Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

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One unuque yhing is that SIUE is in the middle of a forrest.


The campus is huge and feels like a giant park.


Has a great campus environment aided by the very attractive campus layout, friendly people, and entertaining classes. Campus is growing and is currently undergoing a transition to be a division 1 sports school. Over 260 student organizations are active on campus so there is always something available to do. Also, SIUE has the lowest tuition rate of any state university in Illinois.


It was close to home, but alot of people from other states, and cities hours away also attend school there. The diversity is a nice change.


If you are a parent, send your child to Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, or just fork over more cash for U of I or go out of state, I highly recommend schools in the St. Louis area. If you are a considering student, be aware, the student advisers will look you in the eye, and lie about what classes you need to graduate, the will tell you every day of the year that you will graduate on time, and there is a small chance you will. If you do not believe me ask other grads, these stories are rampant.


Unlike many other traditional universities, lost in their prestige and notoriety, SIUE is an upcoming university that has a thriving energy and drive that inspires its students. Students are held responsible for themselves, but there is an outstanding support system to aid them in both the educational and personal journeys that college brings. At SIUE, students are encouraged to experiment with their academic interests and pursue both a challenge and passions. The campus environment is ideal for individuals who are serious about themselves and their education.


What makes SIUE unique compared to the other schools I considered when I first applied for college are the traditions and celebrations. For instance, during the first week of school the campus activites board organizes a weeks worth of parties and games that all students can participate in as sort of a welcome, or welcome back, to school. Some of these activities include a foam party, a quad party, flour wars, and water balloon fights in the quad. Also, a very unique tradition that SIUE has is an annual screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville is a relativity young school that has a modern take on educating the students that attend. The university works hard to educate students in all areas of life including energy efficient programs, recreational fitness and many other activities that are not just part of the core education.


From the experience I've had at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville I would say the unique quality about it is how the school caters to all the different types of students. I continuously look at the posted events at SIUE and am amazed at how they are opening a new club for something like rock climbing or having an event such as International Night. If you are a student at SIUE wanting something for your interest and they don't have it already I can guarantee the school will get it.


SIUE's campus is very unique from any other school I considered. It is the most safe campus in my opinion, and the most beautiful. It is surrounded by trees and has beautiful and natural looking landscape. I do not have to worry about walking around on campus at night because I feel so safe.


What's is unique about my school is that Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville used to be a community college before what it is now, a university. The school is just getting in the hang of how universities work. Students who go to school here their freshman and sophomore years don't have to like on campus unlike other universities. Students who live in the dorms that have guests have to check them in everytime they enter with an ID, and if anyone was to get hit while walking on campus gets their tuition paid for by whoever hit the student.


Our school has the most potential to grow. This university is still young, but it is more modern than some of the centuries-old schools. This is a place where we can expand horizontally instead of vertically, unlike other city-locked schools. This university has plenty of room for growth and expansion.


Its a bigger school with a small school feel


SIUE is unique because of it diversity.


It is a very large campus. The Professor's are very personable. Always something to do on the campus. We have a bowling alley, rec center, rock climbing wall. Lots of places to choose to eat and drink.


This school is almost like it's own town. It is separated from everything else and has the largest land campus in America. It is also a very reasonable price given the great quality of the education.


I have not considered other schools. However, I wish that I had. SIUE has a lot of land for such a small enrollment of students compared to such schools as U of I or Texas A & M. Based upon the small population density, one would have a decent learning experience, but one will also miss out on a much more fascinating and memorable experience that is offered at schools such as U of I and Texas A & M. It is like having less privileges to benefit the good of the student's experiences.


Overall SIUE is a great school. It may be small as far as student body goes but the campus is the largest in land in the United States. It is a fit for all students no matter what your niche is you will find SIUE a great place to further your education.


The only other schools I considered, but did not apply for were culinary schools, so the unique aspect of SIUE is that there is no SIUE School of Culinary Arts. This allowed me to focus on my career as a teacher instead. SIUE is also unique for me due to the fact that it is about two and a half miles from my home.


Its not so busy that its overwhelming, but its still possible to get into a big city if your bored.


not in heart of city


I like that the campus seems like it's the only thing that exists but town is close by.


This school is very friendly and is in a wonderful, beautiful, safe setting.