Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Southern University of Edwardsville is one college you have never seen before. Unlike other colleges, the teachers here want to see you succeed and are more then willing to help you, as long as you show them you are willing to go the distance. Teachers ENCOURAGE you, NOT discouraged you and if you really want to learn then the University of Edwardsville is for you. The University of Edwardsville teaches you what you need to know to in order to succeed. You learn from experience, not from a book.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is a great university that has many programs to assist students for learning disabilities.


A state university that's consistently focused on quality education and connecting students with educators dedicated to their disciplines.


My school, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, is a peaceful learning environment.


My school is the type of an education that is well worth what you're paying for it.


A very welcoming, diverse campus that offers a variety of classes taught by teachers that truly care about your education.


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville provides an excellent learning environment with professors who are willing to help, and there is always something to do whether it is going to a campus sponsored or to St. Louis.


Focused on giving students a better education.


S.I.U.E. consists of a beautiful campus offering a wide range of majors taught by knowledgeable and helpful instructors.


SIUE is a good school with a beautiful campus and great teachers classes can be hard to get into because they fill up fast and they have strict requirements it was my first choice for a school and I love the way I feel at home here.


Great place to feel at peace to study and have the outdoors right out your back door.


SIUE is the best in education in any program they have in Illinois.


The campus hosts a diversity of cultures and backgrounds that all strive toward their individual, career-oriented goals.


A peaceful learning environment.


My university is fun, exciting, eye-opening, welcoming, diverse and the best possible fit for me and has made my freshman year in college most memorable and enjoyable.


My school is diverse, preparing students for their field of studies, and allowing students to give back to their surroundings.


SIUE is a down to earth school where people can come together, improve theirself and their mind, and go out into the world knowing they have something tangible to offer the world.




my school is a great for every kind of person who comes here, enviromentaly friendly, and well educated.


SIUE is academically oriented and moderately sized with beautiful campus set apart from a booming developing community.


SIUE is beautiful, unorganized, mediocre, and typically boring.


My school is very focused on students and wanting them to get the best learning experience they can.


A creative enviroment that prompts students to excell.


SIUE is a college that contains all aspects of what students are looking for: academically, professionally, and socially.


SIUE is an ideal learning environment with a large variety of cultures; full of excitement and helpful professors and students.