Southern Maine Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I feel that the best thing about Southern Maine Community College are the teachers, attending this school was a great decision. If I had to go back two years I would pick SMCC again and attend it for another two years. From my experience I couldnt be happier with this school. The teachers really help everyone feel welcome and they never leave anyone feeling left out or behind.


Besides the price, the location and the prospective future it provides, the best thing about my school is the devotion in the eyes of the staff. The kind of stare, glance or blink that lets you know that you're not just a number. The staff at SMCC is an accumulation of people that care if those who can barely pay for college actually go. It makes all the difference when something goes wrong and you are about to quit when the person trying to help actually cares if you see it through. They won't let you give up.