Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to my senior self I would let them know that leaving home and being away from your family is going to be a lot harder than you thought it would be. Yes you will meet people down there that are going to become like family it still won't come close to what you have now. Take in all the time with them as you can. Don't spend all your free time with your friends take some of that time and spend it with your family. When your mom talks about that camping trip you don't want to take becasue you don't like camping but do it becasue it is something you know she loves. Just take it all in on how life is now becasue once you leave for school everything is going to change. Just keep in mind that just becasue it changes doesn't mean its going to be all bad. I promise it will all be ok and remember to spend time with your family becasue they will always be there for you!


I would have told myself to take a year off - and that it was okay to do so. I ended up doing that anyway, but it was a painful (and somewhat expensive) decision made after I had already started attending school. I was heartbroken that I had "failed" at going to college. It wasn't a failure - I needed that time to grow, to work, to figure out what I wanted to do. Spending that first year after high school would have been a waste of time and money, a year spent floundering about, wondering what in the world I was doing. So, I would tell myself that it is fine to take a break, that it would be better in the end, and that I needn't feel bad about it.


I would tell myself to make the most of the time I have left with my family. I thougth I would be fine when I left for school, but it was a lot harder than I thougth. I would tell my high school self that you will spend some time crying in your dorm because your roommate and suitemates drink and you do not. However, you will not feel weird and alone forever. Keep your head up because it will get better, and you are going to make some amazing friends. When you miss mom and feel guilty about the last words you ever said to her, go talk to Baylee because she will be there for you, and assure how much mom loved you. I would stress how important it is to always work hard. If you do not keep high A's, you will have to do very well on your finals to keep A's. When finals come, stay calm because you are going to do fantastic. One of the most importants things I would tell myself is to not let people make you feel bad because you recieved direct entry into the nursing program.


Start off at a community college, or join greek life asap.


Network. Your professors and assisstants are key to making connections. Being so close to a major city, you need to get your name out there. Also, don't get caught up with the wrong people. You will meet all kinds of people while at school, and make sure you friend the ones who are able to boost your self confidence, and respect your decisions. Since you're so far from home, make sure you don't forget about your family. They are always there for help, whether it's financially or emotionally. Most importantly, don't forget to slow down and enjoy this experience. The campus you attend is beautiful, and you need to stop and appreciate it.


Do yourself a favor and take more than just that English 101 class over the summer, in fact, take all the pre-racs required by the majority of colleges. You will save yourself time AND money by doing so. Also apply to scholarships earlier, such as sophmore and junior year, not just senior year. Yes, you did good in the scholarship field but you lucked out on even more opportunities so be aware its all in the prep work chicadee. More importantly, get the heck out of Peotone. Go to manteno or one of the Lincoln Way schools. Peotone will not prepare you for college. Your better off researching other high schools that have college credit and more opportunites for AP courses. It will make a huge differnce in your placement in college. Lastly, find a tutor or take a class to prepare for the ACT. Take practice ACT's before taking the officially ACT and opt to take the ACT with writing (trust me you will save yourself some time and a whole lot of stress). If all else, remember to enjoy your High School experience because once its over, its over. So stop stressing and live.


Dear 17 year old, stressed out, worried, insecure me, Although you are only just a year younger than me, I have some advice for you. Believe it or not, I know what it is like to be you. My first pointer is to love God. I know you say you love God, but really love God. Live for him and never be ashamed to acknowledge him. Second, it is okay to not be friends with every person. Not every person is going to like you. A few true friends are always better than multiple fake friends. Third, wake up before the sunrise. It will change your views on life. Fourth, quit rushing through life. It will amaze you when you slow down and realize how much more you have time for. Fifth, you are beautiful. I know this because God created you, and he does not make ugly things so quit comparing yourself to all the other girls. Speak kindness. Be grateful. And do not forget to smile because life is so so beautiful.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would emphasize the importance of keeping everything you do in perspective of your long term goals. I would also convey the fact that there are things that you can control, and things you cant and that you should only worry and be concerned with the former.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to embrace everything and get ready for the big change. I would tell myself it is okay to be nervous but it will be fine. There is new friendly people out there just waiting to meet you so go and have fun. The most important thing I would tell myself is to get ready to take full responsibility for yourself. There will be no one to wake you up or hold your hand anymore. Put on your big girl pants and be ready to be liable for every decision you make. You chose the best school to attend. Your still local and Edwardsville have so much to offer you. Do not hold back and give it your all. Time is precious do not waste it, spend your free time looking for scholarships becuase your going to need them. Make sure you study and get to know your professors, advisors and resources as they are there to help you. After the first year you will everything under control, it is not all rainbows however. Do not be afraid, enjoy yourself, and do not look back.


