Southern Methodist University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The University is at a very interesting point in its life. It is expanding quickly in its reach and climbing in the rankings overall. We are attracting better students every year and- a rising tide lifts all ships-- every aspect of the academic life of the school is improving. Since the school is in a rising process, it is very open for motivated and ambitious students to do what they want to do academically. Independent research, engaged learning and community engagement are HUGE right now and individual students are getting funding and attention for the projects that they want to do in and outside of the classroom. For example, I've gotten the opportunity to travel and research in Washington DC AND in Italy at no cost through opportunities in the honors program. The size of the school is also a huge asset. Classes are generally very small and professors are extremely accessible. I have several professors who have taken a personal interest in me and in my work--I can't even explain how helpful that has been in my learning and preparedness for the next step (for me, law school.) Beyond that, Dallas is an exciting place to be. There is quite literally something for everyone in such a big city, but the university itself is located in a very safe and quiet pocket where everything is within reach. The campus is beautiful, too.


The university was founded in 1911 even though the university says Methodist it has many different religion affiliations. SMU offers individual schools and majors that are praised nationwide. Students are able to test several interests before choosing a particular major. While there are many other things to brag about, like the study abroad programs, the social scene is a key aspect of SMU. SMU is in the center of Highland Park where we can find all the shopping and restaurants nearby the dorms. Among the community, students always have opportunities for internships and jobs by networking with friends and connections with alumni. SMU students don’t have a difficult time for finding a job after graduation because of their internships throughout the years and connections with major corporations give them the option and opportunity to secure a job when they graduate. The classes are small and easy to get along with the teachers and students. The majority of the classes range from 10 to 40 people in a class. This is perfect because the professor gets to know you pretty well which will be great for letters of recommendations. Having small classes is a plus because you will always have one on one interaction with your professor and classmates making it easier to ask questions and pay attention. An enthusiastic school spirit in terms of athletics is shown in all the tailgating before the games and the cheers though out the game show how much we love and appreciate our team. SMU pride in the sense of academic excellence and social atmosphere is highly evident. Students get irritated with parking and other little issues, but in the long run, most of them are satisfied with their level of education and their experience. The majority of students will tell you it has been the best four years of their lives and that they are glad to have stumbled upon such a rare treasure.


My favorite thing about this school is the closeness of the student body. It's a medium-sized school, but there's a feeling of being part of a small community. The campus itself is absolutely beautiful, and there's almost always great weather to match. Walking from class to class, you'll usually see people lounging in the grass in front of the mighty Dallas Hall, reading, throwing frisbees, or just hanging out with other students. Our mascot, Peruna, is very unique. She's a Shetland pony and is adored by the students. Whenever our team scores a touchdown, she gallops across the field as people cheer! At SMU, we are the "Mustangs" and in addition to Peruna we have a few live mustangs as well. The most anticipated part of football season, however, is the "boulevarding" that takes place beforehand. Some schools tailgate, but we boulevard! It's an all day celebration, and tents with live music, food, games, and more line the entire length of our. Main boulevard drive, where students, alumni, and people from the community come together to celebrate until the game starts. There's nothing in the world like a new student's first boulevard!!! Beyond the school, you'd be surprised at how much there is to do in Dallas! It's great to get to go to classes in a safe, suburban neighborhood but be able to look out one of the library windows and see the heart of the great city of Dallas just a couple of miles away! The main complaint students have is usually about on-campus parking. Finding a decent spot next to your class is tricky, but not impossible. Most students end up living near campus after their first year sent in the dorm, and either walking to class from home or riding a bike. Honestly, this is greener than driving anyway. I will mention that construction has already begun on campus to build a new parking garage (and a new library, and two brand new dormitories!!).


Outside of Texas, no one really knows what SMU stands for or where the school even is located. It's a great size school though, and the general education courses have a great variety of options-- and i've truly loved the classes i've gotten to take so far. There's lots of places to check out nearby so you're not stuck in a bubble like i've heard happens at some schools. Parties are never really on campus either, so if you enjoy the whole social scene you'll really get to explore Dallas. One weird thing is though, that no one really lives on campus after their freshman year. Sophomore year and senior year, most girls live in apartments with their friends and junior year they live in their respective sorority houses. Meanwhile, guys usually live in their fraternity houses sophomore year and off campus after that. I've heard at other school most people live on campus until they're at least upperclassmen, but here it's different-- and with that you'll get more independence, and less interaction with people you wouldn't normally talk to. One thing that is definitely the biggest complaint and the biggest thing I will always remember about this school is its lack of diversity, and I don't mean just racially. The majority of the student population is extremely wealthy-- and I don't mean wealthy like living in the suburbs and having your own car. I have never seen so many BMWs and louis vuitton purses in my life. The majority of the campus is Greek, but it's a cut-throught process, and a lot of guys, but mostly girls don't get accepted into it.


