Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Top Questions

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One thing that sets SIU apart from other prospective universities is the atmosphere of the university as a whole. The location of the campus does wonders in this regard, as trying to use words to decribe the vast spans of nature just wouldn't do it justice. To its credit, no other place gives the feeling of home quite like SIU--with the heart of a big time college in a relatively small town, each college, class, teacher, and student, feels like they are ready to prove that SIU is a special as it feels.


This school has a good amount of natural areas and wineries within a close proximity. In the negative, it is unique for a mixed drinking/partying university. Administrators claim the history is past, and even orientation guides attempted to get the group to respond with "Where are the best places to drink?" as a suggestion for transfers to ask. It is unique for the beauty of the natural areas around it though.


This school was an hour from home which was very important, but also the school spirit. Everywhere you went someone was wearing an SIU shirt or hat. They want you to know where they go to school because we are all so proud.


The only thing I could say that was unique and different about the school I am attending is that one of the professors is a highly dedicated person in his field of expertise. Others look up at this individual and in my eyes, it was an honor to have taken 5 of the 6 courses he taught at the school.


It has bigger dorms than other schools.


One thing that I would consider to be unique about Southern Illionois compared to others schools is that it has the best theater department in the country and students who are not even majoring in this field are encouraged to engage in productions for entertaiinment, or even extra credit in some cases. I had a theater class my first semester and I found it to be rather insightful dispite my own personal interest.


Great atmosphere and the diversity of the students was a well blend. You didn't have to worry about not fitting in because there were others also attending looking for fellow students to interact with!


It has a beautiful campus and seems very diverse. There is always something going on and everyone is so friendly. The dorms are pretty big too, according to others, they are the biggest in the state, which is a plus.


To small enough that the teachers can actually take the time out in the office hours to help a studeent when they need it and its a very diverse community with people from the local area, cities like chicago and even people from other countries.


Carbondale's campus is not to large and not to small, it is perfect. I chose this school because it was somewhere I knew I would enjoy my college experience. There is a lot of diversity on this campus, which is good when trying to enjoy a college experience. This is also a good school that gives me many options in case I would like to change my major. The professors and classes in Carbondale are also very enjoyable. I feel at home on the SIUC campus.


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is unique to other schools in that it offers students hands on opportunities in research. Also there are a number of different programs that students can get into regarding their specific interests.


They are the only school that has the Saluki as there mascot. Plus, it is close to home, but far enough way to where I don't have to live with my parents.


It is located at the very bottome of Illinois so it gives you a feel of leaving in the south.




The campus is very diverse, not just the students but the faculty. Also, there is always someone around who is completely willing to help you. They do not make you feel like your questions are ridiculous


The campus feels exclusive, even though it is part of the town - one doesn't feel that way. Also, the campus has its own woods, and its own lake - not many other colleges can boast of this. Staff here are always looking out for the students, they want everyone to succeed to their best abilities.


There is alot of informal interaction between the staff and students. It makes for a really unique experience being a new student there. You can really feel the amiable atmosphere everywhere on campus.


Although we are not the biggest school, we have the best attitude and passion. I truely believe that when you go to SIUC you can fit it anywhere and there is always someone to talk to, may that be someone from one of the many services they offer or just someone walking by. It has been said by many northern Illinois students that go to SIUC that the school and people in the community have a homestyle southern warmth. SIUC has something for everyone.


My campus has a state park in the center of it, which helps you to escape the stress you may have from school. Also the architectural program is fantastic. I have two family members that have graduated from the program and they loved it. I love how the teachers are very willing to help you and the graduate students get the opportunity to teach us which also helps them to further there knowledge in their fields. I feel very safe on campus there is a lot of security and no major threat of security.


My school has one of the best Landscape Horticulture programs around. Since that is what I want to do, I knew it was the right fit for me. Southern also has a fun, energetic atmosphere in a beautiful place that attracted me.


It is close to home but also has some distance from it. The people here are very unique and because this school is one of the best research schools in Illinois.


I did not consider any other schools.


Its a school that gives you all the things that a big university would give, at a cheaper price. Also more oppurtunites in sports because we are just one division down.


Close to home.


SIUC helps students out greatly who are strugling, especially incoming students. They make sure that they help students out to get on right path.


Everyone gets along with everyone, people are extremely helpful and care about the problems they help you with. The classes are amazing, Southern is a place you can find yourself and succeed while doing it.


It's cheap. Although, tuition has risen about 40% since I started, so it may not be so cheap anymore. It's also a research insitution, which is one of its few positives.


The campus is gorgeous and everyone is really friendly.


We're small and compact, but we mean something


Nothing comes to mind.


The best thing about my school is how culturally diverse the school is. I learned a lot about myself by meeting new people from different ethinic backgrounds, social class and religions.


Southern Illinois University of Carbondale was the first school that i applied to, because it is a really good school for the field that i want to go into which is Architecture(major) and Architectural Landscaping(minor)


the unique things that i feel siuc represents is the fact there is room to make mistakes and yet they are open to hear you out and help you! there are a select few people who are here to help students and I can def. say i benefitted from that and am glad I did, my previous school didn't have that!