Southern Oregon University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


the longboard race through campus


I loved my school for the reason that they kept all Ed majors together in a cohart and so the last two years of school I was in classes with people who I was most comfortable around and we have some of the greatest discussions and it was really enriching and impacting. I couldn't of asked for a better school setting.


My school is best known for being a small, quaint campus in the city of Ashland. Surrounded by mountains, the environment and location is a great place to study and learn.


Every year in January we have a campus wide event called the Winter Ball. The theme changes each year and so does the message the theme is suppose to send. Whether it's to love your body or be yourself, the theme is meant to inspire. This years theme is masquer-rave!


its trees


Southern Oregon University is best known for the beautiful campus and the Shakespeare festival during the summertime. I would also say that it is known for the liberal campus and terrible food.


SOU is best known for it football team and theatre programs.


My school is best know for being the only school in Oregon and in the top twenty school progressive in "going green." Our Threater program is top ten in the nation, especially since we have the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The out doors program is known among Oregonians. SOU is still known as a party school across the state despite the fact that we have moved far from that more than thirty years ago. We have closed down a couple of times so we now know how to sacrafice and cut programs when neccessary like we did two years ago.


Southern Oregon University is best known for its small class sizes, liberal views and strong focus environmental issues. The community is very tight knit and supportive located in the small artistic town of Ashland, Oregon which is know for its annual Shakespear festival. Non-traditional students are abundant; many are coming back to school in their later years and the majority of students commute from nearby cities.


Our school is best known for its liberal arts. Its a small school with small class sizes in a nice town. We also have a great theatre program because its in Ashland, home of the Shakespeare festival.