Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the diversity. You meet so many new people here and learn a great amount about who they are, where they came from, and what they're like. There is a place for everybody here at SIU. It really is a great opportunity to learn more about the world we live in, especially for someone born and raised in a small town like myself. The campus here is full of not only different races, but also different cultures, interests, classes, and opinions, and nobody is left out of the fun.


The faculty are willing to help the students if the students are willing to ask. The school in general is research and academically focused, and internships are competitive, but speaking to the right people can set a student up for success. This is the best aspect about the school besides the environment.


I consider the campus and the surrounding area to be one of the most beautiful places in the midwest. There is an incredible amount of outdoor activities to do in southern Illinois from swimming, fishing, rock climbing, canoeing, etc. that are all within a short drive. The school has a beautiful recreation department that will rent equiptment for almost any adventure.


The friendly staff and students because they are so outgoing and always there when you need help.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is that coming in as a freshmen this past year I felt comfortable. Feeling welcome was not a problem because everyone was welcoming and friendly. On the day of move in I was greeted by a group from The Vine church who helped my mother and I bring everything in from the car to my dorm room. In addition to that I found that on this campus mostly everyone was approchable from the students up to the professors.


The best thing would be that my major is offered here and that I can also earn a master's degree. I am originally from Missouri and there were not many schools that offered architecture as a major. SIUC is the perfect size and has a beautiful campus.


the location is beautiful


what I consider to be the best thing about my school is the oppurtunities they give each student who is looking for help or just that push to get them back on their feet.


At this time, I must say that the best thing cannot be answered in just a one choice answer. First I must say that having the support of the University. Being an Engineering student, SIU-C provides many tutoring opportunities. The engineering students are all housed in the same dorm in order to give the students that support. Also many tutoring efforts are available. Engineering does have a high drop out rate due to the difficutly.


The best thing about SIUC is closeness to home. It is 7 miles from my residence. If you don't live close to campus, there are other locations to choose from. I think there are about 4 other off campus locations as well as online classes.


I feel that SIUC is a great place to begin a college career if you are undecided as to what you want to major in. I had no idea what my interests were until my senior year. Many of my friend that knew thier interest eventually transferred to a school more specialized in thier major. I wish I identified my interests were actually in business administration, I would have performed better and most likely transfered to a school more specialized in that field. However, SIUC is well known for having very great programs for certain fields, for example- Aviation


The best thing about Southern Illinois University Carbondale is the people. All of the teachers and all of the students who are at Southern are amazing in their own ways. Each person brings an amazing quality with them when they come here allowing the school itself to prosper. SOAR, the freshman orientation, allows new students to become acquainted with all of these new personalities. Southern Illinois University Carbondale is an amazing place to make new friends on the road to your career.


There are many things that attracted me to Southern Illinois University in the first place and continue to do so as my anticipation grows each day. The atmoshere is what I enjoy most about the school. Having not actually attended a school year as of yet, I can only assume from my visits that the people seem to be relaxed and friendly. I've had much contact from many different people from all different departments. Everyone seems happy to help me succeed, giving me advise and readily answering all of my many questions.


The diversity among the teaching staff at Southern Illinois University is definitely the best feature. During each new semester, I acquire professors from several backgrounds, each with his own unique culture. The assortment of ethnically dissimilar professors allows students to grasp a world different from their own and examine information from various perspectives. For me, the spread of cultural diversity increases my appreciation of various ways of thinking, which I feel will create a pathway towards greater acceptance of others and their individuality.


I like how they put people with simular majors together.


The reason I initally applied to Southern Illinois was because of how beautiful the campus was. I was entranced by it. It was my mothers dream to attend Southern before she became pregnant with me. But my biggest inspiration is my step-father who graduated from the very same school , he went on to become a very respected dentist in my town. He is the most passionate and dedicated person Ive ever been around. I consider who my step-father is today to be the best thing about Southern, and that is with thanks to his university.


The best thing about Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is the inviting people on campus and the vast array of extracurricular activities available on campus. There is something for everyone to become apart of outside of academics, including student programimg council which arranges various events for students on campus, community service organizations, and multicultural clubs. If a student is interested in the decisions being made about school costs they can share their opinion and be proactive by joining the student government on campus. The is much more to be said about SIUC and is a great school to consider.


The best thing about Southern Illinois University Carbondale is by far the teaching staff. They will simply go out of their way to help a student succeed. If they see a student making the extra effort to accomplish or to learn something, the teacher will make a greater effort on their part as well. In addition to this the faculty?s attitude is far beyond exceptional, they always seem to be in a happy mood which is welcoming to the student body.


i feel like the school does go out of its way to make sure that students feel comfortable away from home, also that the school is in a college town.


I like how friendly and helpful the faculty and students are. I feel vey welcome here and that I can express myself in a way where I won't get judge for being who I am. As a freshman I was a little home sick, but once I made friends and i wasn't afriad to interact with other individuals I have been able to grow and learn how to be independent away from my parents. I learning who i am and how to be a woman.


I think the best thing about my school is their career programs because they assign each student to a career advisor and that advisor is responsible for helping us decide what career is best for us.


The enviornment at this school is very friendly. They care about you, your education, and your safety.


I love all of the friends I have made. I really think some of them are going to be lifelong friends and I am excited to go back and make more.


It's beautiful. I feel that the way a campus looks can influence how a student feels. A beautiful campus in inspiring, relaxing, and can brighten a student's mood. This campus isn't a stuffy-boring-brick-building kind of place. It's artistic, unique, and surrounded by the beauty of nature.


The fact that it is fairly laid back in most areas.


The people and the atmosphere it's so friendly and open you can go anywhere and talk to anyone and it's not intimidating or scary.


Hands-on experience was the best thing about SIU for my major field of study, Radio and Television. We were able to produce a live daily newscast just like a real news station.


The Disability Support Service office and the staff and faculy at the Office of Distance Education are outstanding.


Everyone is so nice and accepting of everyone. There are so many different kinds of people here.


The best thing that I like on my campus is the proffesors. They are always helpful and care about the studenst views.


The pride because when you come to campus and you wear the school colors, you feel like you belong to a family.


I've always been involved in the outdoors and thats how SIU is situated in the state. It has a wildlife and outdoors oriented campus.


The school tries to do its best in terms of extra- curricular activities.


How helpful the staff and student were when i first attended,how hands on most of my curriculum is,how there are so many activitites available throughout campus and the football games!