Southern Oregon University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Seriously? Is this a joke? Well, I guess I brag about how the excruciating boredom allowed me to breeze through 11 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in 3 months.


I'm the top student in most of my classes. Not much of an achievement, since I'm one of the few who cares enough to do the work.


I don't believe I brag about my school, although I am extremely proud of every aspect of the University. If I were to brag though, I would say I love every aspect of Southern Oregon University, such as: students, faculty, the city of Ashland, the clubs, the friendliness of everyone around campus, and the overall feel of the University. I could brag about SOU, instead I just like to convince non-students of SOU that they are missing out on a genuine college experience.


That the teachers are great and it is a great environment.


My friends always complain about portland university because it is surrounded by buildings. i tell them that i love the open air and out door campus that sou has to offer. also i mention that all my professors know me by name i'm not just a face in the classroom, i am a student ready to be taught.


I brag about the size. Not to big or little. Also the location. Very scenic and beautiful. Near a ski resort and lake. Very fun little town. The professors are very caring and supportive.


The campus is gorgeous. The students are friendly. The faculty is helpful and available the majority of the time. There are a ton of things to do around campus almost every night, and it seems like everyone on campus is intelligent and focused on being happy and successful.


Our school is great because of how good our sports teams are, how small our class sizes are, and how understanding, knowledgable and helpful our teachers are. It is in a great city it is in, we have a new, nice library. And it's very easy to make friends.


The small class sizes and easiness to talk to your professors


that the business department is awesome. I am completely satisfied with how they go about teaching the course requirements.


I tell them it is where I can play a contra bass clarinet in the concert band. If they asked I would tell them how friendly the people are.