Southern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were to able to go back my senior year in high school, I would change a lot. What I would do is take la public speaking class, and join a lot more clubs or organizations. The reason why I would want to have taken a public speaking class becasue this semester I had to present some projects in front of a class and I started to gain this bad anxiety, thats what I truly wish I could of changed. Iw ish I was smart enough to have been part of many clubs or organizations back in my senior year, so I gain some experience and use that experience in college.


Enjoy every moment in high school because going to college is one of the most stressful, foreign experiences ever. Do not wait to complete the college application process because you will regret it. Do not spend any time trying to do your hair or dress up nicely for other people, only do it for yourself. Don't be lazy and wait to do your work; do your work as soon as you receive it. Get to know your guidance officers because they are the people who are going to get you the most money for your work. Don't worry about trying to fit in; do you boo boo. Read the books in school, even if you don't want to because you'll have to do a lot of that in college. Learn how to repeat yourself in about 1,000 different ways.


I would tell myself to apply to all type of schools and do not limit myself because the school of my choice might not be the one that is right for me. I would also tell myself to study harder and worker so I will have a great chance of getting into a really good school.


I would take some more time in taking to people instead of having my focus directed on my studies most of the time. I have made good friends with some awesome people at SCSU, and I do not regret having any of those friendships for a second, but i have always felt that I could have been more involved with Campus life and go out with my firends more. I would also tell my high school self to seriously look into moving out on my own. As i go through my college education as a communter, I live at home and i have recently have had the urge to move out and live on my own. I think that I would really enjoy it and I honestly do believe I am ready to deal with the responsibilities that come with living alone. I work two jobs and bring in more money than the average college student (I believe) so I believe I will not suffer financially. I think I would strive in this kind of situation.


The advice I would give myself is to focus. Every class matters, every credit matters. My freshman year I didn't care about school and I really just blew my parents money for sending me here and I took classes I didn't even need because they were "easy". College is very important and you need to take it seriously. Also if you are getting guidance from someone and it doesn't seem right, it's okay to ask other advisors for that they think you should do. And to get more involved with my school community, take advantage of being in college and go to the football games and the plays and talent shows.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, there would be a lot that I would tell myself. I would give myself some advice on time management and to avoid procrastination as much as possible because it will add so much unnecessary stress. I would also warn myself about prefectionism in college life and how it may not always be possible but doing my best will be more than enough. I would encourage myself to stick with it and continue on through the struggles that I had to endure. I would tell myself that I made it and that it is possible, and that there is so much more after high school. Most importantly I would tell myself that my struggles with my health wouldn't be the end of me and that I could succeed not only in college but in life. I would tell myself that it's going to be dificult but not impossible, to do my very best and study a lot.


Stop rushing to get to the end of the road; appreciate and savor the process of getting there. Life is the process not so much the end.


I would tell myself to start thinking about what you want to do now and make sure thats what you definitely want to do. I would also want to tell myself that you have to do scholarships and make sure you definitely reach the deadlines. I would beg myself to start looking for scholarships before time is up. I would also tell myself to be prepared to talk to your roommate and make a date in an earlier date so that you and your roommate can discuss the things you two will need to work out.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior again, I would tell my self to do whatever it takes in college to achieve the highest grades possible. Small social life sacrifices are well worth the pay off of having the highest GPA of your ability. However, I'd also tell myself to not let my GPA define me completely. Join clubs, organizations, teams.. any thing that expands your network of people and lets you take the necessary mental breaks from school work. Do what allows you to discover, explore and get the best possible experience while working towards your degree. These should be the best four years of your life, step outside your comfort zone and the rewards will be endless.


I would tell myself to go to school right after high school so i could actually be able to take care of my kids and support them on my own. Having kids before going to college just makes it ten times harder and I wish i would have went to school before having them.


