Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To study and do your absolute best in your classes freshman year because your GPA will suffer terribly.


I wish I had been aware of the lack of a "community" feeling SIUe has. The school was originally a commuter school, meaning the students had little connection to the campus or each other - and it shows. The campus itself is cut off from the town by great swaths of prairie, there is little on-campus housing, poor dining options, and an unorganized club scene. Most students live off campus and out of town. All these things combined result in a student body that is disconnected from each other, from Edwardsville, and from the school itself.


I wish I would have realized how hard it would be to leave my family, and get adjusted to school two hours away.


That the teachers are not as easily accessible as they should be and that some of the teachers cannot teach.


I wish I had known more about the various fees (such as for a year-long parking pass, room and board, etc).


I wish I would have known more about what I wanted to study. Originally I choose art. I switched majors to Mass Communications. The Mass Comm department at SIUE offers great classes, but lacks assistance to students. There are never any scholarships, flexible class schedules, or major interest in your future career from your professors. There are not enough professors and class offerings to accommodate the large number of students in the program. It has been an extremely stressful four years.


I wish I had known of the many programs offered to students that have learning disabilites.


I wish that i had known what the landscape of the campus was, there are a lot of hills. Otherwise I love the campus and the school itself.


I wish that I had known what the campus was like. I wish that that I had visited ahead of time.


I wish that i would have known that I would move a half an hour away from the school before attending, so I wouldn't have to drive that far everyday.


I wish I would of done better in high school so i could of skipped the 2 year college ordeal.


I wish I knew a better way to study for finals. In high school we never really had finals so here in college they were tough.


I wish I would have continued my education fresh out of high school. I regret not being able to participate in the Greek Life. I also wish I could have participated in the study abroad program to enhance my awareness of other cultures. I wish I would have had the dedication I do now when I was younger. I wish I also would have known just how important it to have an education. I wish I would've known that it was "cool" to stay in school and study all the time.


I wish I had known that cutting corners wouldn't work. College is truly studying two hours for every one hour spent in class. College is about staying ahead; once you're behind, the rest of the semester is an uphill battle. Planning your schedule realistically means being brutally honest with yourself, not idealizing a 'new you' that can wake up and be on time for an 8:00 class. Plan your time accordingly; when you dont, sleep is usually the first thing to go. Sleep is the single greatest weapon in your arsenal. Take it seriously.


I wish I would have known more people going to the school. Two of my good friends that were coming along with me left after their first semester. They were unhappy with the advising they had received and the lifestyle of the dorms. This left me at a little of a disadvantage in terms of my social life, but I've made due and have met a lot of new friends.


I wish I would have known more about what exact classes I would have to take for my major.


I researched pretty thoroughly. A friend of mine that was attending there while I was still in school, allowed me to shadow her in classes for the day. The teachers were accommodating and friendly. Navigating the webite to find useful information was the most difficult thing.


That i need to focus more on studying than i am used to.


All of the opportunities that were really open to me.


I cannot think of anything I wish I would have known before coming to Southern Illinois University. The staff was very helpful , so when I did have a question about anything related to the campus or to the classes, they happily answered my questions.


Class opportunties


I wish I had known the curriculum I needed better. I now know what classes I need to take to proceed.


I wish i would of know that there are some teachers that you do not want to take a class with, and how hard it is to get in a class.


I wish i had known to get a car. You will need to drive to get around the area


I can't think of anything right now.


The people in the town of Edwardsville do not like the college students very much. Wish that there was a better party scene/more of a college town, able to walk home from parties/ bars. No school spirit here.