Southern Methodist University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are passionate, energetic individuals who care not only about their personal success but the success of their peers as well.


I have not taken any classes at SMU but I am more than excited to start this fall.


About 45{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the undergrad students are from Texas, but we have students from all over the world. I feel that students dress up for class a bit more than you would find at your average university. Four out of every five students is recieving financial aid of some sort. You will find people of every race, religion, economic status, and political belief here.


Like I said in the stereotype section, students at SMU are pretty diverse. That is a racial and interest-based description. We have a lot of international students and students of different races and backgrounds. I think that makes for a much more interesting student body. This diversity is most evident in the classroom and in student organizations outside of the greek system. Unfortunately, my impression of the greek system here is that it is predominantly white and wealthy. Everywhere else, it is much more comfortable for students with different ethnic or financial backgrounds. SMU also has growing support fort he LGBT community, especially through the office for Gender Pride Initiatives. I honestly was really worried that I wouldn't fit in at SMU because I had heard the stereotypes before I came. I quickly discovered that those stereotypes were just based on a very visible SUBgroup of the student population. I found so many more people that did not fit that description in my classes and activities. In my experience, different "types" of students interact pretty well together- in the dining hall, etc. I think SMU still needs to become more blended though- most of the time there are pretty clear divisions in large social settings.


SMU is very diverse when it comes to the student life. No one would feel out of place at SMU, there is always a place for everyone, it could be in a sorority or in different clubs around campus. Students wear what they feel comfortable in. I usually wear shorts and a t-shirt but on some days I wear dresses, skirts, because I have to go to work right after class. Yes different types of students interact all the time, the group of your friends will always be diverse. Students come from different states, and some are international students that have the opportunity to study at SMU for four years. Students do not talk about how much they make, unless you talk to your friends about how much you would like to make in the future.


Most students here are incredibly rich and conservative. They use their parents' credit cards to satisfy their designer brand obsessions. They're very money focused, and yet don't really understand that it doesn't grow on tree. Unfortunately, that makes up most of the student body, but there are also a handful of athletes, theater kids, dancers, and nerdy awkward kids. None of these groups interact much, though. I feel like if you come from the upper-middle class suburban home, you might feel out of place. Or perhaps, like me, you'll just be extremely shocked at the beginning with the exorbitant amount of money most people spend here. Most kids here are Christian, but not overtly so. It'll usually say that on their facebooks, but they won't actually go to church on sundays. If you want to get involved with that tho, there are more than four big Christian groups on campus (1 Catholic, 1 Methodist, and 2 Protestant/Nondenominational). The school is located in the south, so it isn't uncommon to run into at least one person while you're here who is a die-hard Christian and will speak their mind about it to anyone. Almost surprisingly, I have met a lot of gay guys here, and most people are really accepting of it. The only people i've met who aren't accepting of the gay population would be the fraternity scene. If you're openly gay, it's pretty much guaranteed you won't get a bid from any house. I have, however, heard there's a huge underground gay circle with guys in the fraternities who aren't open about it, and some even have girlfriends as covers.


Find your social norm and you will be happy.


We have students from all over the world!! We have very intellectual people and people that just want to have a good time!! As for clothing, some people enjoy dressing up while others just wear jeans and a tshirt and call it a day! Students are politically active because there are always students trying to get others to sign petitions to help the school or stop government from harming our future! There are quite a bit of Republicans, but then again, there are a lot of Democrats as well. Most students are from Texas area, but there is a huge sum of students from around the country as well.


There is a good mix of all sorts of ethnicities, races and religions at SMU, although it is predominantly a Christian based private institution. No student would feel out of place because all of our programs and majors are highly respected in Dallas and the country. There is a great mix of liberal arts as well as more traditional degrees in business and science. Although cliches and groups exist everywhere, there is no hostility to interact with different groups of students on campus. Generally everyone is friendly and welcoming to different people and ideas. Most of the students come from Dallas or Texas, but there is a mix of students from all over the country as well as internationally. Since the school does rank on the higher end of tuition prices, most of the students have wealthier financial backgrounds. Many of the students are politically active, if not at least aware of the world and our surroundings. The general population is conservative in leaning, but there is a broad spectrum of political ideas and beliefs.