I would personally have a lot to say to myself. I would start by saying that focus is everything in college. You're given much more freedom than you are in high school and its a great test to see how you are as a student. I would make it very clear to myself that getting involved with anything at school will be helpful in the long run, no matter how pointless it sounds at the time. Also i would tell myself not to be as worried as i was going into college cause its a gret expeirience and nothing like i thought it would be. Meeting new people and making friends was extremely easy and getting involved is even easier. Basically to sum it up I would say not to stress over anything until you expeirience it for yourself cause you never know what anything has instore for you.


When I arrive at the time of my senior year in high school, there would be many tips and ideas I would tell and warn myself about. I would tell myself to practice time management. Informing myself to make time for shcool work which would be my number-one priority. I would want to convince myself to get involved in the community and be ready to expand my knowlege far beyond what high school could ever do for me. I would tell myself that I finally made it to college, which was my goal since junior high, and not to stress so hard about it. I would tell myself that I am able to do anything, as long as I beleive that I can do it. I would warn myself about the other side of college in which it would be some of the best times of my life; to not being afraid to explore new things. I would most certainly warn myself that, I will only get out, what I put in for my education. I would tell myself that there's always a way and to never think about giving up again.


Dear Younger Me, Around this time you should be just graduating from high school and excited about all the opportunities that will open themselves to you. Please don't just brush them aside. Take advantage of every little thing that comes your way. Concentrate on working harder in your studies, there's always time for going out and partying later. Remember to focus on your goals and don't allow yourself to get continuously side-tracked by guys. The good ones will understand that you have priorities and will still be around, the bad ones will leave as soon as they see they aren't a priority. Make time for family in the midst of your schedule, they will keep you grounded. Make friends with people with common interests and goals. They are the ones who will help keep you on track and their experiences will help you gain insight into your future as a teacher. Always love and stay true to yourself and your beliefs/values. Sincerely, Wiser You P.S. Always say yes to second chances. You never know when you might need one yourself in dealing with school, your friends, family, career, love and life in general.


Allow more time for making friends and joining study groups/clubs. Widen your horizons and allow more time to socialize with people who have similar interestes; you can learn more about the things that are important to you.


I would tell myself to just be myself. Do not worry about others and what they are doing. It is not as important as you finding out who you are yourself and oursuing what you want to. I would tell myself to focus more on school and not as much as what other people are thinking about me, because it is true what everyone says, you will never see these people again. It is true, I am 21 years old and I never see the people that I went to high school with. What is the point in trying to impress them? Why give up time and do things that deep down I know are wrong to impress these people. I would tell myself to think about it. They would not do the same for me, I am sure. So focus on education and be the best that you can be. In the future, it will all work out.


I would try to do even better in school and get more involved in extra currricular activities. I would also apply to different schools outside of Connecticut so i could have a better college experience. I would also have more experience with applying for schools and knowing what mistakes not to make. Also i wouldn't get to caught up in partying as much because i learned that it really was detrimental to my school work.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior and give them advice on the transition, I think one very small bit of advice that would be very, very valuable to me would be that college is what you make of it. With the current state of the national debt and the rise of unemployment, everyone hears horror stories about people graduating from college and being up to their eyes in debt before they even get their first job. It's a very scary thing to think about and it made me wonder why people go to an institution for higher education when they know they're going to be in a less than fabulous financial state when they graduate. However, if you study, do the hard work while you're in school, get a study group and a tutor, and get out there and get involved, everything will fall into place. Talk to your professors - tell them what you want to do and where you want to be, and tell them to push you to your limit and then shove you beyond that. Make friends, meet new people, ask questions and never, ever give up.


As a high school senior, I had many positive influences around me. As a result, I was pre-warned of many issues college freshmen’s face. Issues such as: time management, failing academically, and the importance of staying above the influence/surrounding myself with the right people. However, of those three topics I would heavily stress the importance of staying above the influence and surrounding myself with those who value their education. As an on-campus resident, I have visually experienced people doing drugs and other things detrimental to one’s health. Unlike high school, drugs aren’t hidden in college; it is publicized and many people do it. However, I have learned that staying above the influence and remain true to one’s self is very important because drugs can completely destroy everything you worked hard for. With that said, I would advise myself to constantly remember my struggles and the main reason I attend school. College friendships are rewarding but are not essential. If a person is changing you for the worse than that individual is not your friend. Lastly, I would tell myself that it is my responsibility to care/make sacrifices for my education.


