Southern New Hampshire University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The absences policy for classes. I know of schools that don't have an absence policy and their students do great. I feel if a student is staying on top of their work and getting the grades, why does it matter if he/she shows up to class. It' one thing if it's a day with a lot of class participation, but for lectures... most professors put the powerpoints online anyway. If a professor is just going to waste my time reading off of a powerpoint trying to "teach" me something, why should I bother going to that class in the first place? Also, there are a series of four SNHU classes (SNHU 101 for incoming freshmen, SNHU 202 for transfer students, SNHU 303 for juniors, and SNHU 404 for seniors). These classes are supposed to give you a friendly push in the direction you want to be heading. They're supposed to be low stress and low structure/free curriculum. Sadly, they're the exact opposite. As an incoming freshman last year I was extremely overwhelmed and mainly, it all stemmed from this class. I also made friends with many of the upperclassmen and they felt the same way about these SNHU classes being pointless.


I don't see much negative in the college I attend. They have helped me so much withfinancial aid, and getting me a loan I had no idea about. Without that loan I wouldn't have been able to attend. Education means so much to me, and they are so good to their students. They reach out and help when you are unable to complete assignments. I couldn't have asked for a better school.


I have not run across anything negative to say about this school.




I have not had a bad experience here.


I am an online student, so I'm not getting the campus experience. However, I cannot think of anything negative about my school. We have our own social media page with tons of students on it and there is literally no complaning. I love SNHU!


The worst thing about SNHU is that, well, it's not free. But, then again, what school--in the USA--is? Overall, it's hard to point out anything bad about SNHU.


Condsidering I have yet to start at this school, I can't say that I have a solid enough evaluation of what I could even consider to be a negative towards this university. I'm sure the most difficult thing will not be the university itself, but rather the management of time for work and school while still working a full time job.


I have not had any issues with the school so far. The only minor clitch I came across was in accessing the school web site. I'm told they are working on the problem, and it is easily bypassed in any case.


I haven't oficially started going to school here yet so I could not really say what the worst thing about my school would be.


There is not really anything negative I can say about SNHU. I am full time online student and the teachers get back to you quickly. I have one teache that is kind of distant with grading and class involvement , but I am commited to succeed so I do the leg work and I can express my views and experience with teacher evaluations.


The staff really try to be helpful with scholarships and paying for school, but they fail at it.


So far I have had a really good experience at this University. I am taking online classes so I am not an acual on campus student. But the counselors that I talk to on the phone and instructors by email have been great.


The worst thing about SNHU is that many students don't go to the events that are hosted on campus, especually on the weekends. Many of the clubs that I am involved in struggle to get students to attend their events.


One of the worst things I found at my school was the support for new students. During orientation everything sounds wonderful and we can't wait to get on campus. But, when you are faced with a situation that you have never encountered before, and you have exhausted every avenue to remedy it, and the university does not seem to care it becomes all consuming not just for the student but the student's family as well.


The worst part about Southern New Hampshire University is that since they make the school so helpful for students, a lot of people who shouldn't be in school are. It makes it hard for the teachers to cater to all the needs, especially of students who don't even want to be there. I find it hard to be challenged in that setting.


The worst thing is probably the tuition costs. It is a private school so it is expensive even for just tuition. The advisor I have now is awesome but sometimes I wish the academic advisors had explained different avenues based upon a students interest. Such as minors, double majors, and such.




So far I have no negative comments about the school. They provide plenty of options for you. As soon as I come across a problem, I'll be glad to provide that information.


I can't think of anything since I am taking my classes online and have never set foot on the campus.


The worst thing about this school is that I was not informed properly when I began. Apparently, their financial aid starts with Term 6, instead of Term 1. So I lost a significant amount of grant money that I was supposed to have for the year. Also, they won't just give you the money for the year. If you don't take 2 classes every term, you don't get the full grant amounts.


The worst thing about SNHU for me is that the food is expensive. I'm a commuter student so there's probably worse things that I don't know about, but since I don't have a meal plan I have to pay for all the food I get on campus. I've pretty much stopped eating at the Dining Center because it costs so much; I just eat at home before and after class.


I think they screw you over finacially and the money being spent doesnt add up to the credidation the school gets when you graduate, but the people you meet there are friends for a life time


The local campus does not have an ATM that I can use fee free for the Higher One debit card to get my refund money.


I am currently enrolled in Rhode Island College, and what I consider to be the worst part of this school is the fact that it reminds me of high school. Everyone on campus still has the high school mentality and is not ready to grow up. I blame this on the fact that the campus is filled with commuters, and doesn't give you many options to enjoy yourself.


The school is an academic school and does not have a good arts program.


I?m an online student and I think the worst thing about it is the group projects. The people in my classes are from all over the world, if you get stuck in a group with people who are in a different time zone it is really hard to coordinate together to get the project complete.


the size of the school library has to be the only bad thing i can think of. The library needs to be larger in order to accomodate the growing number of students. There are not enough computers or seats for all students to use in the library, however there are plenty of computers elsewhere on campus.


The worst thing I can think of is that you have to graduate. I know that sounds funny, but I LOVE going to school. I will never stop and I wish SNHU had a Nursing program. But I recently moved back to Florida and will attend a University here for Nursing.


The admissions office and the academic advisors do not talk to each other nor with the schools within the university.


I think that the worst thing about SNHU is that some of the professors here are not well-educated in their field and tend to give everyone an A no matter how much effort is put into an assignment. For students who really work hard, this can get aggravating.


Lack of cultural diversity and intelligence.


Nothing around, cold, small parties


Taking two evening classes is considered full time, Yet only full time day students are eligible for SEOG's up to 12,000. a year. As a working mother of three teenagers I should receive financial aid from the school, but I only receive pell grants and to me that's discrimantion.


PublicSafety & FinancialAid. Public safety doesnt get involved if there is a fight on campus. if you want a ride to your dorm when its dark out they wont help you (they claim they offer this service). if you report an accident or vandalism it takes them a long time to respond and give you the help you need. The financial aid office ONLY gives out money to kids and families who have little to no money...thats great, but people like me, whose family makes money but still cant pay for this school, dont qualify for any money at all.


Some of the professors do not seems to care about teaching. There is not too many choices for people who want to eat oraganically or are vegetarians, and the staff is often not too helpful and often rude when dealing with students.


The administration places an emphasis of profit rather than academia.