Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who is responsible, mature, and serious about their studies should come to SIUe! Although it is a very casual college, the teachers mean business, and they are here to teach the students skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. Also, anyone who is looking to get involved in activities would fit in great at SIUe because the college is filled with many great organizations to get involved with.


SIUE is the perfect university for one who wants to go away to school, yet still feel at home. The class sizes range anywhere from 14 to 60+. Once you get more into your major, the class sizes shrink and you will get the attention needed to understand more difficult material. I have managed to make many friends while here. SIUE allows students to succeed with its numerous majors to choose from and highly skilled professors.


Someone looking for a good arts education would thrive here.


Anyone can attend this school. This is a great school for people who come from a poor high school. The freshman generall education classes are very helpful with the transition.


People should attend SIUE because of its great campus and student life and also because of the great education that the school provides to its students. SIUE is a very well run school that has played its cards conservatively in the past and as a result is weathering the current budget storm affecting schools across the nation very well. SIUE offers great academic programs across a wide range including associates, bachelors, masters, and even doctorate degrees.


Students who want to excel in all aspects in life. Not only in the classroom but in the outside world. This university prepares individuals to be model citizens in their community while maintaining the SIUE 'excellence standard.' If you want to have a personal relationship with your professors while gaining knowledge, SIUE IS FOR YOU!


A friendly individual with a thirst for knowledge, an appetite for good food and an appreciation of nature's beauty. (The campus is absolutely gorgeous, especially in the fall)


A person like me. I came from a small high school (around 300 students). I do not think I would be ready for a large university, but I would not enjoy a private school or a very small campus. This university is right in the middle and is a perfect size for someone like me.


Students that come to SIUE must understand that what differentiates it from most other colleges is that it is not in the middle of the city. It is secluded in nature, drawing inspiration from it and the environment. This isn't so say that the school is completely cut off from the surrounding cities, especially St. Louis. The school has influences across the board from the people that go to it, to the cities around it, to the nature that encompasses the campus.


The kind of person that should attend Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is a well dedicated student, who wants to get a good education for not a whole lot of money. SIUE is a state school that will not break the bank and give you endless opportunities to fulfill your college education. After the typical four years of education, the student will earn the degree that will take them places and have little to zero debt afterwards.


The type of person that should attend this school should be one that is self motivated, returning to school after being in the work force, traditional college students, students interested in greek life, those that are interested in volunteering and community service, and basically any student wiling to put in the work for a quality college education and university experience. Anyone of any age and from any socio-economic background should consider SIUE.


Students who want to focus on acedemics. The social atmosphere leaves much to be desired. It is easy to make friends if you are good at that sort of thing, but otherwise it's fairly difficult.


A very open minded person should attend this school. We explore a lot of life experiances at SIUE and it really helps to be open minded so the student can learn as much as possible.


If you are the type of person who wants a quiet set, easy going academic experience, then this may be the college for you. The Greek life on campus is somewhat diverse in that it has both Interfraternal and Panhellenic fraternities and sororities. However, within most (not all) of each fraternity/sorority consists of non-diverse groups. In other words, for example, African American fraternities/sororities nearly only consist of African Americans (similarly with "mostly white" fraternities/sororities.) It is very seldom that you will find racially mixed fraternities/sororities. However, other organizations are diverse.


The kind of person who should attend should be able to place acadimics first. But should also enjoy a viarity of social events held on campus. There's never a dull moment here. On top of that, you'll gain real world experance through projects on and off campus.


Someone who wants a close knit kind of community.


Friendly, enagaged students


There are a lot of commutiers and a lot of Hindu kids here. Pretty much anyone *can* come here though. As it is a relatively safe campus and there are a lot of clubs that one person may join.


I believe the type of person who should attend SIUE should be the person who wants to work and get a good education. They should not expect a huge drinking type of school, yes there is drinking, but not compared to other places. If they are the type who would like to have a home type feeling, this is there school.


an average student who wants to work hard and improve their education over a community college.


Someone who is willing to get involved in activities and make friends. It is easy to make friends at this school but you must make the first effort; if you put yourself out there to meet people you will.