Southern Maine Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend Southern Maine Community College is someone that wants to work for his/her education, and not have it handed to then until they earn it.


What makes this school so wonderful is its complete diversity; there is not one type of person that could represent SMCC. I have classes with people from many different backrounds and beliefs, also a variety of ages. The type of person who would get the most of this school is someone who is willing to work hard to recieve a great education. This school allows a shy person to emerge by becoming involved in an array of opportunites. A person can take the initiative to organize any club or event they wish and are provided the support they would need.


Those weary of student loan debt and those undecided upon a major benefit greatly from Maine's community colleges. SMCC has programs geared as primers for the notable degrees offered at the state's universities, and tuition cost is very appealing. If you're on the fence about higher education SMCC gives you a great opportunity to achieve a two year degree without the looming shadow of "big" academia.