Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at Southern Polytechnic State University (now officially Kennesaw State University Marietta Campus) are, for the large majprity, very friendly, healpful, kind, and intelligent.


They are individuals of a high caliber in academics, honor and integrity.




People are all different.


My classmates are always driven to do their very best at what they do and every single one of them seems to have some kind of passion for the major that they are involved in so I almost feel like they are "out-passioning" me in a way that makes me want to get driven to do even better.


Like me, my classmates are engineering, technical, and artistic geeks.


My classmates are very similar to me because the majority of my classmates have the same major as me, which is Computer Engineering Technology.


Students that have a great balance between working hard in order to get a good job when they graduate and being willing to relax and just hang out and have a good time.




My classmates are very helpful and intelligent. I've made many friends already, which has really suprised me since I don't know anyone there and I've never been one to make many friends.


The students at this university are very diverse and for the most part pay a lot of attention to detail and are very focused.


My classmates are very focused on their academic work and future careers.


Mostly eager to learn, complete assignments on time, and know the materials taught pretty well.


My classmates for the most part seem to be focued on their academics. However, there are most certainly those who are not. Everyday it seems like its the same crowd that's hanging around outside the dorms doing absolutley nothing school related. I'm not one hundered percent sure but it also seems like there are a lot of drug users on campus due to the constant smell around campus. Overall most of my classmates seem focused on their goals of graduating witha degree, but there are definitely those who seem to have "other" things in mind.


All males, small class size.


My classmates are very enthusatic about everything our professors are showing us.


Everyone is very nice and extremely helpful.


They are outgoing, understanding, and intelligent!


Southern Poly has a very diverse student body, rangeing foreign exchange students to local high school graduates.


My classmates are rather awkward guys who are definitely not the hard-core, Georgia State party-types, for which I am grateful.


Most of the students enrolled in my courses are goal driven geeks!


My classmates are friendly, helpful and overall very approachable.


A lot of my classmates are focused on achieving a higher education, while kicking back and relaxing on their free time as well, allowing them to keep a very nice balance in their lives thoughout college and not submitting to drugs and alcohol to relieve stress.


Wantiong to get further in their jobs.


I love my classmates. We all are helpful to one other and we constantly study together for classes.


My classmates are a very different bunch of people than what i had grown used to in highschool, alot of the people are very determined to succeced and make sure they do what they can to graduate.


My classmates are educated and enthusiatic members of society.


For the most part my classmates are well behaved, intelligent, and very hard working.


Culturally Divererse there are currently students and faculty from 116 countries and intelligent. Very driven and goal oriented.


My class mates are people whom seem to enjoy social events. They like to get anyone and everyone involved in something, as long as it does not compromise class involvments too much. They try to get people out there and socialize with other students. But just like many places there are those people who don't get out and continue to do the school only no people thing, which sometimes saddens many of the other students.


As a product of my major in architecture, my classmates and I have become very close because we spend a lot of time in our on campus, 24- studio space where we complete our projects.


My classmates are people of diverse cultures who are eager to learn, career focused and willing to help each other.


Classmates from SPSU are very willing and helpful when it comes to class work but will point out errors in your work quickly so that everyone benefits from the experience.


They are crazy, focused, and very friendly.


My classmates are very well rounded and culturally diverse. Everyone is very friendly and always happy to help or hangout. They are some of the nicest and most diverse people I have ever met.


From Einsteins, to Cosbys, to Michael Jordans, Southern Poly offers a diverse variation of local and international students, students who are among some of the most talented, intellectual, amicable and strong willed I know; students who have gathered together in unison for a sole purpose, to prepare themselves for a strong and successful future, but at the same time, subtly providing an aura of inspiration and guidance.


In most of my classes my classmates try to demonstrate a good work ethic and strive to be the best they can be.


They are all easy to get along with and seem to enjoy learning.


Most of my classmates are nice and quiet.


My classmates are eccentric in their own identity, culturally diverse, and are willing to help those in need.


Everyone that I have met thus far on campus has been very nice and courteous.


My classmates are smart; they are Notetakers, and they are diligent.


My classmates are active, dependable, on time and hard working students.


My peers are easy going people who are willing to give a helping hand when needed.


They are very helpful with trying to figure out homework problems and fun to talk too. It is an overall good atmosphere to be in when i am in the classroom or even outside the classroom talking or interacting with them.


My typical clasmates are Asian or Caucasian; mostly male student.