Southern Methodist University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that they are resourceful. No matter what a student's problem is the University staff will go to any length to help them solve it. Whether it is a financial problem or an academic one, the University will always be there to help them. They really have a caring spirit.


The libraries are the best thing about Southern Methodist University because they have highly academic librarians who provide personal research consultations to better your overall academic experience. The library is the center of all the resources available to you and provides excellent studying space for the academically focused. There is also a lot of help with locating the right resources for research papers and extra reading material in case you have some time to enjoy. The library is also the home of thousands of students, making it easier to make friends


The campus is gourgeous.


We have something called "Giddy Up" that is service of golf carts that will drive you anywhere on campus from 8 pm- 3am (i think). You just call them and request a pick-up, or sometimes they'll ask you as you pass by them walking. It saves a lot of walking when you're wearing heels to go to a party or when you just don't feel like walking all the way across to the library when you have to cram for a test.


The best thing about my school is the environment. Everyone is ready to support you and help you succeed. SMU is my second home if I ever need help my peers, falculty, and adminstration are ready to help me with open arms and warm hearts.


I consider the best thing about my school to be the closeness to the proffessors that SMU offers. It is an valuable experience to be able to learn educationally from a proffessor but to be able to build a relationship with one is an experience everyone should be apart of but unfortuantly many are not able to. So that is why i choose SMU for the one on one experience with wise and knowledgeable proffessors.


Exceptional campus, Choice of classes and majors, weather not too bad.


My school is best at honoring alumni who generously give back to their alma mater and the city of Dallas. We hold special ceremonies and receptions to honor those lasting impacts made on our campus and students attend these events, listening in awe at the accomplishments key individuals had made since the schools's inception in 1911. When prospective students and their parents come visit SMU, they leave with the that their son or daughter could add more to what has already been established by key individuals who chose to make a difference and improve things for future SMU Mustangs.


The best aspect of Southern Methodist University is the abundance of opportunities available to its students. The faculty and small class sizes provide a more intimate and productive environment and assist those who feel lost or invaluble in large lecture halls. Each of the professors that I've had the pleasure of working with want nothing more for each of their students to succeed and give their full effort into assisting them in reaching their goals.


It's a school where academic success is stressed in order to make it in the real world