many degree programs to choose from and professor that are always willing to help you.


Any kind. It offers something for everyone and it one of the best schools in Connecticut for every major. It is also the school in the best location in the state.


This school has a strong teaching and nursing program, so whomever considers either one would fit perfectly here. There are also artist programs that are strong for those persuing in art or music. This is a general career-based school, whatever you want to be, this school has enough of the courses or credits you need to get your dream job.


Anyone who wants a degree. It is very possible for anyone who tries their best.




A liberal.


Students who have made up their minds to major in education, engineering, nursing or computer science should really attend this school. SCSU offers the best programs and place you in you career very early.


Someone who doesn't get accepted anywhere else who isn't interested in college life.


Someone who wants to be close to home.


A person who knows exactly what they want. SCSU can give it to you or start you on you path to get there.