Dear Ally, It's you, from the future! Listen to me, I don't have much time! College isn't easy. I know it's really hard for you to stay focused, but talk to your mom about that! It's gonna be really hard to get medication when you're older and under some crappy insurance. It's going to suck; you're going to get into a lot of fights with your mom over grades. Work on becoming independent and focusing on school so you can get really good scholarships so you won't be such a burden on your mother. You're going to meet a fantastic man whose going to support you going through school, and is an excellent tutor. You're going to make great friends. You're going to suffer a bit, but it'll be worth it in the end. Just focus on getting good grades in what you love. By the way, take art classes. You're going to LOVE art! Just get good grades, find those great scholarships, and do what you love with who you love. Love, Future Ally


If I were to go back and tell my high school self what to expect in college I would say, "Have fun while you can because once classes get rolling you have little free time for yourself and others." I also would tell my self, "It's not as bad as people make it out to be. There are always opportunities for help and improvement so take advantage of it, there is no reason anyone should fail a class with all of the help that this university provides."


I’m someone who likes to keep her options open. My senior year of high school I was applying to colleges, an organization offering full rides to Ivy League schools, and study abroad programs. I had so many paths available that I hadn’t taken care of what would need to be done once I found out what I would actually be doing my first year out of high school. So by the time it was decided that I’d be attending Southern Illinois University Edwardsville I had missed out on all the local scholarships and the opportunity to apply for the Honors College. Due to this, I would gladly go tell my senior year self not only to keep her options open but to also be ready to follow through on each option.


If I were to go back in time as a high school senior, I would give advice to myself that it does not matter on how many strokes I had in college, but the reaction is to either feel sorry for myself or continue to excel in school. I will take the latter response. College life is different than high school. First, remove yourself from a negative environment. One of my friends said, "You can never do well in college than what you did in high school because of having many strokes." From this response, I started to feel defeated, but if I can do it differently, I should never be a friend to someone who made a terrible statement. Secondly, look for positive quotes that will assist you when school is difficult. Thirdly, never think of giving up. If friends are not being supportive, then you always look to your family for advice. I had health reasons that I cannot control; but I should keep a positive attitude and do the best in every endeavor; never giving up. Also, never live in a dorm because it is exepensive.


I would tell myself to not be scared. I had an overwhelming fear of attending college. This actually Inhibited me from attending my first semester of college. I was so overwhelmed with college that as soon as I went away I had to come home. I spent the semester volunteering and working. I just wish I could go back and help myself choose a school that fit me perfectly. I was so afraid of what my friends and family might think if I didn’t go away to school, that I chose a school I didn’t even want to be at. I would go back and say, “take a deep breath and don’t focus on what others want, focus on what you want, and what’s best for you". All my life I have tried to make everyone else happy, and it cause me to be unhappy. Now that I am happy where I am I can take a deep breath and relax. I just wish I would have figured it out sooner.


I would tell myself , Make really god grades this year, try as hard as you can to do your best. Start planning for college very soon, there's no time like now. Don't hesitate when picking a career just for how much money you'll make yearly. Do what you've been dreaming of doing and that is to be a nurse, to work in a hospital setting, that is fast paced and help people get better. To learn about how the human body works. To go with your gut feeling and go to college for what you have dreamed of since you were little. Go and do what makes you happy. No matter how much college costs, or how difficult it is to get into college. With financial help and support from Grants, Scholarships, Family, Friends and the financial team at colleges will make my dream of pursuing a career in the Nursing field possible.