Outside of Texas, no one really knows what SMU stands for or where the school even is located. It's a great size school though, and the general education courses have a great variety of options-- and i've truly loved the classes i've gotten to take so far. There's lots of places to check out nearby so you're not stuck in a bubble like i've heard happens at some schools. Parties are never really on campus either, so if you enjoy the whole social scene you'll really get to explore Dallas. One weird thing is though, that no one really lives on campus after their freshman year. Sophomore year and senior year, most girls live in apartments with their friends and junior year they live in their respective sorority houses. Meanwhile, guys usually live in their fraternity houses sophomore year and off campus after that. I've heard at other school most people live on campus until they're at least upperclassmen, but here it's different-- and with that you'll get more independence, and less interaction with people you wouldn't normally talk to. One thing that is definitely the biggest complaint and the biggest thing I will always remember about this school is its lack of diversity, and I don't mean just racially. The majority of the student population is extremely wealthy-- and I don't mean wealthy like living in the suburbs and having your own car. I have never seen so many BMWs and louis vuitton purses in my life. The majority of the campus is Greek, but it's a cut-throught process, and a lot of guys, but mostly girls don't get accepted into it.


The university size is just right and a short commute from one side to the other. Also, it is close to downtown Dallas and is located in a very prestigious area in Dallas, with lots of shopping and activities.


This school is AWESOME!! I love meeting new people everyday because we have students from all over the world. I remember one day an international student came up to me asked me the difference between the coins (American Currency) because he needed to pay for something and didn't know if he had enough money. This was kind of a shock for me because I have never been at school with someone that didn't know the difference between a dime and a penny! After explaining to him, he was so grateful and I felt great for helping him out! This school is very welcoming to people around the world with different faiths, different majors,and so on. The class sizes are great because professors know you by your name rather than just a number. Also, the location of SMU is perfect because it is in the heart of Dallas, TX. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping malls, and other activities to do around campus!


SMU has a great mix of diversity among highly intelligent and unique professors and students. The school is small enough to stay personalized, but large enough to constantly meet new people so I would not change anything about it. Most people react with an impressed expression when they find out I'm attending because it is a prestigious and highly competitive school. Dallas is not really a college town, but SMU feels like its own little town in itself. The school stays low on controversy, with the most recent being a football funding scandal decades ago. Regardless, our school has lots of spirit and we constantly have events and activities promoting school pride and support for our teams. Once you tailgate on the boulevard you will never forget the experience. The bonds you create with classmates and faculty is truly special.


There is a lot of school pride at this school! When there is a home game, we are "bleed out" red and blue!


I love SMU, I love the school spirit and the way people socialize in campus and outside of school. SMU is well known in Dallas, and all around the nation, student feel proud of their MUSTANG PRIDE. Staff is always helpful and the many organizations and activities on campus make it easy to find friends and relate to others. I was part of senate for two years and the main complaint was student's parking. However this issue is disappearing since SMU is building two more parking garages.


for me, smu is honestly amazing. its the best decision i've made and i wouldn't even dream of being at a different college. dallas is the perfect location because its kind of a college town but still a big city feel. there's great shopping, fun bars, and delicious places to eat. smu is just the right size of people... there are enough people where you could still meet someone new every week but everyone has a huge nextwork of friends with their own tight-knit group. the smallest class size i've had was 3 people and the biggest was about 100. there's a ton of school pride even though we're not very good at sports. everyone wears smu gear, pony up-s, goes to the games, and everything. sororities and fraternities are big but don't dominate campus. they're really good to be in but even if you aren't involved in greek life you still have a lot of friends that are and it doesn't seem like a big deal if you are not.


admin is tough to get answers from, parking is a pain, and parking tickets are written like they are flyers people put on your windshield. dallas is fun, plenty to do


SMU is located very close to Dallas, but far enough away that you don't have to deal with much of the hassles of living in a big city. Many people from the area react to saying you go to SMU by assuming that you're rich, but if you aren't from the area, they usually have no idea about the school. Our biggest controversy involves the Bush Library, which will soon be on our campus.


