Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When talking about my school I brag about my professors. I believe SIU offers the best professors that make sure you are getting the help you may need. These professors will take the time out of their schedules to stay after class and help anyone who may need it.


How friendly everyone is. I also like to brag abput the fact that we have a very beautiful campus


It is my MBA and online.


When I brag about Southern Illinois University I brag about my overall, well rounded experience. When I say well rounded, I mean academically, socially, and persoally. Academically I went through one of the toughest bachelors program, and still can say that I loved it and gained a lot of knowledge. Socially I was involved with numerous organizations, clubs, there is a ton of surrounding places to experience that no other schools share. Lastly, personally I was able to grow as an individual and pursue my dreams. By going to Southern Illinois I have built the perfect foundation for my future.


I like to talk about some of the teachers, and how helpful they are with helping me acheive the right grades. Also how the helpful the veteran office is helping military through school.


I brag the most about is the campus life. The campus life is so vibrant, and full of energy, going to new events meeting new people. There's never a drawl moment in Carbondale. Unless your not a very social person.


The thing I think that I brag about to my friends about school is how I am getting such a high GPA . When I was in high school I did pretty good but in college I think I have excelled in my grades well past how I did in high school. I also brag about how I went back to school at my age and that everyone can do it if you really wanted too.


The campus is pretty, easy to get to know your professors, and lots to do around town. The classes I take geared towards my major are interesting and intriguing. There are bar/clubs to go to on the weekend and other campus related activities such as paddle boating on the campus lake.


Even though it has a repuation of a party school it has taken numerous steps to being known as a respectable university. This includes renovations to the basketball stadium and a new football stadium. The basketball team has been on ESPN eariler this year and dispite the game ended in a loss it gives me a since a pride that our school was on national television.


I don't really brag much. Don't get me wrong, SIUC is a great school and I am very happy that I am attending. The fact is, if you try hard enough and apply yourself anyone can be accepted and excel at Southern.


When I brag to my friends about my school, I talk about the sorority I am involved in, the job I am blessed to have, and the great grades I am making.


I love how my school is located near the Shawnee National Forest! It provides such an intense outdoor experience. I am going to school for forestry/horticulture so its location near such a great natural resource is phenomanal for me. It provides an incredible educational experience, a place to witness the actual events of the concepts that I will be learning. It is also a giant outdoor playground to run around and be free when the stress of life get to be too much!




I mostly brag about how I am able to understand the campus and everything it has to offer. I tell them how most of the professors know your name, and really try to help you succeed.


Soicailly it is awesome, there are a lot of girls who go there and they are very friendly and fun to be around. The other students for the most part are very accepting of everyone, and there are enough social activities that everyone can find something to do and some place to fit in. Living in the dorms my freshman year has been a great way to meet other students.


I really love the campus at school and I mostly brag about that when talking to my friends. Our campus is basically set up within one large circular road and is separate from the town. When you are walking to class, everything is about the same distance appart and you don't have to worry about crossing major roads to get to your next class. However, if you want to find something to do off campus, all the excitement is within walking distance! Also, our campus is very beautiful. We even have our own small forest right no campus!


I brag about the track and field's team. I am going to join next year and I see them training around campus. I get excited because I know some of the girls on the team from high school and they inspire me to do better. They are good but I want to be better. I also talk about the recreational center that we have. There are so many things we could do, like rock climb, swim in an Olympic size pool, multiple weight lifting rooms, etc. The school really cares about their student. And it's free to students.


I talk about the campus a lot. I love how big it is and that it's so open. I like the buildings too. They're all pretty old and have a history to them.


I got my first bachelor's degree when I was in the Navy. The Navy flew in PhDs to teach us every weekend. It was a marvelous experience with such great professors. I found the subject matter to be very interesting and studying was a pleasure. I graduated with a magna cum laude degree.


The Information Systems and Applied Technologies department has the greatest faculty. Everyone is friendly and fair to students with disabilities.


football team


I brag most about the weather, campus itself and the social life!


Different clubs and activities available. Japanese language department, and the integration of foreign students into campus life. Friendly instructors, willing to work with students through hard times.


I would brag about the community on campus, although it is a larger school everyone is friendly, and besides studying there is a;ways something to do, and someone to do it with.


I brag about how happy I am to be here.


My theatre classes.


This university has well developed programs with professors that want to teach what they know.


The marching band has a lot of fun, and the people in it become your second family.


Our programs and location


I brag about the scenery and the variety of activities that can be done here. There are many lakes available to the public for fishing and boating. There are hiking opportunites in the various parks, and there are wineries which are unique here.


I like the administration of justice program. It is in my opinion one of the best programs offered in the state of Illinois. I am able to work at Saluki Patrol and get a great experience and chance to see real police officers in action. The classes are tough but are going to be very rewarding once i graduate this semester. The people here are very nice and it is very easy to make friends and have a good time. Southern Illinois is a great school to get a decent education at a fair price.


The beautiful campus, my intensive programme, and how friendly the faculty, staff, and students are.