I would tell myself to focus on studying, to do the homework, and to apply my mind and my determination to school. I would tell myself that anything is possible given the right determination and focus, and to relax and try to make education as fun and rewarding as possible.


First of all, I would probably think that I'm going crazy for going back in time in the first place and talking to myself as a high school senior. On a more serious note, I would tell myself to quit being so indecisive, to just follow my heart and soul when it comes to signing up for classes. I would also tell my self to quit procrastinating. I would tell myself to spend my time more wisely, instead of wasting my time. I would tell myself to listen to my heart when it comes to making a college decision. Just because the college is close, doesn't mean that I'll be happy there. And who cares where my parents want me to go, go where I want to go. I would also tell myself to drop Chemistry 3A before it's too late. I would also tell myself to quit being such a perfectionist all the time and to let loose once in a whlie. Don't worry about what other people are doing and what they think about me. I would tell mysefl to stop worrying about college and the future and to just enjoy senior year.


Be fearless. Do not worry about the tiny things. Take risks. Mistakes will be made but that is just what life is about. As long as you try your best on every thing you do, there should be nothing to worry about. Stay who you are. Life will be so much easier if you act like yourself rather than someone else. Last but certainly not least, do not forget your dream. Your dream to become the best teacher to a wonderful group of eager minds. Keep that in mind and keep moving forward. I know you are scared of what is to come but remember, you have faithful family and friends backing you all along the way. Never lose hope.


I would tell myself to plan better and to plan earlier. Instead of struggling for tuition, I would have started applying for scholarship fundding much sooner. I would also tell myself to find a better job, with better pay so I would not have to work so much to pay for tuition.


My main regret was that I did not retake the ACT. I wish I would have properly nourished myself the week prior to refrain from getting sick during the original ACT date. I also wish I did more independent studies in order to obtain the necessary research skills that I would use later on in college. I have adjusted, and learned them in college, but knowing the skills in high school would have been very beneficial. I also wish I ran for student government in high school. If I had half the amount of gumption that I do now, I would have been very successful at doing so.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to be open with everyone. In the beginning of the year I had trouble making friends because I never went up to anyone in my hall and introduced myself like the other people did. Instead I would tell myself to step out of my comfort zone for just a few weeks so I could show people my interest in becoming friends with them. I would also tell myself to set your priorities straight in the beginning of the year. Instead of doing classwork in the beginning of first semester I spent a lot of my time at my boyfriends dorm, which got me off track for a little bit but thankfully I worked my way back up. Also, make a strong effort to workout everyday, you can always fit in a short workout. Finally, I would tell myself that it's not about the quantity of friends you make but the quality. I was really stressing out about not making friends but then I realized I do have a few close, great friends and that's just as good.


I would tell my senior self that it'll be alright. My former self will already know this, because I wasn't afraid to leave home. I was aware of how lonely it could get, but I left determined to make the time at college awesome. So I guess I don't really need to give myself any advice...well, besides preparing for the smell of burnt popcorn and Ramen every night in the dorms. But you can't really prepare yourself for that one.


I would tell myself that just because this is your senior year, there is no room for slacking. You need to keep your head on straight even through college, and be prepared for anything on the first day of classes. I would also say that having fun is also apart of college but do not forget the reason why your are going, and that is to become a nurse.


Just do your work. Find a hobby. You've got these years in high school to explore what you want to do, but you're limiting yourself by not working to your full potential. By the end of senior year you're going to be looking at college selections and wanting to pick all these cool places, but without having done what you need to do now you're not going to be able to take them. Even if you do all your work you could still end up doing something simple and fun that doens't need it you'll still be able to use what you learned and show what you have earned in order to go well beyond high school and explore the world. So go for it, find a place get into the habit and show people what're your skills are instead of keeping them a secret. Also, please visit the campus ahead of time.