Sometimes it seems too small, but it is always nice to know/see familiar faces on your way to class Some people ask what SMU stands for when I tell them where I go, but most people know what it is and make comments such as, "oh, really good business school" or "go mustangs" Dallas is a big city with TONS of things to do and fun places to go out to eat or just out at night. It is by no means a college town, however it is all in a close vacinity so it feels more like a large town than a HUGE city most of the time. I think there is a lot of school prode considering how bad our football team is. Most of the time school spirit in the south is garnered around a winning football team which we do not have, but yet we still manage to have a good turnout at tailgates! And a lot of the mustang pride and red white and blue. Most frequent student complaints: No good/available parking spaces Police spend too much time writing alcohol violations and handing out parking tickets when more serious crimes are taking place on and around campus


I wish there was a more relaxing homework/hang out area like Java city where everyone can meet and work on things if they don't want to go to the libraries. There should be more security to get into buildings as well. I wish sports were more supported on campus. I am very frustrated with the parking system on campus. We should not have to stress about how long it takes to park, if we're going to get a ticket for something we didn't do, or how to try to appeal something when it won't even get considered. There needs to be a way for students to represent themselves, instead of using email to give your opinion. There should also NOT be more parking passes PAID for when there are not enough spots to accommdate almost all of the cars.


SMU is the perfect sized school. Large enough to get a feel for a university but small enough for professors to know names and faces. The campus is beautiful with alot of extras and resources for students. It is located in an extremely wealthy area of Dallas and I would consider it to be a very safe place to be but it is like living in a bubble sometimes. My classes are difficult but the staff is very supportive and I know and have confidence that my degree will be well looked upon in the real world and worth something when I graduate. I look at SMU has a second home but no home is perfect. It is important to get involved in clubs and activities to meet people if your not in the Greek life. The football team is a joke but everyone takes alot of pride in our athletics and the school in general. I think discipline is the only thing that makes SMU look like a joke. If you have the right family name or know the right people you can get away with almost anything because the administration won't do anything. Other than that SMU is by far one of the best schools in the nation in my opinion.


I love the size of the campus-not too small and not too big. there is so much to do in Dallas, there's never a dull moment around campus. the campus is so pretty and it's a perfect home away from home. i know that on any given day, i can see plenty of people that i know as well as people that i don't know yet. this past year, there were some problems with a few fraternities and there was a possibility of an on campus bar. there is plenty of school pride, but with the recent hiring of June Jones as head football coach, i think that school spirit will become a lot more prevalent. there are a lot of complaints about parking, but the new parking garage just opened, so i think that will help out a lot.


I think that there are many students at this school who are down to earth and real. Unfortunately there are so many students who are snobby and fake that the real people have to pretend to be fake. I think that if more students stood up for themselves and didn't conform to peer pressure than our school would be much more welcoming and open. The school spirit is a little low because we do not have a good football team. We have a incredible soccer team that is always 1 or 2 in the nation but no one even goes to the games. There is always a ton of controversy on our campus from the Bush library which is coming to our campus or the recent deaths from drugs and alchohol. One reason people make such a big deal about things is because there parents have money, are white and can afford to sue the school and everyone else. I will always remember the beautiful campus, the cool teachers (the small class size is pretty amazing) and my friends.


SMU has great resources, its a beautiful campus and its small enough that you will know a large part of the student body (if you choose to get involved). You run into the teachers you had two years ago, and they still remember you! College is what you want it to be, and SMU is a great place to make it a small and freindly community!


I think the size of our school is great because you can actually see people you know on campus, but at the same time there are 10,000 people on campus you can always meet someone new. SMU is right in highland park but it gives you complete access to downtown Dallas without having to actually be downtown. there's pretty much anything you could possibly need right around campus. our biggest controversy recently was the drug task force that took place after 3 of our students died last year. there are drugs and alcohol on our campus just like everywhere else, but i honestly don't believe its more than anywhere else, our school just wants to actually do something about it but most people think nothing will really be accomplished by that. people are proud to go to SMU, it's a great school.


SMU is the perfect size; small enough to know plently of people but big enough to offer everything you could want in a university. Dallas is definitely not a college town but on the flip side, there is always something new to do or a restaurant to be discovered. I wish there was more school pride, our football games are never packed but hopefully June Jones can turn that around!