Stay focused and study hard, trust me it makes a difference. Try to make up your mind in what you really want to do so you can better be prepared for what you want to do in the future.


I am optimistic in nature and do not believe in living with regrets, however, the decisions I had made about college my senior year is something I still think about often. College is life altering and where you go to school and the education you will recieve at that institution is one of the most important things you come across in life. You must go visit campus's, take tours, and read about different colleges. The knowledge that I have inquired in the last few months about life is the most important message I will convey. Things don't just fall in to place with no effort, you must take the inniative and work hard if you want something. You must strive to succeed in college because it affects every aspect of your life from jobs you will be offered to meeting friends that may last forever. If I had known any of this two years ago, my life would be different and not as stressful. I will continue to share my mistakes with people in the process of applying to college to stress the vitality of how one choice can change your life.


Don't ever doubt yourself. You are exceptional and you will do great things. Enjoy college life, and enjoy the time spent learning in the classroom.


If I were to go back in time to provide my younger self a word of advice on college, I would emphasize the importance of time management. When in college, one typically juggles school, work, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, and spending time with friends and family. It is vital one learns to proritize in order to be successful throughout college. Organization and a handy calandar are essential for doing well with time managment. During my time in high school, teachers would gladly grant students extentions on major projects or the ability to make-up missing assignments, however, college professors have zero tolerance nor care for missing and/or ill-prepared assignments. I would most definitely warn my senior self of the differences and expectations of a successful college student.


I would tell myself to study my hardest and not slack off just because it's the end of the year.


I would tell myself to set aside time everyday to apply for scholarships. I would tell myself to do as many extra credit assignments as I could possibly do, if it would raise my grade.


If I could somehow go back in time and give my high school self some advice about college I would tell her that you shouldn’t focus on what other people think about you. This is the time in your life where you can pursue your own interests and craft the life that you want and deserve to have. It is the time in which a shy girl; who would normally not talk in class due worrying of looking stupid, can blossom and realize she has a strong and intelligent mind that she can share with the world. A person who might not have had the best grades in high school can be transformed to someone who is on the dean’s list every semester. This is the place where doors to wonderful possibilities can open if you are willing to study hard. College is where you will meet different people and have experiences that will help shape who it is you are meant to me in this life.


There is nothing about myself that I would really change. I have been through alot and it had only made me stronger and had comprised me into the person I am today. Because I am already a diligent, career-orientated student, I would've enforced the idea of doing more volunteer work than I had done. I feel as though that participating in volunteer work not only broadens my perceptions and social ethic, but invites new life lessons and educational experiences worth holding onto that will always redeem as rewarding in one way or another.


I would say try the best that you could and give education your all because in the long run it pays off. When I was younger, I made alot of mistakes. Ones that I can never take back and that will be part of my life forever. I dropped out of high school and started to use drugs. For many years, I was in and out of prison. But when I had my daughter, she changed my life around. Today, I am a single mother and a full time student recieving straight As. I believe that as long as you put your all into something you really want, you can achieve. I am living proof of how someone can really change their life around. So if I can turn back time, with the experiences I had in my life, I would definatley tell myself to stay in school, stay focused, and never give up on your dreams. I know that all my hard work is going to pay off in the future. I am majoring in Social Work, and want to reach out to the troubled youth out there. I want to make a difference in someones life one day.