I am a senior in high school and I do not quite understand how important studying and being organized is. So I lay out a set of rules to follow. If I follow these rules, I am guaranteed success in school. Rule #1- Read over the new material the day before class, that way you can get ahead and understand what the teacher plans to cover. Rule #2- Do not write out everything the teacher says, only the main points. Rule #3- Read/ Study at least two hours every day for each class. Rule #4- Stay away from procrastination, it will slow you down and cause stress. Rule #5- Take breaks while studying to clear your mind. Rule #6- NEVER start studying the day before the test; give yourself time to take in the material. Rule #7- Attend every class, because some teachers may add something to the notes and you do not want to miss it. Rule #8 Take responsibilities for your own actions. This is the time to mature and be able to take care of yourself because your parents will not be there to do it for you.


The advice that I would give myself is to always stay focused on my classes and study as hard and as possible as I can. Also, always strive to maintain a 4.0 grade point average, and whenever I am struggling with a particular subject/class, always attend tutoring sessions at least 3 or more times a week to stay on top of my classes.


I would tell myself to attend a university full time instead of going to a communitiy college. Working and going to school is much more difficult than dedicating all of your time to a four year plan, even if it is more expensive.


If I could go back and do something different when I was a senior I would definately of taken more classes that would of prepared me better for college. I should of taken more math and science instead of just sliding by with classes that don't mean anything now. I also should of applied for more more scholarships, and met with my counselor a little bit more to discuss what colleges would be right for me. I definately know better now, and if I could I would tell all upcoming college students to take their senior year a little bit more seriously than I did. College is a huge deal it determines the rest of your life, so do all that you can do to prepare for it!


Knowing what I know there are a few tips that I would give to my high school self. I would tell myself to not judge people so harshly at first it turns people away and you lose friends that way. My senior self would need to know that putting money aside early is important to help you plan for the future. I would also tell myself that it is important to never turn down any advice and listen to all different options.


The college experience can be what ever you make it to be. The best way to think about college is that it is your path to a bright future. In college, you are responsible for yourself; ignore the people who are wasting their time and not taking classes seriously. If you stick to it and push your way through, you find your passion and career path. A bright future is ahead; open doors for yourself and take every bit of knowledge you can find.


If I could go back in time to prepare myself for the college experience I would start off by calming myself down and explain how I should be more excited than nervous. I was scared to be going to a university almost five hours away with no one from my high school, but I wish I could go back and tell myself that I would get out of it what I put in. The main points I would make would to remain open-minded about others and push myself ot step out of my comfort zone and meet more people living around me to feel more at home. I then would encourage the importance of "out of classroom" studying and preparing for courses because it makes all the difference in your grades. The last words of encouragement I would give to myself would to remain confident in myself and really strive to do the best that I can, because this is the beginning of the rest of my life and I want the best for myself.


I don't know


The most important thing to tell a younger me would simply be, "Don't be such an idiot!" I made many mistakes in my teenage years and even into my early twenties. Worst yet, I didn't even realize the magnitude of my mistakes until my mid and late twenties. Going back to give myself advice would be a great opportunity to not only avoid many of the mistakes I made in those early years but also to give myself a good dose of wisdom that might make the coming years more enjoyable. Its amazing how much I've learned in the decade since I've graduated high school, from my experiences in Iraq with the US Army to my working experience as an avionics technician in the corporate aviation field. The knowledge that I've gained would be of tremendous use to a younger me and I have no doubt that if I were given the opportunity to send that knowledge back in time I'd not only save myself ten years of painful lessons but be much farther along in life than I am now. Thank you for your consideration.


I have gotten a lot out of my first two semesters of this college experience. I have become more independent and responsible. With so many freedoms given to me at once, I have learned to prioritize and choose the best decision for me. All of these characteristics are needed to mature into an adult. It has been valuable to attend this university because it helps students ease into the adult world.