SMU us the perfect size. You get to know a lot of people, and there is always something to do. The class sizes are great as well. It is very easy to make a name for yourself in your classes, and you do not feel like just a number in a room. Dallas is a great city, and it is so much fun! I have been so happy with SMU and all it has to offer. It really is a one of a kind school. If I had to name one negative, it would be the sporting events, and they really are not that bad. We get to boulevard for football games which is a blast, and then we get to go watch the game. Granted, we are not amazing, but it is still very enjoyable.


SMU has been a great fit for me. It's a great size because it's just big enough that you're always meeting new people, but small enough that you are able to develop many different relationships with many different people. One of the things I've liked most is the availability of my professors and getting to know them. Dallas is a great city to be in and we are far enough away from downtown that the schools has a community feel and the big city is near by when you want to change things up. SMU also has a lot of school pride and sprit and the athletics are always improving. I think one of the biggest things lacking at SMU is diverse student interaction and diversity in general. However, as diversity is very improtant for schools throughout the nation to have I think SMU will be able to adjust accordingly. The school has strong student leadership and wonderful teachers that help make most things possible.


SMU is very chill. Half the time I don't even feel like I'm walking to class. I'm never in that much of a hurry to get anywhere. Though the stereotypes may be somewhat true, the campus is very diverse. When I tell people I go to SMU they're like "Oh...," thinking that just because I attend a rumored snobbish school, that I must also be snobby. When I'm on campus, I spend most of the time in my dorm.


SMU is the perfect size, it's big enough that you don't know everyone in your own grade, but small enough that you can see people you know walking to class. It's in Dallas, which is a thriving community. Not to mention that SMU sits in highland park, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Dallas. SMU also has great night life, and social networking. The one thing missing from SMU is school pride, which I think is going to change soon once the football program takes off.


I absolutely LOVE SMU. It is perfect for me. The classes are small. The profs are so helpful. The social life is amazing. Parking and the advisors aren't the best, but those are the only complaints. SMU is just an awesome school where the students know that they are paying for a great education, facilities, and an alumni network to die for.


Pluses: The size is just right, the food is great, the campus is beautiful, and there are plenty of things to do if you get involved. Minuses: Very little school pride and too much emphasis on sororities/fraternities.


SMU is a large enough to be scared about just being one of many, but still small enough to have the professor know both your name and your history. If you want to you can be lost in the crowd, but it is not too hard to have everyone at least recognize you.


SMU is the perfect size. While walking across the beautiful campus you will see faces you recognize along with plenty of new faces. SMU is located within the bubble of Highland Park. The large city aspects are close by but the surrounding neighborhood reflects the upper class that occupies the area. Themed parties are the best and the busing to and from bars cuts down on a lot of drunk driving. We have immense school pride and are overwhelmed upon receiving a degree from such an outstanding university.


SMU is a great school that has uncrowded classrooms, allowing students to be pampered by their professors and receiving step-by-step instructions on how to execute a problem or prompt. The time these teachers and administrators put into their work truly shows through grades, recommedations, the students wanting to learn, and the success of students after the years of hard work at SMU.


The best thing about SMU is all the organizations you can get involved in. You can meet a lot of great people who share your values and interests by getting involved in extracurricular activities on campus. There are a lot of great professors at SMU who challenge students and take the time to really get to know each student individually. If you go to their office hours, ask questions, and show a genuine interest in the course, they will be able to help you so much by encouraging you to explore and grow. One of the most frequent student complaints is parking, or lack thereof. There is never enough parking close to residence halls because half of the parking spots are reserved for faculty. Park and Pony, who gives tickets for parking violations, LOVES giving tickets, and half the time they aren't even justified. You have to be very careful where you park, and even then, you are bound to get a ticket sometime in your 4 years at SMU.


I believe the best part about SMU is the students and professors. Most all of the professors are extremely educated and go out of their way to help students better there education and succeed. Although, it is a very challenging school...All the professors treat everyone as adults and expect a lot of the students, which I believe in the end make us better students. They push us sometimes to almost impossible limits, however it is because they know what is in store for us and which will separate us from more "mediocre" students. As for school pride, it's awesome! Like I said, all the students are fun, friendly, and extremely nice. As well, I feel like Im in an environment with people who have the same goals and values as I do. It's nice to be around people with the same interests as you. I believe the majority of complaints is basically the challenging courses and teachers...Like I said, they are so very nice, but they are preparing us for the competitive challenging world ahead, which in the end I'm grateful for.


It's an absolutely beautiful campus. You can find people that will fit with your 'economic standing' - It's just a matter of looking through the greek life to find the people you want to surround yourself with if you don't have a ton of spare cash


When I tell people I went to SMU, their jaws drop. I am California, I am New York, I am not Texas to them. What I try to explain to people is that SMU is a little world of its own, and that the diversity (while not socio-economic) is pretty good.


