Southern Oregon University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is strong willed, eager to learn, open to new possibilities, and comfortable in small class settings where discussions and group participation are often encouraged. With the class and overall size of this university, there lies a lot of potential for extreme learning opportunities and collaborative creative rub off. This liberal arts university is growing fast, and with the recent accredidation for the new, "Oregon Center for the Arts", interdisciplinary crossovers have become common place . With these endless possibilities, It's up to you for where you take it.


Poeple who attend this school better be hard working, open minded, and creative.


There are many different types of people in the world, from the outgoing to the more introverted. There can never be a certain type of person that should attend this school. The advice that I can offer though, is that each student must work efficiently and strive within their class environment. We each may be differing in some aspects, but we all still have our goals; to graduate and obtain the asparations that we wish to have within our lives. So I say to each of you, take the risk, work hard, and never give up.


A very wide range of people should attend this school. It is very welcoming and accepting of everyone and their situations.


Someone who is artistic, likes small classes, open minded. Someone who likes college professors who are personal and interested in talking with you about your grades and getting to know you.


Southern Oregon University is a school open to all different types of students. The environment at SOU is so diverse that anyone is welcome and I'm sure he or she will have the time of his or her life. It is important that students be willing and ready to learn and expand their knowledge in subjects they are most interested in. I had a great experience at SOU and I am sure that any incoming student would feel the same way.


I don't think there is a specific type of person for this school. I think Southern Oregon University offers something for everyone with many diverse fields of study. I recommend this campus to everyone, the faculty are nice and are able to offer more insight into their area of study then any campus I have been to, and are will to provide additional help if you are having trouble understanding something.


I would say that enviomentally friendly kids do come to our school but any and all are welcome at SOU. The school also has fantastic majors; the most popular major being the theatre major. With the Oregon Shakespeare theatre down the street it brings many theatre kids to our school.


any one should go to SOU its artistic and serious. its business in the front and party in the back.


Ashland is a small quiet community. Most students here are serious about their studies; however everyone makes time for friends and fun. Students looking to attend need to be alright with having to conjure their own fun and activities. Most students here are very friendly and polite to most everyone. SOU has a faily tight nit student body so the social, outgoing tpye fit in well.


People who learn better in small class environments. Also anyone with interest in working/majoring in theatre should attend this school. Since there is a small student body most of which are undergraduates), you will be able to participate and have major roles in the school plays unlike at bigger schools.


Someone is wants to have one on one with the professors and have small class sizes. The size of the school of perfect. The size of the town is also small, so someone who likes small towns, or wants to get away. SOU also has a wonderful theater program.


A person who enjoys small towns where everything is within walking distance would be a good fit for Ashland. Someone who is looking for a small college that has a lot to offer would enjoy SOU. A person who loves to be outdoors would enjoy Ashland, as well as a person who enjoys shopping.


Someone who wants the experience of a state university but enjoys the feel of a small town. Ashland has great artistic opportunities and is close to some of the most beautiful terrain. It is an opportunity to meet so many different types of people.


Every type of person attends SOU. Thearter arts majors, business majors, communications majors, athletic people, artsy people, quiet or loud people. I have seen all types of people attending at SOU and having fun.


Artistic, Liberally minded individuals who want an adequate, but not necessarily outstanding undergraduate education. This school excels in the arts, but when it comes to various academic fields, it lacks.


SOU is good for the arts and sciences, not so much if for sports. Teams exist, but they aren't the greatest. Being down the street from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, we're an arts school. It's a good size for people who are freaked out by large cities or schools, Ashland is a small town and SOU is a very supportive campus. People from large cities are sometimes bored. The main attraction is theater, the theater department at the school and the surrounding theaters are fabulous! There is also skiing on Mt Ashland for outdorsy types.




People who are serious about getting their education and maturing.


I think that this school offfers alot of diversity. So I think that somone who has a lot of diversity or culture should attend this school. I also think that Southern Oregon University has alot to offer in acedemics, the proffessors are really supportive of the students and challenge the students when they need to be challenged. I think that anyone who wants to have fun, learn and by around different cultures then Southern Oregon Univerity is the place for you.


A person who knows exactly what they want to do in their career that the school is know for (ex. Our Threater program is top ten in the nation). Since we are in the mountains, they should take advantage of the out door activites offered. This school, especially the city caters to non-traditional students very well, often leaving traditional students out sometimes.


Liberal outlook, kind, not too concerned with academics, has a life outside of school/campus.


A person who loves art and is environmentally safe.