Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are against diversity, you should not attend SIUE. Diversity is something that SIUE prides itself on. If you just want a free ride through college this is not the place fore you either. The professors make you work here, and you have to put the time and effort in to do well.


Someone who is looking for an easy ride through school, or looking to extend their social life. The school provides opportunity for social activities, but it also focused on academic excellence.


A person that wants to go home often should not attend this school becuase it has everything on campus and for the price you should not go home often. A person that does not like to do much walking should not attend this school because the campus is quite big.


A person who is very into greek life, or interested. SIUE is not heavily influenced by greek life. We do offer it, but it isn't as big as it is at other schools.


The kind of person that isn't willing to spend time diligently focusing on compelling subjects.


Students' who attend SIU-E need to be independent with their own drive to succeed. SIU-E is commuter college with a seriousness towards classes and graduating. Most students who attend are from middle to lower economic class and take the expenses seriously. Graduating means attaining a successful career.


A person who is not fully committed to their education and what the school has to offer


The type of person that should not attend this school is someone that does not want to take their education seriously. At Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, getting an exceptional education is the number one priority.


A person who wants a big social life and take part in a sorority or a fraternity should not attend here. Also, if people want their school to have a lot of school spirit, they should not attend this school. I also do not see a lot of opportunities for students to get internships or set up with jobs after college. In addition, if a student wants to take part in intramurals, there are not many quality opportunities. To go shopping or anywhere in the surrounding areas, it is best to have a car on campus.


Anybody who expects to party hard on campus shouldn't go to SIUe, not that that is a totally bad thing. Also, someone who applies a day late for scholarships and really needs them for all four years who isn't a minority or an engineering major. There's nothing for you to be had there. Sorry buddy.


Someone who wants a to be in the Greek system. The greeks don't ave on campus housing and the city says only 3 unrelated people can live under one room. Someone who is really into sports becasue the teams aren't supported very well unless you play soccer. The soccer team is like the football team at most ten 10 universities. There's no football team at this school.


Anyone who does not want to grow and mature not only as an individual, but also on a professional level should seek a postsecondary education elsewhere. If you don't take yourself seriously, no one at this college will. People who wish to learn what to think, instead of how to think are destined to fail at this university. If you aren't willing to invest in yourself, no one will invest in you. This is a school for determined individuals who want to do something with their lives and positively impact the world.


Unsure this school is made to help everyone even those that would not normally go to a university.


At Southern Illinois University Edwardsville the first observation you will make is how diverse the student body is. Coming to the school I wasn't completely prepared for the change, but what I did have was an open mind to the differences in people whether it was cultural or something simple like taste in music. In saying that people who don't want to expand from their world shouldn't attend Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


Someone who does not believe in themselves should not be spending money on college. SIUE stresses the importance of self-confidence. We learn here that you can do anything if you work hard. This is expected since the professors at this school do a wonderful job of making the students think critically and voice their opinion. However, I believe that SIUE does have a place for everyone. Every student I have met has mentioned some activity, club, or class that they enjoy. This universtiy really seems to bring out the best in every student.


The kind of person who shouldn't go to SIUe is a person who doesn't like big universities and friendly people. The university has a big campus so there is a walk to get to class just like any other university. Also an obvious reason to not attend SIUe is if the major a person is looking for isn't aquired to recieve here. SIUe is a friendly, activity going, helping school that any person whether 18 or 35 can attend at and enjoy.


Somebody that requires small class sizes and personal attention from professors would not be well suited for SIUE. Also, somebody that wants to attend a college that always has something happening on campus, and likes their life to be upbeat and spontaneous would not be right for this college. SIUE is peaceful, and while it does have activities, they do not fill the days.


Someone who is against diversity and equality. Also someone who is from an average middle class family because there isn't enough scholarships for these individuals.


A person of hate and anger. A person who wants to shoot up the school.


Those who want a huge campus.


This school is perfect for anyone. However, it is very frigid in the winter.


Someone who doesnt take school seriously!


A person who doesn't know what they want in life and who has a hard time fitting in with others. Usually those who are antisocial and need time finding themselves struggle here.


I believe that anyone can attend this school. Southern Illinois University is very culturally and racially diverse, so students of all different backgrounds would feel comfortable attending this university.


Someone who is unwilling to participate, or engage people who are different than yourself.


A close minded person should not attend this school because you will be introduced to many different things thoughout the course of your experience here.


Someone that is lazy and has a hard time fitting in to places unless they live on campus. Sometimes if you don't live on campus it is hard meeting people especially if you are introverted.


People who expect to be able to party on campus and not get caught. Also people who party too much and don't study or complete projects.


People used to and who enjoy a big city life should not go here.


Students who want a big-school atmosphere with lots of school spirit should not attend this school.


One who wants to party. One who expects the full on stereotypical college of nothing but partying where they can walk door to door and just be welcome.


Someone who wants a real college experience with fraturnities, sports, and world class academics.


A person that wants to be a distinguished candidate when applying for jobs should not attend SIUE. Also, if you want help finding a job after graduation. SIUE does nothing to help with internships (that are not eve required) or finding a job after graduation.


Some one who is used to always having something to do. A lot of people go home on the weekends here so it can get boring sometimes.


Non-motivated individuals should probably not enroll at this school.


Someone who wants to drink and party.


SIUE is a school for many kinds of people, especially those who know what they want to do and are goal oriented.