Southern New Hampshire University Top Questions

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The flexibilty of schedule is one of the best things about SNHU. Their use of technology and distance learning are excellent!


My school is not very large, it is just like being in high school all over again--you know who you're spending your time with.


This school has excellenct acadenmic advisors. They don't give up on you. About once to twice a week I hear from them with them checking up on me seeing how I have adjusted. Southern New Hampshire should be proud to have such outstanding advisors.


SNHU offers something most online schools do not: a degree from an already established university. SNHU is a private, non-profit, and regionally accredited University. It's tough. It's real. It's worth it.


It has excellent cost, a good graduation rate, and the counciler went out of her way to contact me as soon as I was enrolled. Just haveing someone to call on really helps smooth the path.


The student body is very diverse, which is something you don't normally come across in New Hampshire. There is a wide range of majors and a lot of variety in available courses.


My school is non-profit, and are very attentive and knowledgable. I have learned so much since I started and I am excited to proceed towards my undergraduate. the other two online schools I considered were not as professional as they could have been. Even after I chose my school of choice , I still get constant phone calls from these schools trying to change my mind about SNHU and transfer there.


SNHU offers both my undergraduate and graduate programs in Classical History and Philology as online degrees. Finding online colleges that offer more than basic history degrees is nearly impossible. I have been attending online classes for several years and have tried several different majors. I have attended the University of Phoenix, Ashford University, and American Public University System as well. Due to permanent disabilities, I cannot attend a physical campus. Online attendance allows me to proceed at my own pace, although that can be a flaw as sometimes I procrastinate sometimes.


The online degree program at SNHU is excellent. They're a real brick and mortar school, and they have a very large selection of degrees that can be obtained solely through online classes. Once you graduate, your degree reads from the college, it doesn't say anything about whether you physically attended the school or took the classes online.


i woud say this school is the type of school where you if you look for it you will find yourself and this school has a little bit of everything.


The most unique thing I have found about my school was that it allows me to take my Creative Writing courses during my first four years rather than have to earn a BA degree before going for Creative Writing. Upon firstwalking onto campus I realized that it really is it's own community and although the school is almost by itself, I felt at home there.


It's small for a university, but not small enough that you know everybody. It's small in the sense that proffessors remember you and it's easy to make friends.


First it is an online/campus school. I am in the online portion only. Online classes are really fantastic compared to classroom classes. The pressure is off, but you are still learning and working everyday. Also, it is great to be able to finish school faster if you want to.


SNHU is a small school. They keep the classes small on purpose, so that we can all get help if we need it. That's my favorite thing about my school; I like that it's on the small side. I went to a private high school, and there were forty five students in my class when we graduated, so I'm used to small schools. While SNHU is a little bigger (there were one thousand incoming freshmen) it's smaller than a lot of colleges, and that's what I like about it.


SNHU caters to the local naval airstation at a reduced cost that is passed on to nonmilitary locals as well.


I am a online student and have never actually stepped foot in New Hampshire much less on campus, so I can only comment on my registration process. The catalog is self explainitory and easy to use.


Southern New Hampshire University is a great Business School. It is a nationally accredited school for its Business Program. SNHU has a community in which helps students in the Accelerated Business Program network with companies in the area. SNHU also has the most diverse student body of any school in New Hampshire. Because I have interest in other cultures, this aspect is wonderful. It is great to learn about other cultures and to see different aspects on topics that many people from NH would agree upon. SNHU also helped me get involved in a study abroad program in Japan.


It was a small university.


Size, Idiocy


SNHU is a great college if you are looking for one on one. The staff is great always there to help you and the campus is not huge like other colleges so its very easy to get around. Everyone is always looking out for one another. The best recommendation for any incomming student is to get involved on campus join groups, sorrorties,fraternities and community services its well worth it.


After attending Colorado State University I learned to really enjoy the class size, and the relationship that you can create with the professors on campus.


It is friendly, small enough to see your friends around , and focuses on academics, yet leaves you with time to party.


We have a pub on campus for wet events. People 21 and over are allowed to drink discounted beverages during certain events.