The students here are good looking, but sometimes they are not friendly enough, as in they dont smile back when I smile at them.


My classmates never give up and almost always succeed in acheiving what they want.


Rich , spoiled children usually.


Many of the kids in my class come from a upper socioeconomic status and are for the most party wealthy and very intelligent.




I have all kinds of classmates. Alot of students i met are procrastinators. They wait until the last minute to do papers,reading assignments,and homework. However,some students take advantage of the syllabus given at the beginning of the semester and stay ahead. I've noticed that the persons who are able to time manage their time and do their work early have better grades and typically are more successful. On the other hand procrastination helps a few people for the better.


Due to the fact that a very limited number of students were chosen from over nine thousand over qualified individuals, I would have to say that my classmates are among the best in the nation because of their uniqueness, determination, intellect, leadership, and the desire to make a difference in the world because it is conspicuous that the SMU class of '13 is a class that will help change the world once you take a further look into this fine group of people.


Eager to learn and push themselves to their limits in order to prepare themselves for their future career opportunities.


Some are very hard working, but some are ignorant and do not care for their future.


My classmates at SMU are centrally driven toward a specific goal for their future and will dedicate themselves to the fulfillment of this goal.


rich and like to show it




ethnically diverse. very talented academically. most are friendly. most are focused on their school work, but many are concerned with their social life.


Too much money, but generally nice people.


Less than fully engaged.


Majority of my classemates are wealthy , conservative and goal oriented srudents. Most o them are family oriented and plan on become successful in their future careers.


Range from hardcore partiers to seriously focused student.


See: stereotypes


What student body? Pretty much kinda divided. the only time you see a body of students united is when the fraternities and sororities do events.


students at smu are pretty chill. the stereotype is white, rich, preppy and thats pretty true to some extent. some people dress up for class, others go in sweats. students are from all over the states but some big areas are california, northeast (i.e. new england), southeast (tennessee, florida, etc) , and texas. i have a wide variety of friends but we all have stuff in common. the cool thing about smu is that i feel like people have huge networks of friends with a core group. everyone is really friendly, nice, and knows how to have a good time!


well to do, greek is huge at this school and if you aren't greek the social scene is no where near as fruitful.


The political climate at SMU has always been seen as very conservative, but lately it's seeming to become more liberal (Obama did win our mock primary election). The school is not very diverse when it comes to race, so many races would feel as if they're living in a white man's world much of the time; although, many minorities do come and feel quite at home. Students at SMU tend to dress differently than at many other schools. Wearing sweats to class is frowned upon by many students, and is only done when absolutely necessary. Getting fully dressed, with matching shoes, and doing hair and make-up for class is often seen as the ideal (even for early morning classes).


Wide range of clothing worn to classes. Some girls are decked out/dressed up while a lot of people attend class in sweatpants/work out clothes. Most SMU students are from Texas and California. Most of the student body is composed of well-to-do, upper class family background. The majority of the student body is very conservative.


Most students dress up for class, there is never anyone going to class just rolled out of bed, it's like a fashion show sometimes. People focus more on how they look than actually preparing for their classes. Most students are wealthy, white, and southern.


Money is a big topic, who has is - who doesn't and so on but not in every circle. In my opinion it is because there are so many wealthy students the school has maintained its status. Financial aid and scholarships are available to more people because of the money coming in as private gifts and donations. There are a wide range of students on campus, alot of international students and minorities. I think it is well mixed but maybe not as much as public schools.


With most college campuses, those who are shy and not willing to go out and meet people would most likely feel out of place at SMU. i am the only one from my high school on campus, so by being involved in sports and greek life, it is easier to meet new friends. also, living in a first-year dorm would be extremely helpful. most students don't really dress up for class but it isn't uncommon to see people wearing sun dresses. lots of people wear t-shirts too. i think the highest concentration of students come from texas and california. there are also students from really small towns and small states.


It is mainly richer white people at our school. But all of the different races can and do form groups and stick together. I think it is a little segregated but not on purpose. Just certain people gravitate toward certain people that are like them. Most of the students come from upper class white families. Conforming is the thing to do if you are a student that does not fit into these catagories.