College has been unlike any other experience that I have had in my lifetime. It has been a time of intellectual development as well as a time of emotional maturation. I have met so many people who are just as driven as I am, and from befriending these people I have discovered myself and what I want to make of myself. College has wiped my slate clean, and I now have the chance for a fresh start. I have to ability to become what I want to be, and I can leave behind the high school labels of nerd and band geek. I have learned an unbelievable amount of mathematical theorems and physics principles, but I believe it is the lessons of social development and self-discovery that have been the most valuable for me. College is an extremely diverse environment, and diversity is appreciated. It is the appreciation for diversity, that allows one to develop one's own personality and one's ideals. Ultimately, college helps one become what he or she wants to become, and it is this self-development that I cherish the most.


I have had many opportunities to experience different aspects of my college. I have had the opportunity to talk to professors and advisors and get advice of what it takes to succeed. Attending college has allowed me to grow as an individual. I have learned how to have a positive attitude and open outlook on life. Also, I know that I can overcome obstacles even when doing so does not seem possible; I just have to continue to persevere through hard times. I have learned that my continuous hard work does pay off. In my first year, I was very shy and hesitant and did not talk to many people in my classes. This year, however, I have tried to meet new people and have been much happier. I know the importance of maintaining friendships and networking with other people. In the end, I have learned that it is important to just be myself and to help others whenever I can, because that is when I am truly enjoying life.


Well I haven't attended much college so far, but it has taught me that the world can be demanding, and that you have to work hard to be noticed in today's world. How dedicated I am will determine if I succeed or not.


I have gain experience in how to deal with everyday life. Not only has college taught me how to excel and succend in what I do but it has taught me how to handle many diferent situations. In college things don't always go your way and you have to be accountable for your actions no matter what they may be. With this I have learned responsibility and have grown from a child to an adult. I have learn that i can't always depend on others and need to take control of my on destiny if I am to have one. College has made a tremendous impact on my life and I am grateful for the experience that many have not had the oppurtunity to have.


I did attend a junior college before SIUE. By going to SIUE I feel I have gained the ability to make new friends, meet new people, be independent, and make the best of any situation. This school as taught me to work hard and stick to your values and goals because if these slip you will not be able to accomplish them. I have had to get a job to help support myself and learned wonderful time management and the responisibility of being on your own. I have really grown as a person and realized that hard work and dedication is what can get you were you want to be. It has been hard but well worth it, and for that I am greatful.


During my first year at SIUE, I lived in a dorm. Living in a dorm room not only taught me how to live with another individual, it gave me a better sense of responsibility. My parents weren't there to make me go to school or to wake me up before class. They also weren't there to make me do homework or study for a test. I was completely in charge of myself. If I had gone to a community college, I would have never gotten that experience or have values like responsibilty, time-conciousness, or better studying habits enstilled in me. SIUE was achallenging to me during my first year academically, as well. The classes and professors I had during my first year at SIUE made me work for an A and asked me to dig deeper in my studies and research things on my own. I honestly believe that during one year of college I have learned more than the four years of high school I attended. I feel like the entire first year of college has redefined everything I have known prior to it.


My university has provided me with hope for our nation's future. Walking in the Quad on the way to classes, I see many diverse individuals who are eager to bring something new to our world. In my past high school atmosphere, a thirst for knowledge was only evident among the AP students in my class. Contrarily, the majority of students I have met so far at S.I.U.E have a desire to learn and put their talents to use. This enthusiasm displayed by the students can also be seen among the professors. In particular, my Chemistry instructor has given me the hope that not only will I be successful, but my fellow students will as well. Through the classes I am taking, I have met many pre-med students similar to myself. In high school, I never met an individual who shared my desire to become a neurologist. Seeing others who exhibit my passion for the brain is relieving. S.I.U.E. has shown me that not only will I be able to benefit the medical community after I graduate, but so will many others who will be right by my side if I slip up.


I am learning how to be more professional and career minded about my goals. To help the people around me, to help build a better life for me and my family and friends. Its valuable because having a college education is important. Because it can help greatly in getting a good job and having a fair lifestyle. For me, it can help boost me out of a diffcult financial problem, where i don't have to worry about where the money for the bills will come from or how will food get on the table each night. Thats why to me, education is very valuable.


