Southern Methodist University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


-happy, healthy student body -mostly white, but welcoming to all people. the student body as a whole likes to party and have fun, at the same time maintain solid grades -students from all over the country and world -large greek population -handful of spoiled, but not entirely snobby, rich kids


most people have money. a lot of money. if you are really poor, you will more than likely feel out of place.


There are few minorities on campus. The students are mostly white, christians. But no one is unwelcome. There are lots of clubs and organizations for the people who are minorities that want to feel a part of that. I do not find that politics are discussed but people are aware of what is going on and do care about it, but never enough to argue.


The Methodist in our schools name is non-existant. Might as well call us Southern Millionaires University. If you are an introverted slob with no character do not come here. Girls in the winter wear high-heel boots with burberry jackets and scarfs, guys wear northface jackets and kahkis or jeans. In the summer or spring girls where sundresses and sandals or high heels, guys were kahki or plaid shorts with a collar shirt. Yes, for the most part. The tables are frat and sorrority girls, Arabs, athletes, and introverts. Most of our students are from California, Florida, Conneticut, and Texas (In that order). Wealthy backgrounds. Yes, I like to think we are. Center. No, we all just know we will be wealthy like our parents, we are not too worried about our future financial status.


if you're not rich, you may not fit in here. it's generally pretty diverse as far as race and religion goes. the students are generally conservative for the most part but the professors are mostly liberal.


Yes, SMU is something like 70% white, but the people within this group vary DRASTICALLY. From stereotype to anti-stereotype- I think there's a little of everyone. Many of my freshman friends have applied to transfer/are planning to/wish they were. Honestly, I don't get this. Sure, SMU won't fit everyone, but its all about finding that cliche niche. Join organizations to make real friends. Trust me, you won't make many friends from your classes- they're just to big and everyone is waiting to get out for the day. SMU IS CONSERVATIVE!!!!! But liberals do exist, along with moderates. But liberals beware- you will be challenged, or you will want to challenge. (This isn't a bad thing... for liberals).


a lot more mixed than you think. though eventually everyone dresses similarly, they do not have the same personalities. Greeks stick with greeks for the most part (but most students are greek anyway).


I can not speak for majority of the student body, but as far as the African American community, we are a family.


In my experience, while there is some homophobia and racism or pseudo-racism (they'll say the n-word and talk about stereotypes, but don't really mean anything about it) out of the conservatism, most people really don't care. You won't come across any minority-bashing as you walk around campus-that's more of a high school thing and a waste of time. There is a kid that walks around with one of those hemp hoodies with no shoes on; that is atypical of my school. If you didn't wear one collared shirt from Monday-Friday, consider this might not be the place for you. College is pretty accepting, people don't care much about popularity anymore, and there is a group for everybody, but the majority are girls and guys that like to stay classy.


Students are not very excepting, and very judging. If it were not for SMU's prestigous history and wonderful curriculum I would not be going there.


Almost everyone is white, most students claim religious affiliation but few seem to practice it or are involved in religious groups on campus, about 40% rich. Non-whites, people who don't drink, people with no interest in greek life. Guys tend to dress like they're either modeling for ralph lauren's "regatta" series or auditioning for a spot in the latest Dave Matthews video. Most younger girls on campus tend to spend hours getting ready for class and use all their daddy's money on what they'll be sporting in chem lab. sometimes. upper middleclass. most people are backwards thinking christian conservatives with vaguely racist/homophobic tendencies. virtually everyone in the business school will, partly because they've got a blood lust for the dollar and partly because they're pretentious assholes.


Somewhat diverse campus. Nobody would feel out of place. About half dress up and half wear comfortable clothes.


SMU attracts a specific type of students. The student who enjoys their experience at SMU is more than likely extremely wealthy, white, attractive, and involved in the greek system. Atypical students are few and far between at SMU, and they don't associate with or get along with the mainstream group at SMU. People are not radically religious, and there does seem to be religious tolerance on campus. A LGBT student would be exiled or completely alone, as that is unacceptable at SMU. While SMU students come from all over, the majority come from Texas and the south. With the exception of the extremely poor students SMU recruited to fight it's reputation as a snobby school, most SMU students are either upper middle class or extremely wealthy. Students at SMU seem to be somewhat politically apathetic, but most are from conservative families, therefore they claim to be conservative. Students do talk about how much they'll earn one day because they're so materialistic that it is one of their top concerns. Most students at SMU seem to have a distorted view of what most jobs out of college pay.