Southern New Hampshire University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Southern New Hampshire University?


Any person could attend this school. They have everything you could ask for. They are so accomodating. I work full time, take care of my niece and support my family financially. Its a lot to deal with, but they help and do everything they can to make you as successful as you possibly can be. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to be successful in their career.


This school is open to anyone who would like to find a great education. They offer a wide variety of degree programs, including graduate programs, on campus or online. Associates, Bachelosr, and Masters Degree programs, in several fields of study are available. The faculty and staff go above and beyond to help, and each student gets an Academic Adviser to help them find the program that best suits their needs.


A person who is a well-rounded person should attend here. There are so many opportunities around here from athletics to many different events. Someone who wants a lot of opportunites with their career should also come here.


There's no consise 'Who' should attend this school. If the school has what you want and actually care about the program then go for it. Though those who are diligant in their studies will do great the campus is amazing.


Any one who attends Southern New Hampshire University should be disciplined. To do online school it takes someone responsible enough to do the work without being hounded by a professor. The student should also be prepared to work harder than students going to on campus classes because it is harder than that. The teacher is not in front of you for you to ask questions. Basically, be prepared!


I think any person can attend SNHU. Students of all ages, races, genders, sexual identities, etc. are welcome and everyone is a great community.


Someone who wants a good academic experience without it being overly challenging. Someone likes a smaller, less busy and crowded environment. It's a bit difficult to find people who don't want to spend their weekends at parties, but we're here.


Since I attend the online campus the type of person to attend this school is someone very self driven and personable.


For those returning to college after a "spacer year" following their high school graduation, this is your ideal college choice. Personally, I chose this school because it is the most highly recommended online program available. Since enrollment, I have received nothing but help from the counselors and financial aid staff. Also, I have a full time job and this allows me to do schoolwork on my own time without interfering with my work schedule.


If you want to attend SNHU, you should be someone who likes larger campuses with a mixed variety of people. There is someone for everyone at SNHU. Whether you are an athelete or an international student, you will be able to find someone you can relate to. If you want to attend SNHU, you should also be someone who is prepared for the four seasons that New England has to offer.