Best thing about SMU is social atmosphere because its really easy to make friends. Its a very good size as you can go to pretty much any party and see one or two people that you know, but still meet new people constantly and everyone is really friendly. Generally, you get a good reaction when people hear that you go to SMU, almost as if you joined an elite club. Another great thing about SMU is that it is right in the middle of dallas, so there is a huge nightlife and always a party (fraternities usually rent out the bars for SMU students only) as well as great shopping and lots to do. There is tons of school pride, although our sports teams are not great except the soccer team. The most frequent complaints are that SMU adds on lots of little charges and it seems that theyre money motivated.


The best thing about SMU for me has been the friends i have made, the girls here are so amazing and i am so happy i chose to come here. If there was one thing id change, it would be walking the boulevard in the pouring rain, bishop blvd (main street in campus) floods easily and walking to class can be challenging, but it is actually really fun once you get your feet wet! My school is small enough to where i know a good bit of the freshman class and other grades, but large enough to where i dont really know every person and im constantly meeting new people. Walking down the boulevard to class though, everyone usually know the majority of the people. When i tell people i go to SMU they usually go "Oh! Southern Miss?" and I response with no no no no no! Then once i clarify what SMU is they respond with "oooh that's a good school". I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm (mcelvaney) which is really social, or outside meeting friends for lunch or to hang out, or at white rock lake. SMU has SO much school pride, we love shooting up the pony up (even if were kinda making fun of it) but its still fun to all have something in common. Eventhough our football team has not been stellar in the past hopefully COACH JONES will help us out next year! One experience i will always remember will be the pig run, where you run to the sorority house you have prefed and hopefully they have given you a bid. It was so much fun and I love thinking about it!


SMU was the perfect choice for me! I may not fit in with the stereotype, but I have definitely found my niche. I love boulevarding before football games, working in the science lab, and participating in my sorority. The party scene is available when desired, but I think most students find a good balance between work and fun.


SMU is a school in a suburban setting. It's not so much a "college town" because Dallas is the area where you go to school. It has the best location and it's in the prettiest neighborhood. The students come from all over the country, not just Texas. One thing I would change about SMU is the level of diversity. SMU is not as diverse as other schools are and I feel that its lack of diversity has a negative impact on the campus.


SMU Pros-quality education and overall experience. friendly and helpful administration. - beautiful campus - heart of an interesting, entertaining city - a lot to do on and off campus - fun loving, yet focused student body - quality, yet sometimes expensive student services SMU Cons- far too many unnecessary fines/charges given to students (to the point of nickel and dime-ing) -biased writers/administration propaganda in campus newspaper -negative attitude towards greeks (from non-affiliated) -terrible, awful, hard to watch athletics (excluding men's soccer, but who honestly cares) -dorms and most RAs are way too strict and uphold completely ridiculous rules that often prohibit even the most harmless,legal forms of fun -SMU PD ARE EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. no chance getting away from them (and i mean THEM- the slightest thing and a minimum of 2 cars are there immediately with lights ablaze) if you've even had one beer or are driving around blasting music. -basically the rule makers and enforcers hate fun, but they dont stop us.


smu is a party school, if you want to go out any night of the week, there is probably a frat having a party. even if there isnt, every day there is a bar that most people go to, so there is always something to do. it is slightly true though that if you aren't greek, you kind of dont exist. regardless of what house you are in, the social calendar of smu is revolved around greeks. maybe i just feel this way because i am greek though. dallas is awesome! there is TONS to do all the time. football isnt that big of a deal, but the tailgating before football is! that is where the party is at. most people go to tailgating and then never actually go to the game.


I love the size of SMU. It is just big enough that you can always meet new people, but small and intimate enough that the courses don't feel overwhelming and there is always someone that you know in most of your classes. SMU is located in Dallas, so it has a big city feel, and everything is fast paced, but once you enter the campus you will forget that you are in the middle of busy Dallas and just focus on the beauty of the buildings, landscape, and fountains of the campus.


SMU is a great size. I would never walk to class with out knowing atleast one or two people, yet I could meet a new person everyday if i wanted. There is just the right mix of girls and boys!


