Southern Methodist University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I honestly cannot think of a person who should not attend SMU if they are accepted and have sufficient support financially. My only warning would be that of the financial burden the school brings.


Those with financial aid, school likes to bleed students of cash


Someone who plans on doing nothing but partying and screwing around, because then you'll be wasting a lot of money.


A person who plans to live on campus all four years should not attend this school. As of now, mostly freshman live on campus and starting in 2014-2015 it will be mandadtory for freshman and sophomores to be on campus. Also, as far as the socail scene goes there are a lot of people who drink so if you're not into that, there are other places that may be a better fit. Don't get me wrong, there are people who don't drink, but not a lot.


If you don't like big-city life


People that do not want to be challenged academically should not attend SMU. Professors expect the best from you and there is no easy A. You have to work hard round the clock to keep your GPA up. Also, those that are against school spririt and student involment should not attend, people are proud of SMU and it shows!


Someone who wants to be challenged and succeed in life.


Are you a person who is uncomfortable watching countless numbers of dollars go into an education, you should not attend SMU. As soon as you see your school bill, you will either a: lose your lunch, b: lose your religion, c: both, or d: learn how to cope and be thankful that you have financial aid and a transfer scholarship. It is for this reason that if you are not one to stand idly by and watch zeros pile up in the name of something that you are doing, beware.


The general student population at SMU behaves as the average college-age student. There is a diverse mix of students; ranging from the academically dedicated to the academically reclined, from the athletically successful to the hand-eye coordination impaired, from the actively involved philanthropists and student leaders to the solitary students, from the active party goers to the library junkies. The one student that doesn't seem to fit at SMU is me. For someone interested in culturally and artistically diverse community with the freedom of a more bohemian atmosphere, SMU was not the right fit.


Someone who finds happiness is evolving outside the norm and does not work well in a group environment. Everyone at SMU works together for both personal goals and community well-being, so it require a lot of interaction and group effort.


people that are not outgoing should not attend. Also, poor people may not fit in well.


someone who doesnt like hot weather


someone who really don't know how to control their times


Doesn't like greek life


Goth, Trendy


Insecure people.


Very liberal outward people. People focused on humanities where the subjects are not very strong.


wealthy, conservative


If a person is looking for a big diverse school then SMU is not the school for them. SMU is conserative and many of the students are not open minded to other students of different back grounds.


Some one that does not have an open mind.


Extreme liberal democrats.


Southern Methodist University is not a school for the meek hearted. You have to have thick skin, a bright mind, and a good head on your shoulders in order to maintain sanity in this fast paced, career-driven, "work hard play hard" atmostphere. Although I find the university intellectually stimulating, I do not find the curriculum overbearing. Not for the intellectual elitist or hardcore sportsfan, Southern Methodist University meshes a unique social, uptown ambiance with a tradtional, liberal arts vibe. Most graduates are pursuing careers in business, law, or engineering.