Southern New Hampshire University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Everyone ready to learn, knowledgeable professors, great environment


The academic calendar of the school allows me to take classes five times in the year. I can spread out my classes properly to accommodate my hectic schedule better without overloading me with coursework. As where my friends have only a few times a year to do their courses, they have the tendency to overload their schedules, even more-so if they must work.


I can say, the ease of attending at my own rate and speed, online and at any time of day or night will be extremely beneficial to me personally. The program seems to be very computer user friendly, and it will make a world of difference being able to have amore, at my own pace, type of education.


I brag that I have a flexible online schedule and I can go to school anytime I want!


When I tell my friends about Southern New Hampshire University, I tell them about the amazing professors and how really intuned they are with the subjects they teach. It's not like listening to a teacher during lectures, it's more of listening to someone who finds their job a hobby and it really gets me involved and excited as well.


When I tell my friends from home about SNHU, I brag about how I play on the womens lacrosse team. Even though I do not get money for playing I enjoy the team aspect and the sense of family. I tell my friends I do not know what I would do if I did not play because I would not have the friends I have now. I love the friends I have made and with them it has made the college experience better for me. I was bullied my freshman year& I dont know what I would do without them


offers online courses


I brag about my g.p.a and making the presidents list in the fall 2009 and spring 2010 semesters. I also like to get intothe materials and papers I am writing or have written and discuss my relationship to particular instructors.


What I brag most about when telling friends and colleagues about SNHU are the university's diverse culture, its excellent curriculum, its highly knowledgeable faculty and helpful staff, and, above all, its mixed bag of opportunities which allow anyone wishing to earn his or her undergraduate degree the ability to attend college whether it is full-time, part-time, in the day, in the evening, or even online.


I like talking about the small class sizes and how all the professors here know your name outside of the classroom, and not just in it.


It is a private school and I feel privledged when I tell others that. They are well known for the business program which I am in.


I am a tour guide at Southern New Hampshire, so I tend to find many things to brag about. We have new dorms built and I was one of the first students to live in them, 2 years ago. The buildings are called "pods" and they are just very well built and the common rooms are the perfect size for everyone to socialize.


how much fun we have. Also about the class sizes and the great friends that i made


Small school


How many times I got written up by Public safety




How comfortable the setting is, how nice and experienced the teachers are. All of my teachers have been available 24/7 and always willing to help me. They are experienced in the field and are able to teach students more because of that.