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SMU is unique in its beautiful campus. I found the campus physically more inviting than other schools I was considering. SMU is also very well funded by alumni as well as a significant base of well-off students. It is located very close to the metropolitan center of Dallas. I found the engineering program to be on the rise as they had recently updated all of the building devoted to engineering.


SMU's communications program had unique professors, especially in the political field, and really helped me develop my skills and my passion. Furthermore, in the communications department, we learned about the rise of social media and how to properly use social media outlets because it is a developing field.


SMU is an amazing school, it has great opportunity and it can help you grow thought our four years. However, each college has its good and bad qualities, each one is different from another. The only way for you to choose is to see if you can actually see your self attending SMU. SMU is a one of a kind, and the past three years have been wonderful.


SMU is a great school, but like with any school, there's some good and some bad. You just have to decided if the good outweighs the bad for you, and if you fit in this somewhat atypical college scene.


SMU is a great school, but like with any school, there's some good and some bad. You just have to decided if the good outweighs the bad for you, and if you fit in this somewhat atypical college scene.


It has an extremely beautiful campus and a police force that makes you feel safe no matter where you are no matter what time it is. It is also well situated with good transportation allowing students to enjoy the city's various venues.


The level of success expected of you once you enter SMU is impeccable, everyone is willing to lend a helping hand and professors actually want to see you become a better student. It is impressive to be surrounded by such intelligent minds, and it doesn't hurt to have a little healthy competition keep you on your toes.


SMU has many traditions that make it somewhat unique - a long history where both academics and athletics play prominent roles. Due to its standing in Texas, it attracts many noteworthy speakers and lecturers and entertainment. It is far more conservative than other schools I had considered, in part for it's Texas location and Methodist orientation.


My school is the only First Division level school in the entire city of Dallas. Since we have such a high ranking, we are looked at as being one of the finest post-secondary instituions in the nation. We have a diverse student population that consists of a mear 10,000 in total, and have colleges nationally ranked for business and the fine arts. Not only that, but my campus is home to the largest Spanish art collection in the world outside of Spain. There are several opportunites available here and all the students are successfully taking advantage of them.


The reputation and prestige that is associated with attending this institution. The student body is very unique. It business, law, and art school is highly ranked and very known. Many individuals and most alumni can easily say that southern methodist university is equivilent to the ivy league universities.


Out of the numerous schools I considered across the United States, SMU ceased to leave my mind; it was everything I wanted in a university. Not only is the campus beautiful, but it's like its own world inside of the unpredictable Dallas atmosphere. After a semester of college life, I can't imagine myself anywhere else in the world because when a school gives you that feeling in your heart, you know you're in the right place. That's what SMU does for me. Once you visit, the choice is made and the other schools will never compare!


I didn't consider other schools, but I would say that SMU offers everything I want in a college/university environment; I can safely say that I am a much more well-rounded person after attending the school.


Southern Methodist University provides a unique bond between professors and students. The small class size produces a better education and stronger relationships with those above you.


SMU is a small school in a large City which gives me the opportunity to enjoy small classrooms, but also have exposure to the rich culture, diversity and opportunties offered by Dallas, TX.


i absolutely love smu. people that go there are obsessed with it and if people don't like it they usually leave after first semester of their freshman year. its not for everyone, but the people that go there love it. i only know 2 people that transferred because they didn't like it.


SMU is a pretty great school and I would give it a 9.5 on scale of 1 to 10.




SMU is not the place to go if you're looking for an incredibly liberal student body that is extremely diverse. SMU's student body is the way it is, most people are confident, know what they want in life and will most likely achieve that so if you're afraid of getting lost in a crowd it may not be the place for you if you aren't planning on being greek, an athlete, or in meadows.


There's a certain type of person that goes to SMU: the person that knows what they want and what they want is everything. Quality education while having the time of your life. :) Pony UP!


SMu was a good school, it was fun, but I feel that it perpetuates an ideal for undergrads which almost no one can reach. It is virtually impossible to party anll the time and maintain high academics while still keeping a perfect appearance. I think this is why a large portion of the student body turns to illegal drugs for support, rather than counselors/peers.


SMU is such a perfect school, come visit- if nothing else you should come see the campus!!


SMU has been rising in national ranking and respect over the last few years. however, as it is becoming a much more rigorously academic institution, the school has been too strict with students on many levels. this is a good school and is tons of fun-now. slowly but surely greek houses are being removed, students are being charged with fines and violations in ludicrous amounts, the SMU pd are everywhere and any form of partying is moving completely away form campus. this is an overall amazing and well-rounded school currently, but everyone can tell that the administration abhors the classic, fun college experience; soon this campus will be void of it all together. but for the time being, us who love and desire the classic college experience that does involve minor rule breaking, will not be stopped.


SMU is great. Really it is. Its a beautiful place I am proud to be a part of.


For a good life and great experience come to SMU.


i dunno, im transferring next year so it obviously didn't work for me and several of my friends feel the same way, but some of my other friends really like it here so it's really up to your own preferences.


SMU could do better in making it's students feel special. It seems as if everything they do is to please the alumni or whomever is giving them money; but then again, money does make the world go around.


It's difficult to tell what the policy on drinking will be in the coming years and police participation. They've done a few stupid things in an attempt to curb alcohol abuse recently, but most recently, a committee recommended a more accommodating campus. The cops can be dicks who care more about getting underage kids in trouble than protecting them, so avoid at all cost while breaking the law, but it really isn't so bad.