Southern New Hampshire University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


To be perfectly honest, quite a bit of research was done on this school before I even considered entering it. Everything that I needed to know was known, though there has been a little bit of confusion in the past regarding financial situations and degree alteration. In essence, however, there is nothing I wish I could have known about the school before entering it.


I wish I did more research on and applied for scholarships before I started at this school. Although the tuition is mostly covered by Federal loans, it is still a loan and it must be paid off at some point or another.


I was able to easily learn how to navigate the blackboard program to complete my work, so I actually only wish that I had known about the program sooner. I have been considering returning to school but didn't think I could get a quality education online.


I wish I had known to be more confident in what I could accomplish. When apply to colleges, I did not bother with "reach" colleges because I never thought I would be able to get in. Now I believe I could have, but am still happy with my choice to attend SNHU. I also wish I had been more confident when approaching people in the begining, instead of hesitant. I wish I had known that I would make great friends, instead of being afraid I would not find any friends. That would have made my first week easier.


I wish I had known dead the campus could be on the weekends. There are many people that like to party and its hard to attend and make friends when you would need to know someone who is having this party.


I wish I knew more about the clubs on campus, but now that I know I participate a lot.


I wish I had known what field of study I wanted to pursue, because I want to get my master's degree with an MBA and I sometimes wish I had chosen a different major for my undergrad. As for the actual school, I am very happy at SNHU.


I wish I had thought more about the cost of SNHU, financial aid, and loans. SNHU is much more expensive than my previous school, which thanks to financial aid I did not have to pay for. At SNHU though, it was so much more expensive that I had to take out my first loan.


I wish I knew how to manage money better. SNHU is expensive, but I never expected this much financial trouble before I got here/


Housing charges were Semesterly. Very few non-work study positions.


That I wouldn't being getting enough Fin Aid.


My first year attending I commuted and it was very hard for me because I wanted to be involved with the college. I was driving home just to take a nap and then head back to do community service or attend a meeting with my sorrority . I wanted to live on campus so bad but I could not afford it. My second year I applied for my RA and have been living on campus since. Being an RA is not easy with many classes and working till 2 am but it is the only way I can live here.


The people, diversity, and in depth information about the academic programs.


I wish I had known how expensive it would be to take classes.


Student attitudes toward learning. Lack of interest diversity.