The first thing I would tell myself is to think more deeply about my college decision and what I really want out of it. I hastily made the decision to go to the University of Arizona for my first semester, and it ended up really not being right for me. So, I returned home to Connecticut where I am currently a student at the local state college, Southern CT. But that is not where I want to be either. When I was a senior, I could never have imagined that my college experience would turn out the way it did. I now know what I want to study and the kind of school I want to be at. Part of me wishes I could go back in time to when I was younger, figure out what I wanted, and apply to different schools than the ones I did, particularly Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, where I will most likely be this upcoming fall. I didn't really know right away that I wanted to study environmental science when I was a senior, but it soon became apparent. If only I could have fiured it out a little sooner!


As a college student, I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. I have learned so much and was able to mature as a young adult. For instance, entering college as a freshman straight out of high school I thought college was going to be about having fun and partying but I was completely wrong. After ending my freshmen year in not such a good academic standing, it became a wakeup call to me. My college experience has made me the student I am today, now as a sophomore at Southern Connecticut State University, I do not strive for any grade less than a B-. As a college student, I learned that I have to work hard and have determination to be successful in college. Attending college is a very valuable experience for me because when I graduate with a degree I will be able to be successful in a career that I enjoy and love. Being able to say that I am a educated woman is a statement that I would love to proudly admit. Having a college education can take me a long ways. That’s why obtaining a degree will be very valuable in life.


I have come to the conclusion that this school helped me to get an understanding about how not to act when I eventually get into the teaching field. I want to be the kind of professor that is there to help and to teach and actually help students understand, even if they are only taking a class because it is requried. It is the teachers job to be there for the students, they are being paid for this reason, I would be there for my students 24/7, and go out of my way to help them, with anything I could, and if I was not able I would find someone who could. This school has allowed me to understand how important it is to be effective at your job.


I have learned that I am okay being on my own and I'm capable of taking care of myself.


I have gotten a good amount out of my college experience. For one, I gained a good amount of liberal arts knowledge because of all the required liberal classes. Also, I have saved some money going to this public state school because I live in Connecticut. One thing I learned is that my college is not the best for socializing especially during the weekends because it tends to be a commuter school and also many students go home on the weekend. Yet, I still learned to make due with what I had and with that I picked up a good sense of responsibility.


From my college experience, I have learned a great deal. I have learned that learning involves not only memorizing the material, but fully understanding the concepts presented. I have also realized that sometimes people will not be there to hold your hand and walk you through things, whether in school or in life; and that is when you need to reassure yourself that you're strong enough to get through it and to just keep moving forward. I also learned that I am much more capable and intelligent than I believed. I have learned so much information on various topics and at times I would get discouraged and think that my brain cannot possible handle any more information; yet I was able to retain the information and do well on my exams. This lesson is not only dear to me because I have gotten good grades in school, but because I have learned to believe in myself and never doubt my capabilities. It has been extremely valuable to attend college because I have not only learned information about the profession I wish to get into, yet I have also learned a great deal about myself, my abilites, and self confidence.


My college experience has been a short one; I have only been here for a week. However, there are a few things I can tell you right off the bat. My professors are passionate about the subjects they teach. In my Western Civilizations class, my professor is so interested about ancient history, that he took the time to learn to write hieroglyphics. He is knowlegable in almost every nook and cranny of ancient history. It is inspiring to know that hopefully one day that will be me. Futhermore, SCSU has a strong sense of community. It is a small, state college with a big heart. From the first day of orientation to the day I am writing this, I have never once felt alienated from my fellow peers. There is so much diversity here that wherever you turn there is someone to guide you and help you become the person you aspire to be.


Out of this college experience I have learned that it is truely up to you, the student, to accomplish anything. If you are not fully focused or applied all the oppertunites can and will pass you by. Nothing can be done without hard work and dedication to yourself and goals. It is very important to set goals and checkpoints in life and during courses. If there is no check list life might feel as if nothing has been accomplished. College is just a step in life many choose to take whether you decide to complete it, it is up to you.


