Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


One extremely important decision that parents and students need to check off the list is: Does the school provide the experience that the student both WANTS and NEEDS? Their choice is based solely on the type of person the student is. I thought that I wanted a quiet and easy going experience. But after two years of trying to figure out if I made the right choice, I realized that I would have been much happier in a larger, more thrilling and school-spirited type of experience. All students have something lurking within them waiting to break out. College is more than just academics. It is about learning who you really are and allowing that hidden part of you to prosper. Your happiness will help drive you to your goals, whether they are academic, social, or life goals. Accounting for this decision is an important one and will pay off in the long run.


The most important thing students need to consider when searching for the right college is the level of education they will receive at the school they choose. It is important to pick a school that offers a good education in their selected major so the students will get the most for their money. I would also advise students to choose a school that is the right size for them. If they prefer a more intimate atmosphere, students should choose a smaller university. If students prefer anonymity, they should choose a larger university. To make the most of the college experience, I encourage students to have an open mind, explore new opportunities, and to take risks. It is important for students to expand their connections and make new friends. Students can do this by starting a study group with their classmates, which will help them both create new friendships as well as further their studies. Students can also make the most of their college experience by becoming involved in activities on campus.


The best advise I can give for students is to make sure you are choosing a college for YOU and not your parents! The college experience is so important because it teaches you how to be an adult and how to take care of yourself. College is very stressful and picking the college that meets the most important needs is the best decision you can make. As far as parents go, you need to be supportive of your child's decision and know that what they find to be the most appropriate and home-like is more beneficial than forcing them to a college they have no interest in. Students learn more when they are comfortable and feel like they belong, so parents need to be understanding. Also, students need to make sure they are going to feel comfortable at the college they choose. Spending the weekend and participating in activities before becoming enrolled will help with the decision. If a student feels like they belong, then chances are they will succeed. The college experience has been the most beneficial in my life and I want future students to have the same positive experiences I've had as well.


I would discuss how far away the parent/child is comfortable with, and definitely tour the campus and see what type of housing is avilable on campus, and off. Knowing how much privavcy or lack thereof, you are willing to deal with, is a good idea.


Students should pick the college that has the best environment for them. If they learn better with more of a one on one relationship with their teachers, then they should go to a smaller school, and just the opposite applies as well. If a student chooses that college that best fits their learning and social needs then they will have an enjoyable college experience. They just need to do their homework on what type of college they would prefer and work hard on getting in to that college. Once they get in, they just need to work hard to maintain good grades and that will lead to a good college experience.


Make sure you look at several schools. Visit them and see what the atmospher is like there. That's how you'll know what school is right for you. Don't procrastonate because it will only be bad in the long run. Study first because there's always time for other things. Your education should be your first priority. That's your future and nothing should put that in danger for you.


I would love to take away the hours I spent my senior year of high school worrying about which school was the "right " place to go. For some reason, I thought that the school I chose would determine my future, so the decision had to be perfect. My advice to students about finding the right college is to relax and take things one day at a time. If it doesn't work out, you can always transfer at semester and no one will think any less of you. Enjoy that last year with friends and classmates; it ends so soon. On my first visit to SIUE, I knew this was the school for me. After many visits to other colleges, I finally felt like I belonged. I could picture myself getting involved, living in the residence halls, and feeling challenged to get the most out of my time here. I enjoyed high school but my college experience has been far above my expectations. The friendships I have made and what I have learned both in and out of the classroom will stay with me. My advice is to take every opportunity to learn something new or make a new friend.


There has to be an agreement between the parents and the student. If the student is at a college they dont like they will find a way to better the situation, which is usually not conductive to a learning enviroment. A parent however must be happy with the choice of college as well, because a negative attitude coming from home can be just as detrimental to the learning enviroment. When the perfect college is found everyone must be willing to give 110% to get into and through college. You dont pick your college it picks you out of the crowd and draws you into the begining of the rest of your life.


It is important for the student to actually visit the college they will be atending before they actually go, and possibly talk to students who currently go there.


Make sure you pick the place that doesn't promise anything, but SHOWS you it's worth.


Go physically see each one you are seriously considering!


Research/ save


You need to go and spend some time on campus. Go observe some classes and eat there. It is very important to visit all of your choices for schools, but go with your gut feeling. Visit your top choice twice, just to make sure it is the school for you. To make the most of your college experience make sure to get involved. If you get involved, study hard, and have fun you will have a great time at college. Make sure to be open in your residence hall to different kinds of people. You will meet some interesting people. Try to keep your door open and go knock on those around you. You will have a great time!!


Never pick a college based on how close or how far away its location is. Picking the best college is about picking what is best for your career and your lifestyle. You can attend the best school in the state for your chosen major, but that does not mean that you will be happy there. Make sure you meet both some students that already go to your college and the teachers that will be teaching your courses. If either of them give you a bad vibe or are nasty to you, then you need to look at another college. There are many, many colleges out there, but this is your only chance of experiencing it. Make sure you're absolutely positive that the college is the best for you.