Best thing about SMU is the friends that you will meet and the greek life. If I were to change something it would be the food in our cafeteria. Most girls love us just because they love our lifestyle on and off of SMU's campus. I spend the most time ON campus in friends dorm rooms. This college is set in a professional, metropolitan city not a college town. Most of the administration are good they will take time out to talk to you but the professors from what i have experienced are not as intrigueing as i would like them to be. The biggest controversy has been how well our football team will do this next year with our new head coach June Jones. Yes, there is a ton of school pride but not particularly towards out athletics. Yes the unusual thing is that we drive nicer cars then our professors. Casino Night, best college party in the nation hands down. The damn dorm inspections and fines.


it's a beautiful campus. but the party atmosphere definitely detracts from academics. the greek systems holds a lot of power on campus. big controversies lately has been the task force findings on how to help prevent or discourage alcohol and drug abuse. the paper published the fact that we have some of the lowest paid professors around (where the hell does my $40,000/year tuition go to?!!!). and apparently a lot of students leave SMU b/c the academics are too easy. and lets face it, that's slightly true. there are hard classes that spark your interest out there, but you have to hunt for them. the food is not bad but you can't eat in the cafeteria on weekends. they go to the bottom of the barrel as far as food goes on weekends. the dedman rec center is a good place to go hang out. other than that, there's not much on campus so you have to go off campus for your fun.


SMU has a small, closed campus, and, despite the fact that it is minutes from downtown, it feels very safe. SMU is known for its business school and the stereotypes within it, but great people are everywhere. The squirrels are very friendly here. Parking sucks- but that's every college.


SMU is just the right size and campus is BEAUTIFUL!! People expect you to smart and rich when they hear you go here. Assumptions can work in your favor.. or not. Its not a typical college in the fact that "going on" consists of different bars on Greenville. There are house parties, but they always end up at a bar. Its not necessarily a bad thing...except for TABC... Not too much school pride, but I blame the football team. Maybe June Jones can turn that around. These 'bad' things are nothing compared to the good. Trust me- you'll LOVE it


If you are looking for a diverse school then SMU is not the school for you. As a minority, you are basically a second class student, or lower depending on your race. If you are a strong, intellectual minority looking for a school to make an impact on as a minority, then SMU is the place for you.


AN HONEST MALE ANALYSIS -READ THIS- SMU is badass. The other schools I applied to were all in the top 30, and I'm pretty glad I didn't get into them. Just about everything about this school is amazing, but we do fall short in some aspects. The campus is gorgeous, and so are a significant majority of the women. Sometimes its difficult to find the right balance between looks and personality while keeping common sense, but they're definitely around. It's a small school though, so if you're hoping to sleep around with all of them, it won't work for various reasons. The football is in recovery; I had huge hope last season and it sucked. Most people tailgate and then go back to watch their home teams... games can get pretty empty, but we're still hoping to turn that around (think 2011ish). Dallas is really cool, parts of it are trendy. If you don't like to put on the occasional suit when you go do something nice/collared shirts even around campus sometimes the atmosphere may not be right for you. It's not a super liberal college. Social life is sick though. Greek life is huge around here, those not involved may or may not do too much socially. Greek life guarantees you not only a large loyal following, but a lot of members of the opposite sex wondering what your doing each night too: it's fun. Remember that SMU contains a lot of going out, if you fall into that category, it'll be great fun for you, and if you don't, congratulations b/c you have the advantage over your hung-over peers that got drunk rather than an early start on their paper. Administration can be a bunch of assholes sometimes and it can even seem like they're anti-student but if you're lucky you don't get incredibly involved with them. I feel like the top dogs aren't too bad, but everybody under them is.


I love that the campus is relatively small. Another great thing is the the bulidings look very old and they have shape to them rather than at some campuses all the buildings are square and look the same. When I tell people that I attend SMU, they automatically think I am smart then they always ask how much it costs to go there. I am neutral towards the administration. I have had good and bad experiences with professors.


The quality of its educators. The backwards thinking mindset of most of the students on campus. SMU is sized perfectly, classes are generally 12-30 people. Half reference the stereotypes associated with the school, the other half recognize how good of an education it is. In class or at work, most people don't hangout on campus unless they live there. Dallas is a great city to live in and its only getting better as the city continues to get larger and pump more funds into worthwhile projects such as the improved arts district and museums. There are plenty of places to go out only a few miles from campus and the area has some of the best food in Dallas. The administration means well and occasionally even helps students out, but it doesn't seem all that often. Most of the time they feel there are more important things to attend to like harping on our few diverse students or pumping more wasted money into the south's worst football team. There is very little school pride. It's a bubble. lack of student life on campus, too prevalent a greek system, too conservative.