Southern New Hampshire University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my School is definitely the academic calendar. It allows me to spread my classes out to where I can still graduate in the expected four years without overloading my schedule. If in the event I need to work, I can fit that into my schedule without affecting my ability to attend school. If anything of particularly intense strain arises in my life, I can take classes at a later time, and play catch up with less stress knowing I can still spread myself properly without the need to completely overrun myself.


The flexibility is the greatest thing about my school. All my courses are online and I can access them at any time in order to get my school work done.


That it has such a great online program. I love the online classes because I live in a different state than my school and I am currently unable to go to New Hampshire to get my education.


I am pursing online graduate studies and I think the best thing about SHNU is that the program is competitive and the material is very comprehensive. I am pleasantly surprised that that course material is just as if I attended the course on campus (not any easier). Distance learning can be perceived as less valuable by some people... but not in this case. I am getting a quality education.


The best thing about my school is that it has a lot of space, and accomidates all different majors for all kinds of different students.


I love the student community at this school. It's big enough where not everyone knows everyone else, but there are very tight-knit groups of people within the majors. I also love that there is a Game Design program, since that's what I'm studying.


I think SNHU has a strong academic focus with students who are serious about their educations and careers. We have mostly adult students who have lived and experienced more than traditional students, and so the classes are filled with people who take the work seriously, do the best they can, and engage in conversations that make us all feel like scholars. Compared to my time at UNH, SNHU has a much more mature feel, and I believe that I am getting the best education possible without the distraction of "kids" who do not take it seriously.


I think I would consider the friends that I made the best thing about my college. In highschool I never felt like I could be completely myself. When I came to my college, I quickly found friends who loved me no matter how weird or strange I acted. They never judged me and most of the time joined in when I was doing something odd. I believe that I have made life time friends at my school. I am able to be myself completely and feel that I have grown as a person since starting college.


What requirements that they do not offer, I can take alternatively that they will recognize and transfer into credits, including foreign languages. Ancient history has always been my passion and when diagnosed with permanent disabilities, I followed my dream. SNHU programs allow this. My academic advisor contacts me at least monthly by phone or email to make sure that everything is proceeding well with classes AND me. He helps organize my classes, makes sure that I'm registered, and where I need to be. All I have to do is attend class. SNHU rocks.


In my opinion, it is a tie between the passions and courtesy on campus. We have an "open door policy" where EVERYONE on campus will hold the door for you and many of us are just generally courteous because of it. Then there is the passion. With so many majors it is amazing to see the passions of the students and faculty alike. We have so much to gain by being in class from our professors and so much to give to our fellow students that it's like the learning never ends.


The staff because they are always willing to take time out of their schedule to assist students and to help them out when it is needed.


I feel the extra cirricular activities are the best thing because you learn how to better yourself as a person and how to expand your resume outside of your jobs and academic career. It gives you skills you can't learn in the classroom.


I love this school because I can go to class online which is why I picked it. The professors make it hands on even though its on the computer.


offers online courses, makes it easier as a military spouse to attend college. is military friendly.




I love the campus! It's so friendly and nice. In the fall, it's just gorgeous with all of the colorful trees. I like that it's a smaller school, so it's easy to get around. Also, all of the buildings are really nice and new. I just love the school so much!


Without a doubt the best thing about SNHU is their online program. I am a mother of two, I work part-time, and I help my husband on our family's farm. If my only choice was a traditional undergraduate program then college would not be an option for me. For five years I have dreamed of earning my degree and because of SNHU's online program I am finally able to make that dream come true. It is the best online program I have seen and I have researched quite a few.




I am legally blind. The support serivces and accomodations I have received are excellent. This allows me to achieve my educational and career goals.


The integration of ages througout the school is wonderful. There are people in classes from 18 to 50+ and it helps with the experience.


The classroom sizes and the enviroment where the school is located. I love being able to know everyone in my class and having the professor know my first and last name. The enviroment is beautiful. The school is surrounded by mountains and lakes and goes through all four seasons.


The best thing at SNHU is the class sizes. There is a perfect amount of students in one class so that the students can get as much help as possible


The class size. I love having classes 30 students and less.


The best thing about my school is that it is only and hour and is fifteen minutes away from loon mountain so if your a skiier or snowboarder this wa ill be a definite bonus.


distance education classes