Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I tell my friends about this school I talk about the rock climbing wall inside of the recreation center. The school is that big that you can have a rock climbing area inside of the campus. I also tell my friends about the hair salon inside of the school as well. Since I dont know how to do my hair I will be utilizing this. The last thing I brag about most it is a safe school and was recognized for that.


The food. It's not cafeteria food, it's actually food that I would eat. The library is also a cool place. It's big and full of knowledge. It offerws more than your local library.


I don't brag, because most of my friends are attending elite private colleges. We discuss the types of classes we have, and living in the dorms on the campus. I and my friends are more on the serious side of college and are working towards graduation.


The one thing that I brag about most is the education & academic learning progress. SIUE is a great focus school and the majority of the students who attend this school find it very focusing and beneficial.


My campus was ranked the safest campus in the state. I love the openness and the vast amount of wildlife. SIUE also has a lot of team spirit, which I value. SIUE is eco-friendly, and constantly growing. There are so many things that are great about my school. Not just because of what can be accomplished here, but because of the environment in which it can be accomplished. The students here are surrounded by support and encouragement to grow and achieve great things in their education.


I suspect my school has high achievment rates, and the staff take the time to advise students. I'm also impressed with the fact that my school conducts a lot of research


When I speak of my school, I usually brag about two things. First, I always mention how easy it is to meet new people at SIUE. Every student at this university seems to have the same goals: meeting new people and succeeding in life. This makes it quite easy to make new, life-long friends. I also like to brag about the friendly teachers we have here. There is an abundance of Professors that love what they do. They make learning fun!


The class sizes are small and I am able to develop personal relationships with each of my professors and the people and my university are very friendly and easy to get along with.


When I brag to all my friends about my school, I always bring up how we have a textbook rental service. I never have to pay for any of my books. SIUE will rent you any book for any course that is offered at the school. As long as the textbooks stay in good standing condition, they will accept the book back for no charge. This is a great quality for the university and saves all the students hundreds of dollars each semester.


I do not like to boast. However, the thing that I am most proud of at my school is the professors. Honestly, the professors that I have had at this school try to help their students as much as possible. Everytime I emailed my teachers they would respond right away with their answers.


I mostly brag about the quality of the classes in my department, which is the Speech Communications department. They provide us with very useful tools for the workforce and ensure that our projects and papers are relevant to what we wish to study and research. I also brag about University Housing and all the benefits of living on campus. We have wonderful student affairs professionals and other housing professionals that make sure our stay in University Housing is educational, enjoyable, and encourages a positive living and learning environment.


When i tell my friends about my school i tend to brag most about it's wireless wi-fi internet, our cafeteria options, our dorms and apartments. and our technology staff. In my school as long as you are on campus and anywhere you can surf the web with your hand held devices and labtops, and our tech. staff is always available to fix any computer problems including viruses and printer hook ups. Our dorms are personal so its only 4 to a bathroom instead of a whole floor, and our apartments give almost total indepndence.


The school has an excellent education program which I am currently enrolled in. This program mixes hands on techniques with new teaching methods. Students learn how to teach subjects from a variety of angles for a variety of learning levels. The school also offers many other programs where people can specialize in that are very insightful and enlightening. These programs would help any potential student who knows a particular career field they want to go into such as business, engeniering, or teaching to name a few.


Great faculty in my department, well-known department, beautiful campus, great dining services.


I brag most about the Softball program and how beautiful the campus is.


My school is large enough that everyone does not know everything about you, but small enough that you will run into friendly people you know all over campus.


I usually only tell some one about how big, green, and pretty it is. There really isn't that much else to brag about.


Beautiful campus, great apartments, cool classes


School is very clean and most of the buildings are pretty new. Campus continues to grow with students and more buildings each semester.


How fun my art classes are and how welcoming the art building is when it comes to getting advice and to just make friends.


Our school is the second largest university in the world, acreage wise. It was designed to preserve and keep nature in mind. There is alot of walking involved, but it's beautiful.


Extra-curricular activities


how incredibly cheap a University education is at Edwardsville.


Hanging out, playing in the woods, smoking and drinking


The campus is gorgeous.


The type of things I am involved in such as, research, chemistry teaching assistant, sorority, and secretray of the pre-dental associaton.


The education


How great the faculty is. They try to help all the students succeed not only academically but in life.


I tend to tell all of my friends about all the nice and fun people that I meet from day to day. I also tell them how much I do enjoy going there.