College is one of those experiences that slapped me in the face. It made me grow up and realize that this is life. I needed to start fending for myself and making good decisions or later on down the road, I would be unhealthy and broke. Of course, it's a good education, but I think it's more than just obtaining book smarts. In the long run, college teaches you about being social, frugal, and responsible as well as trained in a certain subject area.


In my college experience, I have learned about the politics and history of our nation, the consciousness of the human mind, and also the history of my heritage. It has allowed me to learn about my actions and personality by applying theories such as the psychoanalytic theory, humanistic theory, and the social cognitive theory to my life. Political science has taught me to pay more attention to the media, newspapers, and internet articles because my vote counts. I have learned more about my heritage than I thought has ever existed. Before I attended college, I didn't really have an opinion on things because I didn't care. Having to write opinion papers and doing research to elaborate on what I thought of the situation but also provide evidence to back it up. Being on the track team gave me the opportunity to meet more people and socialize. Also, I know what colleges I want to go after I graduate with my Bachelors at California State University, Sacramento and I know what classes to take to get there.


I have learned how to handle my own finances and living expenses responsibly. I have learned how to be more responsible and what kinds of things to look for in the people I work with, hang out with, and live with. I have learned that I know what I want out of life and nothing can stop me now.


School has been a blessing to me. I'm divorced and raising three children. I am a displaced home maker. I have grown so much since I have attended college. I have had so much support as well as help along the way. I want to give something back to my community in the future. My college experience has been so very important to me, without it, I might not being doing as well as I am. College has given me self-esteem it has given me a life I can be proud of. I love the structure of college. I love learning everyday. Learning something new can be scary at times, but the benefits from learning are just astounding! I know that a college education is a wonderful gift you can give yourself. When others tell you, "you can't do that" it is very important to keep following your dreams. College will un- doubtably help you to reach your dreams. Keeping good grades is just the beginning, keeping a great attitude towards your instructors, and classmates is crucial to any college student's success. I have also learned how to buget my time very wisely while attending college.


I have gained so much in my time here at college. I have gained a sense of responsibility. I am no longer a disorganized high school student. I have developed into a well-organized college student. Those organizational skills have made working much easier and efficient. College has also improved my social skills as well. College motivated me to get out and meet people. My web of people I know grew exponentially. Having a web of people to call upon is critical to suceed in life. College, I discovered, isn't just about classes, grades, and exams. Those are just a fraction of what college is truly about. College is a stepping-stone into the real world. In the real world people expect you to be organized. In the real world you cannot suceed unless you have a vast network of people that you can call upon to aid you. I am glad I found this out in my first year, because it will allow me to have a better, more enlightening experience for the rest of my college years.


Experience, friends, and knowledge are very important things I have gotten out of attending school here at SIUE. I have gained a huge amount of experience. I know what it'slike to do your own laundrey, cook your own meals, and do your homework without any parent involvement. Life here has greatly prepared me for life on my own in the future when I am finished with school and ready to start my own career, and I am only a sophomore. Not only does this campus provide students with real world experience, it also gives them a tremendous opportunity to meet new people. With an attendance size of nearly 14,000 students, one meets new friends on a daily basis. I meet new students all the time; I have met close friends that will be involved in the rest of my life. The third thing that I have gained from SIUE is knowledge. I have learned tons of new material in all of my classes. I am pursuing a career in dentistry, and this knowledge will aid me in achieving my goal of becoming a dentist. It will stay with me and be used for the rest of my life.


I’ve become worldly conscious. The things I do today affect my tomorrow so I’ve learned to make every day and every experience matter. This world is only as big as you make it and attending college has allowed me to travel to other parts of the world and see how others live. College has helped me realize all the opportunities that are available. Now I have the broad knowledge to expand and reach my limits. Without college, I wouldn’t know my love for the environment and curiosity of the outdoors. I’ve had the chance of a lifetime to build my character and create lifelong friendships I would’ve never had. My college life has been about the adventure and new experiences, not about the destination. Getting the job won’t be the end but, another beginning to a great twist that is my life.


Everyday is a new experience and I'm just getting started