Southern Methodist University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for two things - the quality academics and the basketball team. The academics are great and the teachers are always willing to help.


Instead of tailgating, we have boulevarding. There are giant white tents put up in front of Dallas hall and the rest of the main boulevard is full of spots that belong to alumni. There's free food and people of all ages (thanks to the families in the alumni spots), and it's just completely unlike anything you'll have ever experienced before. We boulevard before every home football game, and it's like a circus seeing so many people dressed up and wearing school colors walking around campus.


Former First Lady Laura Bush attended our school and the George W. Bush Presidential Library is being built on or campus currently. We also have a ton of professors that have been on the news. Also, our school has recently accomplished much recognition in sports. Students in other schools and universities most often attend our great events that include famous speakers.


Every year, the last Sunday before Finals, student gather around Dallas Hall with candles, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies, wait for SMU to light up Dallas Hall and the surrounding trees. It's beautiful!! They hand out free tshirts and they have students singing holiday songs!! It is a great way to relax right before finals!!


Our school is best known for the education that is recieved here. We are preparing students to be ready for their careers and grad school. We have great programs, especially the business graduate school that is world known.


Our school is best know for its snotty, bratty and spoiled texas blooded students, but when I arrived their I found everything of the contrary. The mixture of the student body cannot be compared to any other and the open and welcoming atmosphere SMU has to offer welcomes all.


Mostly known for the death penalty to the football team. Known as a very wealthy school. Bad past with drugs and alcohol


Even though SMU is good in all areas, such as arts and sciences, however, it is best known for its business school. The SMU Cox School of Business is ranked ninth in the nation. In addition, SMU is also known for having a certain social class of students - white, rich, Christian, and generally republicans. However, this shouldn't be a reason for minorities not to attend because it is a great school with great opportunities, and you can always find a group of friends that you identify with.


SMU is best known for the myriad of opportunities it can provide to students through its connections domestically, or internationally.


business school


Good Business school and law school


Preppy Kids


Business school and Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Degree


I believe SMU is known for their business school, Cox School of Business. We are definitely not known for our football team. SMU has had a great record for their men's soccer team.


The school is best known for its business school and the wealthy people that attend it. It is also well known for partying.


We are known for being academically challenging, having a beautiful campus, rich kids, and the hottest girls


SMU is known for producing successful, intelligent, well-rounded individuals. SMU alumni love to give back to the university. In the news many people may here about the drug and alcohol scene on campus, but this only represents a small minority of the student population. SMU is known for having a beautiful campus with beautiful, friendly people.


SMU is known for Business and law. We have a strong academic as well as a strong social scene, especially our Greek communities.


Parties, greek life.


Southern Methodist University's Homecoming 2007 on the Boulevard to the sounds of "Peruna" played by the Mustang Band.