Small enough to make it a great community. It is mostly white, but the admissions office is working on expanding the racial diversity. Although even though we have several minorities there are so many cliques that you probably won't ever see them. It is a unfortunately a very racially divided campus. Most of the students are white southern girls and boys in their polos and khakis with designer clothing.


SMU's student body is decently diverse but the majority of people you see on campus fall into three categories. there is the students involved in greek life who attend class like everyday is a fashion show or with the greek apparel on. there are the athletes who are also fairly easy to identify. and then there is everyone else on campus who just looks like your average college student. yes the majority of SMU's student body comes from a more affluent background, but there are actually lots of people on scholarship. greek life is a huge deal at SMU, always has been and always will be we are definetly in the south and in texas and it shows.


There are organizations for all different types of people on campus. You can join a religious organization, a greek organization, a leadership organization. There is always something to do. Our student body is very diverse, and the school puts its students as a top priority. We are always creating new groups and student organizations.


Girls wear anything from heals and dresses to sweats and t shirts. It depends what you're comfortable in and often where you're coming from.


Despite what everyone and their mother says, SMU is in fact very diverse. Not one person that I've met has had the same experiences or comes from the same places. Everyone is so unique and yet again, despite the popular misconception, over 3/4 of campus is on financial aid.


The student body is pretty homogenous, at least that is how it seems at first- white, wealthy, christian, conservative, and southern. But if you want a more diverse experience you can find it- in general Moore Hall and Morris McGinnis Hall are more diverse. Also, there is a LGBT group and a muslim group that are pretty visible on campus. If you are not involved in greek life, you will meet different people.


In Ump the food is great!...for the first three weeks and then you are SOL. But when you walk in there is the football/swimmer/basketball table [depending on the season and if we won]; there are the many scattered out tables of girls in full out makeup and work out shorts laughing or talking very loudly while the equal number of guys in either polo’s and seersuckers’ or shirt and red tie are doing the same thing, except drunk [at 10 am]; there are the close friends in the ‘quiet side’ who seem to take up the whole row of tables while shouting to the person at the other end; the geeks and freaks seem to cluster together too; there are also the loners who take up an entire booth to study or go over to the sports section to watch ESPN.


Upper middle class, conservative white kids. Anyone else is there on scholarship or apart of an athletic team.


The students that would feel out of place at SMU are the students who do not take the time to immense themselves in the culture and experiences SMU has to offer.


The type of student who would feel out of place at SMU would be a lower-income student who doesn't drink/party and doesn't want to be in a frat or sorority. I'm from an upper middle-class family, and I still felt very out of place amidst all the Coach, Burberry, iPhones, etc. Most students come from upper class... most are very wealthy. Also, I don't drink and don't like being around people who are drinking, so my social life was pretty limited because I didn't know many people who shared my same beliefs. Most people drink/party often, so if that's not your cup of tea, you'll be spending a lot of Thurs-Sat nights in.


I had so much fun at SMU. I loved being part of the Greek system, but I never felt pressure to join it, nor did I feel discriminated against being in it.


SMU is mostly upper class WASPs. Most of the students here have parents who are very successful and very wealthy. Ralph Lauren and Lacoste Polos, and sun dresses are the norm both to class and outside of class. There are students from all over the country and the world. Most are from Texas and California. Students are predominantly republican and are become more aware, but political reform and demonstrations rarely occur. Money is a big motivator for most students.


Students (girl students) wear from work out clothes and tshirts and nike shorts to dresses and very stylish attire. Boys usually wear from tshirts and sweatpants to jeans or other pants and polos or oxfords. It varies noone is dressed the same. Just as any other college. I thought more SMU students would be from Texas and dont get me wrong there are a good bit from Texas, but there are a good bit from California which i didnt expect. Also i know from personal experience there are a good bit from New Orleans as well, SMU has people from all over, it's pretty cool through talking to people you are bound to know someone that someone else knows!


We are fun!! The majority of the SMU population is definitely a fairly religious caucasian individual, but I honestly think anybody can find their niche.