Finding the right college is fifty percent searching through websites, brochures, and junk mail you start getting from freshman year in high school from universities, and fifty percent gut feeling. If you feel like a certain college can provide the means to a successful future, then it just might. Remember to be flexible. Many students were forced to decide on a major early on in high school when they really had no idea what to do with the rest of their life, let alone lunch hour. If you really know nothing about your major or feel uneasy when talking about it, maybe it's time to really reserch what feels right for you. As for making the most of a college experience, extra curriculars and school-sponcered activities cannot be stressed enough. Even if it's only for the experience, chances are good that even if an activity turns out to be lame, you'll learn something and meet a few new people. Never forget the real reason you're at college though. Your parents' money is not going towards nothing; that money is being traded for a way in the world. Just make sure it's a fair trade.


In finding the right college and making the most of the college experience, I would tell parents and/or students to apply to and take campus visits to at least three schools. It is better to visit more than one college so that students can get a taste of more than a couple campuses. I only visited and applied at SIUEdwardsville. I think I made the right decision on coming here, but I believe it wouldn't have hurt to check out a few other campuses as well. I would advise the students to be active during their college experience. Joining clubs and being active is an easy way to meet new, interesting people. It also looks great on resumes and is such a learning experience. I recently joined Accounting club and look forward to every meeting. Living in the dorms at least a year is also a great way to increase the college experience. I met many friends in the dorms my freshman year that will have an impact on me for the rest of my life. I believe the three suggestions I've given will increase greatly the chances of finding the right college and expanding the experiences.


Get one that is close enough to home that you can stay in touch but far enough away that you gain some independence.


look at where your parents went and how far away you want to go from your parents. if you are really close to your parents i would say stay in the same state.


Don't settle.


To go and visit schools and get a good feel for the campus. You have to not only like the academics of the school but also see yourself living there and spending time there for 4 years. If an overnight stay is possible then definitely do so because you will really get a taste of living on campus. Look at all the apsects of college from the academics to the after class activities to the towns surrounding the area and to the availability of everything. Meet with faculty members and try and sit in on classes to see what they are like. Have fun and be yourself, go to class, do your homework but do things you want to do and realize that college is the time to prepare for the future and make life long friends that care about you for who you are.


I would definitely say to visit the college on an open campus day and to have some form of idea of what you want to do as far as a career goes. I would talk to professors and graduate students about career opportunities for the major they have chosen or teach for. Ask how the school is helping them gain control of accomplishing what they need to do to obtain the career they have chosen.


Choose a school that fits the type of person you are. Do not pick a school because of its reputation alone because once attending, it may not be the right pick for you. In the end, all that will matter is what you actually learned. A diploma will look good, but if you do not have the intellegence to back it up, then it is useless.


Try to find a college that is not overwhelming and a place where u can belong acedemically and socially. It would be great for you to visit the campus before you go tehre. You will know if it is the right place for you once you get there.


Take your time and make your decision based on your interests in the present with an eye for the future.


look at a lot of schools


The advice I would give to parents and student to find right college is do research on the schools. Discover the standards of the schools academics, administration, staff and faculty hire, and campus environment. Is the environment one that is hastle towrad diversity? Is the student body one that is consumed with drinking and drug use? Are student motivated by the faculty to strife for excellence and not settle for mediocre standards? All these things are important in determining the right school.


Once you choose a college have your student go to a junior college and take classes that transfer to the college of your students choice then after two years have your student transfer to their college and have them find a job and possibly take summer classes.


Before you decide on anything, do extensive research before you even visit the school. Always ask a student's opinion at the school, it will always be honest!


Sometimes it is important not to let money be a factor. However, it is still something important that should be considered. Go somewhere you feel you can truly be yourself, make friends, and not get too homesick.


The best advice I would give parents and/or students about finding the right college is to visit the ones you are interested. Think about the type of person you or your kid is, are they one to miss mommy and daddy or are they wanting to venture out on their own. I would also say that when you do find the college and get accepted, to make the most of your college experience is to get out there and get involved in the college. Yes, you here that at every campus, but it is really the best way to get the full on experience. Make friends, look around at the events being hosted, do not miss out on opportunites that are FREE!




Give your students the chance to visit several campuses to find the right "fit". Be willing to spend more for a quality education and encourage social as well as academic activity!


Do your research. Really focus on their rating in the field you wish to get a degree in. See how much emphasis is put into your career choice. Also make sure that you find a place that has a lot of the extra things that you enjoy so you feel a stronger bond with your school. Things like sports, clubs, etc. make sure you can find them there and that you get involved.