So far, my college experience has been below expectations.. Doing two years at a community college has really motivated me and set the level for which I must perform at next year at the University of Miami. I do feel talented at math at science but sometimes not at the level I know I will be competing against that is why I am willing to to anything, any tutotring, any sacrifice of social "exploration" thoughout the next four year to become a civil enigneer. I feel that if I had not done the two years at my comminty college I would not be at the mental level I am at now. I think doing two years at a community college gave me time to grow and develop mentally as a student and as a girl. I would never have been ready or known how many sacrifices I will have to make for the next four years if I had gone straight into engieering from high school. Now I am ready to totally emerse myself in a new world.


I have not attended college yet but I will be attending an Aviation School outside of Pittsburgh, PA called Chippewa. I am really looking forward to attending college but need some financial help.


My college experience has been priceless, because I have learned many functions, strategies and elements of a business from my teachers and professors that I was able to use in the real world. My father owns a grocery store which provides the local Indian, Pakistani, Bengladesi and Asian community with products imported directly from their country. I took classes in business for two and a half years and used my college experience and contacts to make my fathers business prosper online. I created and launched a website for my fathers business on which customers can order online and get delivery of the products directly to their home. Many of my professors and fellow students helped me get this website up and running. Hard work goes into building a website, marketing it, driving sales and delivering the products. My professors were professionals and knew what I needed to do and guided me on how to do it. Today, the website is averaging $200 a day in sales and is gaining new customers every day. If i had not gone to college I would not have been able to do this for my fathers business.


During my college experience, it taught me responsibility and taught me that i can make it without mommy and daddy leading me every step of the way. It allowed me to see that the world is not a scary place to be as long as you are equiped with the right tools of knowledge. When i first left I was not ready and i was scare. I was so use to having my family around and college help me to mature and grown up. I learn life can be fun but you must handle your business first. Once your business affairs are set then you can enjoy life. It also was very valuable for me to attend in order to obtain a good job with excellent pay rates and benefits. By going to college you learn with your worth and when you go out into the working field you can express and share you know. Another reason i am going back to school because now a bachelors degree is nothing but a high school diploma. I know what i am worth and it gave me the confidence to stand up for myself and not let companies take advantage of me.


I've gotten a large cultural experience from going to this school. It is very culturally diverse and coming here has opened my eyes to many things. I have met a large variety of people, getting to know a lot about different races, religions, and beliefs. Another value in attending Southern Connecticut State University would be the help and support from the faculty and staff. Coming from a High School where I had done mediocre to graduating in only four years has put a lot of self confidence and awareness that I have the knowledge to persue any career I set my mind to. Although I had been undeclared for three semesters, the variety of classes made me realize who I really was and who I want to become. The professors I had incorporated much experience into their teachings which made it more accessible to understand the material that was being taught. Knowing this; Psychology was the best route for me and going to Southern Connecticut State University really led me to that direction. Without the knowledge I had been administered I would never realize the potential I access and the technique I can carry on in the future.


Although it make feel like the end of the world sometimes, it's not. Really, it isn't. The end of the sky, the wind sighing through the trees, the sky full of stars at night, the clean mountain air! None of it will ever really disappear. And neither will your old friends or your family. It make feel like the concrete jungle filled with steel trees strange creatures will suck the life out of you but don't let it get to you. The sun still rises in the morning and sets at night and you may feel like you want that sunset to be the last one you'll ever see but it gets better. Nothing ever ends for good and so neither should you. So, don't let everyone's words get to you. For all you know, you're just blowing things out of proportion. Just take the time to remember that even though it's hard, it gets better.


I want to tell you that I am proud of all your hard work. I am proud of all the preparation you did to get us here. Despite all the distractions and stressors going at this time you were able to pull it together and get ready to go to college. Let me just tell you that it will all be worth it. The stressful times, the hard work, the economic strain, and the things you had to give up to keep going! All worth it! Don't give up on your dream to succeed! Take it a step a time, a day at a time and things will turn out well. Next year will be full of new experiences and opportunities that will help build your wisdom and character! I'm counting on you!


