Southern Methodist University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Best thing about SMU: It's very personal. I would change the vacation system. Just the right size. People are impressed when I say SMU but are also confused because I'm not super-wealthy. Meadows School of the Arts. Dallas, TX. Administration is fabulous. Bush library. Yes a lot of school pride, but attendance at school sporting events is not high. SMU takes pride in the arts. Most frequent complaints: parking.


The best thing about SMU is the picturesque campus and caliber of the faculty. If I could change one thing about SMU it would be eliminating the greek system. In terms of size, SMU is ideal. It's large enough to offer an array of programs and opportunities, but small enough for each student to get the attention they deserve without feeling overwhelmed by lines and red tape. Typically, people seem impressed when I tell them I attend SMU. Some of them immediately ask if I like it because of SMU's stereotype as a finishing school for the southern elite. I spent most of my time on campus in the buildings where my classes were being held, then I left. Dallas is a great college town as far as things to do are concerned. It has everything a major city can offer, and it's all within a close proximity to campus. The negative side of this is that people are less inclined to stick around campus during their free time to meet people and foster a sense of community. SMU's administration is generally pretty helpful, but they might be a bit too controlling. The biggest controversy on campus that I recall seemed to surround the deaths of several students due to lethal drug overdoses. People are proud of the fact that they go to SMU because of it's reputation as a wealthy school, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of pride surrounding the school's athletic teams.