Look for a school with lots of different organizations. Decide whether you want a metropolitian school or a school located more in the rural areas. I prefer the rural park like setting that Southern Illinois University Edwardsville offers. Make sure the school is challenging and will motivate you during the school year. If you choose to live on campus check out the dorms and the security they offer. Also, check to see what kind of activities are offered on the weekends. Probably the first thing to look at though is the schools credibility. Check out the schools accredidations and the different majors it offers. Finally, pick the school where you are most comfortable.


To parents- really listen to what your student is telling you about what he or she wants because they're the one who has to spend four years there. Students- go with your gut instinct! If the school feels right, it probably is. To everyone, make sure you understand and trust the administration before making your decision!


Do nt worry about the cost of the college. Students and parents can always take out loans and pay them off with a good job. By attending a college that is not going to find you with a good job, even if it is cheap, is not worth it


Make sure that their son or daughter has chosen the school . Make sure they study what they love.


Find a college they like and one that focusses on their career.


Finding the right college is a different experience for everyone. Some people know exactly what they want in a college and others have no idea. Some people think they know what they want in a college and then end up changing their mind later. It is very important for parents to allow their children to chose their own college and area of study. After all, it is the student who will spend several years at that school. When a student is deciding what school is right for them they need to look at size, campus setting, and academics. Certain people will be very happy at a small college while others would prefer a large campus. Some people may prefer to live in the country, others in the city. It all depends on the interest of the person. But one important thing to remember is to give every college a chance. Every student needs to make an effort to get involved with campus activities and make friends. While academics is very important, if your not happy and don't feel comfortable at your campus, its just not worth it.


I would sugguest that people let themselves experience the world so they can form a better understanding of theirselves. Once they have that better understanding, they will be better qualified to choose what path in life they want to take. For the inexperienced people, choose a school that leaves you open to much experience, whether via location or amount of people. For the experienced ones, choose a place that has more structure yet is full of similarly minded individuals.


Simply put, manage your time leading up to your selection. A rushed selection will only lead to a disappointing four years. Choose your campus only after multiple visists and conversations with faculty and students. Never choose based on friends or relationships, odds are you'll grow apart regardless of your choice. But most importantly, ask yourself what you really desire. If you yourself are not happy with your selection it will shine through your social and academic life.


When choosing a college you should not only look at the academics of the establishment but also the campus life. I know a lot of my friends go to big time universities and the only thing to do is drink. I think it?s very important to find a school that offers lots of alternatives other than partying. Campus life also includes those random activities and free concerts. I love walking from class to class and hearing live music making its way through the buildings. School spirit should also be at the top of your list. You don?t want a school where people are ashamed. I know every where I walk on campus I can find my schools logo on a hat, a shirt or some shorts. You also want to consider accessibility of other goods like stores and restaurants. Campus food can get boring and it's nice to have somewhere else that's cheap to eat as well. And finally I think tradition should be a factor. You want a school that has been known for its success and where when you try and get a job people are impressed.


Do not let money be the previaling determinant when choosing a college.


try and find a college that will fit your personality. To make the most of your experience be open minded, try and make friends and even join different clubs.


You have to choose what is best for you. Do you like getting lost in the crowd? Pick a big college with lots of lecture halls. If you prefer small class sizes and knowing everyone on campus, pick a small college. What do you want to major in? Pick a school with a good program in that area.


Visit the colege first and for most. Also do some historical reasearch. And lastly talk to currently enrolled students.


The most important thing to do before picking a college is determining what to major in. Once a decision is made pick the school that has the best reputation for that major that is the most affordable. Plan ahead! This will save time and money. When you get to college get involved to get the most out of the college experience. There are always activities going on around college campuses. Try new things and have fun! Also, plan ahead! Always put school first and prepare well in advance for each class.


I would give them the advice to look for a school that has a program that he/she is interested in and the school is well known for. By doing this companies may choose him/her over ones who attended a different school.


Students need to find a college that feels right to them and only them. My college is the right size, in the best location, offers the best programs and has a great social atmosphere FOR ME! As cliche as it sounds, you know your college when you see it. Deciding where to go to school is an overwhelming time but when you find the right college you can picture your life for the next couple of years there and you feel a little less overwhelmed and a little more eager to start your college education.


Finding the correct school for you as a student is highly important and a lot of factors go into the process. If the student knows what field they want to pursue, they can go to a college that specializes in that field. If the student wants to party, I know there are several schools that are party schools that would satisfy the students needs and wants. The college should fit the student all around. It should have the correct field of work the student wants, socially it should accept or agree with the student applying, and the student should be able to interact with his/her professors. College should be fun, but there should be limits. To satisfy both parents and students needs; keep partying to a minimum while keeping grades decent. A student can have fun at school, make lifetime friends, participate in extracurricular activities, show school spirit, and get good grades all at the same time with organization and time management skills.