Southern Oregon University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my schools is the small class sizes; they really allow you to get to know your professors and them to know you.


The campus is small. We have some new building and are about to break ground on a new residence hall. Te library is beautiful and has a tile mosaic that was ship in from italy by an artist who numbered the back of the tiles. The art students were to draw it out and number accorsingly and then places the tiles in order. Similar to a paint by number. Britt Hall was the original campus building. In fact, when the school was founded it was the only building.


I love that Ashland is a small town; sunny, but it is most beautiful when it snows. The school is also very beautiful and green. It is so easy to get to one side of the school and then to the other in ten minutes; love that.


The small class size is definitly the best part of this school. Almost all of my classes have less than 25 students. This is really nice because it really allows you to talk to your teachers on a personal level, a few of my teachers prefer to be called by their first name. Also the small class size allows you to utilize the schools resources. The library for example has plenty of space and is never too full to work in.


The close knit community and familiy atmosphere. The adventureous opportunties all around us!


The background diversity of the students is the best thing about this school. There are people from so many different places with so many different views on life. It's always a learning experience.


It is located in beautiful Ashland and the staff has been one of the best to work with. It also has a great distance learning program that allows me to stay in California to live and work but still attend the college I grew up around.


Small campus, small town and small class sizes allowing you to get to know your teachers. Classes are not taught by assistants.


The smaller campus allows for more individual attention in the classroom, and easier access to teachers outside of the classroom. You get more out of your money for your education. In addition, everyone makes new friends very quickly. At SOU you get an amazing educational experience and have fun the whole way.


Where do I begin? SOU/Ashland is so beautiful, and such a supportive atmosphere. I've met some wonderful people and had some wonderful classes. I was asked what my best experience at SOU was once, and I couldn't narrow it down to one, because nearly every experience is my best experience!


The theater program has a hands-on class system that I feel is really useful to have when the Theater Arts program graduates finish and move onto either graduate programs or directly into the working world.


It is located in a small town, which makes a nice area to go to school and stay focused. People are very helpful and understanding in Ashland. There is a large diversity at the school which allows for growth as a student. Which is one of the most important things to experience while going to school.


I love the environment and how close it is to home. It is a very friendly environment and more like a close nit community and i love it. People smile when you walk by them.