Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


SIUE is best know for its wonderful nursing program and the engerning program. They are both great programs and have friends in both. I do know that the nursing program is one of the most hardest programs to get into in the hole university.


This school is well know for biology and mass communications but it also has an incredibly art program.


We are known for our excellent students gpa, our men's basketball team, and our numerous offers for undergraduate degrees


Southern Illinois University Edwardsville , according to U.S. News & World Report, is an "up and coming school. We are most known for our Senior Capstone Project that ensures the competency of our graduating seniors. We are among fifteen other schools recognized for their Senior Capstone Project that include Ivy Leagues schools like Brown and Stanford.


I am not quite positive what this school is best known for. However, the Business program ranks among the top 300 in the country. Also, the Pharmacy School is becoming popular and more people are applying to it. The varsity athletic teams are in transition of becoming Division I. The school is very close to St. Louis so there is easy access for transportation, such as flying or the Amtrak.


Siue is best known for its excellence in education. Hence why they promote the 'E' in their name. That is what they are about; excellence in education while providing a close niche family who cares about its individuals.


I am not actually sure. I chose this university due to convenience; it is close to where I live. I do know that we have an excellent education department, speech pathology department, and nursing school. I am not familiar with the other departments, but SIUE has a good reputation in general.


My school is best known for academic success.


Here at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville a lot of the students go for Engineering. Over the years Pharmacy has also become a popular major.


From my experience, SIUE is known for it's impecable business program, diversity, and upbeat students. The professors in the School of Business are experts in their field and bring many different points of view from the professional world to the table. I am amazed how diverse this campus is. It is hard to believe so many people, from so many walks of life, can sit down and work together like they do here. On that same note, it is hard to find as good of people as you do here at SIUE.


I have heard many good things about the school. It's education, engineering, sciences, and nursing departments have all been heralded by friends and family. But mostly I chose it because it gives the most education for a decent cost.


SIUE is best known for the beautiful wooded campus that surrounds it. It is also known for the friendly and intelligent staff. SIUE used to be mainly a commuter campus, but that is swiftly changing.


It is mostly attended by people in the surrounding counties, but I have met people who are from Green Bay, and Chicago. The school is on a woodland, with a lot of deer and wildlife. I would say it is know most for being a school that is close to home, but still a good school, and also affordable.


Our nature scene. We are the largest campus in the United States. We have miles of land, but do not have that many students. We have an awesome campus.


Southern Illinios University Edwardsville is now for their excellence in academics. Especially in our nursing, buisness, science, construction, engineering, and education programs. These competitive programs produces professionals that are affluent and proficient in their fields.


SIUe is best known for their academic programs espically education


They are known for excellent faculity.


Our school is best known for it's low cost of education as well as the beautiful surroundings


Our school is known for it's excellent nursing program and pharmacy school.


There is quite a bit of engineering, but a lot of education majors also. It's also known for its size and its association with Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.