Southern Connecticut State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing I consider about my school is the enviornment, because it's all new to me and thier are many people around and I like it. Plus its's really diverse and that's what I like the most becuase back in my high school it wasn't really diverse.


There are so many diverse people attending the school and Southern also has a diverse faculty.


Some of the professors truly want students to learn and succeed


The size of the school is perfect along with the professors and students that attend it. Everyone is very kind and courtious and very willing to help others.


As a former student/on-campus resident, I mainly cherish Southern's on-campus student activties. During the week, it is hard to remain anything but busy. There is always something going on and the Southern community is welcoming to those who are unfamiliar to it. In just a year, I have experienced a variety of new thing. For example, I've tried new food like fried dough at student apprecation day, and I've gone to domestic violence panels, which is a topic of my intrest. Furthermore, I believe that Southern's on-campus activities are its main attraction.


The library is a good place to go to get work done. It is usually quiet and there are a lot of resources.


Most of the professors I've had take notice of individuality as well as strengths and weaknesses esp. in a smaller classroom setting.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the fact that the quality of the education is high while the cost of attending is low. For me, this is important because I am putting my self through school entirely on my own from here on out. That is a tough burden to bear at my age. It is satisfying to not feel overly stressed about financing my education, because such a feeling truly takes away from what's really important about college: learning.


The best thing about Southern would be the location because it is close to my house. Which makes it possible to commute.


I am a student transferring into Southern Connecticut State University from Norwalk Community College both in Connecticut. I would like to tell a little about myself before I go into detail about why the SCSU is the right school for me. I am an entrepreneur, I get this skill from my father, an entrepreneur. I have developed a good understanding of finance and want to pursue a degree in finance. SCSU, has a comprehensive Finance program which will help me rationalize;future business and career decisions. Understanding finance is one of the core elements to understanding and running a business.


I think the best part about Southern is the diversity because I feel like I can be more like myself without having to worry about being judged. I never knew how many people like the same things I did before I came to Southern and I really like that I can actually talk to people on many different subjects.


The large school but close knit family.


TRhe best part about SCSU is the teaching program, they are recognized as one of the best education schools in the country and they deffinitly live up to that. They put you in the classroom and in the field at all levels of learning iti extremly nice. Also the the campus is exremly nice, and the location can not be beaten it hass the perfect location for me.


The best thing would be the amount of help you can get outside of the classroom and how understanding most of my teachers have been up to this point. Another thing I really like is, I feel like I am the perfect distance away from home; not too far and not too close.


Small campus that allows for a lot of interaction with people and professors around the campus


I think the best thing about my school is that the professors are very open and helpful. Southern's a pretty large school and it's difficult to find professors that are willing to help out their students in whatever way they can. Whether its an issue in their class, another class, or non-academic the professors are very helpful and only want you to succeed.


it is generally inexpensive for the general quality of the school.


The location and the quality of the education.


It's inexpensive for instate


There are lots of people here and it's a great environment. If you're ready to meet people then there are people out there for you to meet!


New Haven


Extra-curriculars and the friendships formed there. I made hardly any close friends in any of my classes, but all the people who were involved in the same clubs as me (particularly theater club, which I was most active in) became like a second family. There are a lot of fun and educational activities that clubs put on, and they are the most worthwhile thing about the school.


I love the amount of activities i can do, i love the online class selection, the extremly cheap gym memberships. and the food plan is saweeet.


The best thing about SCSU is the overall environment and atmosphere. When students choose to live on campus, they are able to meet other students and truly engage in a strong network and on-campus community. Most professors and dorm staff are very friendly and allow students to voice their opinions and needs in the residential and classroom settings. SCSU is a great place to learn, study, and still have fun while making friendships that can truly last a lifetime. This school evokes a very postive enviorment for all.


the best thing i consider about Southern Connecticut State University is the chance i had to socialize and meet friends and also some of the faculty members


I would say one of the best things is the huge variety of student groups and activities available for students. There are events going on nearly every night, such as guest speakers and movie showings, to "fun" nights, which include ping pong tournamants and things like that. There is probably a club or group for everyone, no matter what they like. If not, there are plenty or resources to make one.


The best thing about my school is the setting. The school is in the city making it fun to not just learn about your campus but also about the city of New Hven.


The diversity among the students. My Freshmen year I attended Sacred Heart University and it was almost completely white. There were about four Asians and five African American students. The majority of the students were very wealthy and stuck up. However, at SCSU there are so many different ethnicities and down to earth people. I have really enjoyed my time there so far.


The best part about my school is that it is friendly and welcoming. I love meeting new people here because everyone is interested in making friends and having fun.