Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


In my field, at least (construction management), I think the best thing about SIUe is the amount of networking opportunities it presents. Mock networking events, career fairs, and actual networking nights provide many opportunities to meet members of the industry. In construction management in particular, the faculty themselves are often still industry workers and are always happy to make introductions and connections, including bringing in speakers to classes. Constructor's Club also introduces members to employees at many of the area's big-name companies.


The friends that I have made along the way.


The best thing about SIUe is definitely the diversity. I come from a very small, farm town in central Illinois, so coming to a very diverse campus was a big change for me and I love it. I think it is so interesting seeing new kinds of people every day, and getting to meet people from all over the world. Coming to a diverse college like SIUe makes you really open your eyes, and see the world for all its beauty.


I think the best thing about my school is the campus. The class buildings are very close together. This is great when there is bad weather in the winter!


The best thing about SIUE is the faculty. The professors are really some of the best I have ever been in a classroom with.


The teachers really care about the students. There are a lot of computer labs, and the school tries to plan as many alcohol-free fun activities. It is student organization friendly as well.


My school is a small campus so the teacher to student ratio is quite small which i think enhances your education. It is easier to go and ask your teacher for help than at some of the bigger universities. Also you know more people, with having not that many students on campus it is easier to make friends.


I think the best qualities about SIUe is the fact that we are still a developing university so the entire faculty is trying their hardest to push our students to succeed at all times and are truly dedicated to their work.


The best thing about my school is the feeling of connection that everyone has on campus. We're a community. Our professors care about their students, and the students care about each other as well as the city we're in. We're lucky to have a safe, productive campus. Another good characteristic that I treasure about SIUE is the many different opportunities that are available to the students. Not only are there a ton of different campus activities, but there are accademic resources available to support my future career goals and help me succeed, as well.


It is close enough to home for me to visit on the weekends. I am very close to my family and have a boyfriend whom I have been dating for a year and a half so it is very important for me to get to be at home often.


The best thing about SIUE is the quality you receive for the price you pay. SIUE is one of the cheapest colleges in the area to attend. Usually, cheaper colleges are not always a good choice because the quality of campus life isn't as good. However, SIUE has an awesome campus with newer technology and well qualified professors. The food court has a variety of choices for the students, and the resident housing is fairly new and up to date with the provisions today's college students are looking for, making SIUE a great college for students to attend.


The best thing about SIU Edwardsville would have to be the atmosphere. We have the safest campus in the mid-west, and the biggest campus.


The best thing about Souther Illinois University Edwardsville is the amount of diversity. SIUE is a very diverse school with students, as well as teachers, from different backgrounds, races, religions, and gender. I know from personal experience that when young boys and girls go into college as freshmen, they are worried about things like fitting in, making friends, and being judged by others. Well, at SIUE no student or teacher ever has to carry the burdens of these worries because this school makes everyone who attends it feel safe, welcome, and as if they belong.


The best thing about SIUE is diversity.


The best thing about SIUe is the interconnectedness. No matter where I am on campus I never feel like I am alone. Everyone is open and willing to meet new people and that is so absolutely wonderful! All of the students make a great effort to let new students find their niche in clubs and in class. I am so happy that I chose my school because I dont think I would find that interconnectedness otherwise!


The space on campus is substantial and condusive to learning.


i find the professors to be the best part of my experience. most of the professors seem to truly care about the students. they want us to succeed in our majors and will help us any way that they can. they are easy to approach and very helpful outside of class. the classes are small enough to have a relationship with the faculty. the professors challenge us with in class discussions and want us to form student study groups where we can get together and discuss issues.


What makes SIUE unique from other universities is the amount of help available to students. There is free tutoring for dozens of subjects, and the professors go above and beyond to help any students that ask for it. My chemistry professor met with me for an hour and a half each week. I was one of 110 students with whom she met on an individual basis every week. The same willingness to help has held true for every professor I've had. There are so many resources available to students, that, when utilized, create a limitless potential for success.


The student teach relationships


There is never a reason to be bored on campus. Everything you could possible want off campus, you can get at Morris University Center. MUC has several popular food chains, a bowling alley/rec center, and even a barber shop.


The best thing about my school is all the resources avaliable. We have 24 hour computer labs, free tutoring, plenty of room to find a quiet coner to study or relax in, free confernce rooms for group activity, the libaray closes at round midnight, free wi-fi anywhere on campus, and so much more. with all these resources our school makes studying and getting good grades a lot less stressful.


I love my teachers. The English department is excellent and I am learning a lot.


There is so much diversity at this school. I enjoy learning about others backgrounds and how they grew up. I think that's the greatest learning experiance because you're not only learning about them but how to get along with someone who may not look or think like you. It allows for greater knowledge.


Beautiful campus, great apartments, cool classes


The best thing about my school is that it is close to home. I am from Alton and don't mind the thirty minute drive to school everyday. Some students have to be hours away from their families; I honestly don't think that I could do it.


The cost.


that when i need help my teachers are always there to help, and when they are not avalable then they will be happy to send you to some one that can. like a toutering center.


The Teachers they are sincerely invovled


I like the space and room there is and how close it is to St. Louis and everything I need. They have a lot of what I need on campus too. The classes are mostly an average size too.