Southern Nazarene University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Partiers, drug users or people who defy rules won't like this school. This is a wonderful school.


We here at Southern Nazarene University do not believe anyone should be discouraged from attending. We want to show all types of people the values of our way of life. We also do not discourage open discussion of other views by people that are not exactly Nazarenes. Everyone is welcome here and is given a chance to grow as individuals.


Any person who is not open to trying new things should not attend SNU. Ideas and beliefs are questioned, and students must be able to deal with these questions. While SNU does probe into the students' thoughts and opinions, it still fosters a Christian environment. Anyone who would be very uncomfortable in this environment would not enjoy their experience at SNU.


Someone who isn't serious about working hard or interested in getting involved in a true community of people. There's a sense of family that's formed on campus, and if you aren't wanting to get involved within a body of good and moral people, it's going to be tough to feel like you've found a home.


Someone who struggles to discipline themselves in highschool level coursework. Someone who would rather memorize facts than think about issues. Also, an equal or greater emphasis must be placed on coursework in comparison to one's social life to get the most out of this school.


This school is a good place for people that have a Christian background and would like individual attention in the classroom. There are oppertunities for help with money but the future students have to be proactive about it.


Journalism majors


liberal views closed-minded conservatives people uncomfortable with talk of religion, and of the nazarene denomination