Southern New Hampshire University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The best advice I would give to prospective students is to put a lot of effort into time management. The courses can have a lot of home work so if you don't plan ahead, you will fall behind.


anyone can attend this school


People who just think that partying and slacking will help get them through college should really look into Community College, because while there are parties on campus and people who slack off it's really difficult for those who actually care about their education....


Anyone who is not willing to put forth the effort to receive the education they desire.


I would recomend the online classes, if you feel you do not have time and dedication to enroll in an online school then I wouldn't recomend this school to you.


Anyone who is not serious about getting a 4-year education should not attend this school.


People who like big schools with school spirit should not attend this school because this univeristy is small and no one has school spirit. I wish it did.


The type of person who isn't willing to do the work. It is not as easy as it looks :)


The person that should not attend this school are people who hated their high school experience. If they attned Rhode Island College there is a chance that they might be misterable and want to leave as soon as possible. The people are the same people they probably went to high school with which makes it much harder to meet new people.


Students that are not quite sure what their future intentions are should not enroll with Southern New Hampshire. It is my understanding that SNHU accels only in its Business Programs. My initial major was International Business, and SNHU is the only school in NH that offers this major, along with other Business majors. The accelerated Business program, along with the Business Program in general are great tools for these students to network with companies after school. However, aside from Business and, perhaps Culinary there aren't too many involved program studies for students.


Anyone lacking motivation. Anyone with an above-average IQ. Anyone with a lack of tolerance for laziness and disorganization in instructors. Anyone who does not like doing all of the work for a group project.


People who do not handle diversity well and want to attend a big school should not attend Southern New Hampshire University.


A person that is prejedice against foreigners, this school supports and provides too much to foreign students.


someone who isnt a sport major or business.


The kind of people who should not attend this school are people who are looking for a large school. SNHU is a small campus, although it is growing, it is nothing compared to a UMASS. Also students who don't like class discussions. The classes are very small at SNHU so there are alot of class discussions going on daily. I also think SNHU wouldn't be good for people who just want to go to school to party. Yes like many colleges there are parties, however they aren't anything compared to larger schools.


A person that is not out going would have a difficult time making friends at this school. Students are very friendly and will approach other students in their classes even if they do not know them. Also students that are constantly studying and need a quiet campus would have a difficult time studying on this campus because people are constantly hanging around outside making noise.