Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I have yet to meet someone who is a complete asshole or jerk to others at SIUE. It feels so nice not having to deal with ignorant or rude people.


Classmates are very friendly and willing to study in groups to help succeed in classes.


We are all pretty similair. Being in engineering, my classmates and I are all about the same intelectual level as well.


The students range from fresh out of highschool, around 18, to fairly older people in their 40-60s.


Most of the students at SIUE are very chill and friendly; it's easy to meet people, and most people are not cliche-y at all. Almost all students here are from Illinois (although from all across the state- Chicago to rural farm-towns) but there are also quite a few students from the St. Louis area of Missouri (and some from Indianna/Kansas/etc), and there are also international students (mostly from Turkey and India). Students dress very casually for class. Most are not spoiled, rich kids (a stereo-type of many students at U of I) and there is not really "drama" or anything like that. Most everyone can find people to fit in with. Most students are 18-22, although we do have a significant (although not large) number of non-traditional (older) students.


The people I have classes with tend to take school seriously enough to not sleep in class.


My classmates come to class prepared and organized with binders, notebooks, and pens.


As I have mentioned before, this campus has all kids of groups; ethnic groups, religious groups, LGBT groups, etc. It's a really great enviornment to be around and has something for everyone. Because of the diversity on campus I can't imagine many feeling out of place. As far as dress in class I would say that it just varies. It's about 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} casual all the time. Sweats, hoodies, jeans, cute tops are just some examples. You'll see the occasional buisness apparel, but that is mostly because of presentations and such.


My classmates are pretty energetic, and involved in the classroom.


The majority of my classmates are very intelligent and understand exactly what is going on in the classrooms. I am currently majoring in Pre-Dentistry, and the great thing about this school is there are several students in that major, or the Pre-Pharmacy major, who are enrolled in the same classes as I am. This gives you a chance to meet new people in the same field of study as you. Befriending your classmates at this college is relatively simple and it pays off because it provides you with new friends and extremely valuable study partners.


Lets be very honest. Diversity is not at this school. It looks like an ideal southern school in the 1940's. For every 100 white students I would estimate there are 5-8 other races. A clever media teacher pointed out that on numerous pamphlets, brochures, and other promotional material, it is blatantly obvious that students of races other than white are photoshopped in. It is worth a good laugh.


Friendly, Kind, helpful in all ways, like minds striveing for like goals


My classmates are very involved with each other in and out of the classroom.


I would describe my classmates as very helpful. If I have a specific question about the work that is given in class I ask them. If they need help I would also do the same for them.


They strive to achieve their best, but know how to have a good time in college as well.


My classmates are outgoing and helpful.


They are fun and smart


The student body at SIUE is very diverse. I have met people from around the nation and from around the world. Most of the students from SIUE are from either the Chicago area or from the South Western part of Illinois.


Depending on the class, my classmates are outgoing and helpful to each other or appear apathetic and bored.


Willing to be friends with anyone.


I find it easy to make friends with the majority of people i meet here.


Classmates are helpful, friendly, and encouraging.


Most of my classmates are friendly .


Most classmates are responsible for thier time in class. They take they're work seriously, depending on the class level and expectations. A very positive atmosphere usually.


My classmates are a melange of individuals with brighter futures ahead of them than they realize; unfortunately, many of them are on a path to settling for less just like many people have done in the area.


My classmates are mixed with both determined individuals, as well as those who just want to get by.