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take the summer before college to love myself and find out who I am through getting involved. I would do this because in my first semester at college, the transition from high school to college life was rough and by questioning myself it only became harder. When I joined the Programs Council, Inter-Residents Council and Hall Council on campus, I met many people that helped me on my path to obtaining a higher self esteem. I recieved the support that I needed through my new friends and when I felt that I could not go any farther, they seemed to motivate me to keep going. Then, I was able to develop my leadership skills that gave me the confidence I needed to become a happier person. If I had known that getting involved could help me so much, I would have done so sooner.


Stick it through, don't let anything or anyone derail your progress. Don't drop out or take a semester off because saving up the money to get back into college is harder than you think. If you're unsure as to what you want to major in, take a multitude of different classes within different disciplines. Some classes may sound tedious and boring, but they may unlock your secret passion for a particular subject/area of interest. Talk to people! Even if it's just to say "How's the weather?", engage people in conversation. Challenge yourself to look beyond your comfort zone. Don't diss an idea just because you've never thought about it or tried it or for any other reason (other than personal safety, of course!). Take a road trip once a year to a state you've never been. Try for one that totally opposite the one you're immersed in now. Try a new cuisine. Basically, don't stand in the corner waiting for life to hand you hard, play hard and look out for yourself. And call your momma more often.


Consider your options then develop a clear view of what I want to go to school for. Focus on your dream job and don't let anything get in the way. Find out EXACTLY what needs to be done in order to graduate, freshmen year. Stay focused, Freshmen year is the hardest. Remember that school comes first. By Sophmore year know whether or not you want to go to Graduate School and start preparing for that.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would not do it. The reason I know what I know about making the transition to college life is because of the mistakes I made while applying for school. However, I would love to share what I learned with any current high school students. Be realistic. I only applied to my top two schools. I was acccepted and given partial scholarship to my dream school, but by mid-August I couldn?t pay for it and had to take a semester off. Be Successful. In high school, I thought success meant a fancy college. Therefore, my semester off seemed like a failure. Now, success to me means doing everything I can to reach a goal, even if I don?t get it. So, working three jobs to go to state school in spring 2009 was a success. Be human. You are going to make mistakes, but you don?t have to regret them. I was miserable when I couldn?t go to school right away, but recognizing my humanity helped me to forgive myself and move forward. Finally, choose to be happy.


If I could go back in time and tell my high school senior self what I know now about college and the college life, I would definitely tell myself to live on campus the first year, and to not work as much as I did. I realize now in my second year how important studying and doing all of the assigned work is, and I do not feel like I understood the full importance of it in high school or my freshman year of college. I would make my high school self understand that I needed to study and work hard in every class even if I thought it would be easy, because every class makes a big impact in my GPA and in getting into the nursing program here.


If ever given the chance of returning to my high school self I would give the advice of never be afraid of trying something new and meeting new people. I feel as though after being in college for the last two years I am realizing that the people you meet and network with when you first start school are people who can help you to transition into the enviornment much more smoothly. I would tell myself to take advantage of every opportunity that is afforded to me whether it be community service, or going to the movies as they are all ways of opening doors to whatever may come as a chain event. I definitely feel as though transitioning would have been much smoother had I not went into the experience thinking that I would not live up to the standards I set for myself and I would tell myself to never show doubt in my own abilities because once I doubt myself I leave room for someone else to do the same. I would say that while success would be hard to acheive, that if it was't really what I wanted it would be easy to obtain.


If I could go back in time and tell my high school self about college, I would tell her to just relax. College isn't as tough as you think and as long as you are busy but make time to hang out with the new people you will meet, then you will be fine. Just relax, keep cool, and have fun.


If I could go back in time I wouldn't learn anything because is the mistakes I made that teach me how to live my life the right way. Knowing what I did wrong helped me to succeed in life because I learn what to do and how to do it and what not to do... But if that wasn't the case then I would like to advise my self to save money for college, work harder, focus on myself more than others and that I can do better when I think it's good.