Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


SPSU is best known for their Engineering and Architechture programs.


Southern Polytechnic State Unversity is best known for its engineering and architecture programs.


It is a college where there are dorms yet a lot of people can live off campus. It is an engineering school geared toward geeks.


Southern Polytechnic State University is best known for its in depth knowledge of engineering amd engineering technology. In addition, it is a suburban college and it doesn't make some students feel like it's a new environment for them.


My school of Southern Polytechnic State University is widley known as a fastly growing engineering university. With a very challenging and rewarding degree program that rivlas that of Georgia Tech.


My school is best known for its Engineering department.


Competitive degrees in Engineering Technology.


SPSU is best known for having a campus population that consists of about 80{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} males and a lot of video game players. As for recognition, SPSU has one of the top architecture programs in the US, ranked higher than Georgia Tech, and has numerous fields of engineering that one can go into. Also, SPSU is one of the greenest campuses within Georgia and focuses on being "green-minded" about all future developments.


Having teachers that care about their students success, a hard architecture program, and a good engineering program.




We are know for Architecture( major wise) and we have determined students.


My school is known for technology and architecture majors


I believe SPSU is best known for having a very challenging program where a lot of students end up transfering to different institutions before they graduate.


My school is best known for the difficulty of it's architecture program as well as its MET departments ability to provide employment upon graduation.


SPSU is known for its artitecture program, mechanical engineering and its academic excellence.


My school is the only school in Georgia with an accredited Bachelor's program in Architecture. This is very prestigous, as other, more famous schools in the state do not have their accredation for the program. The school is very technical, focusing on more science and engineering based programs. There is a large male poputlation, and that is known outside of the school.


Georgia technology university -slogan and also its the only accredited architecture program in the state


I don't really know. I'm in the Architecture program, which leans toward being a bit segregated from the rest of the school. The diversity of cultures, in both the student body and the faculty, is well known. There seems to be an overall above-average GPA.


One of the better engineering schools in Georgia. Smaller campus and less students allow a more focused and detailed experience. Not many nearby distractions but close enough to Atlanta and other fun spots.


Its an engineering school but also has a very stong architecture department. I have also heard it is one of the best schools in the state.


My school is best known for is architecture program which is the only accredited architecture program in the state.


Southern Polytechnic State University is known for its achievement in providing its attending students with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to obtain and excel in various careers built around the technical field.


Providing good inter and externships for students


I believe that our school is best known for it's great computer, and information technology programs. As well as the textile programs, and high hiring rate straight out of college.


It's Engineering Program.


My school is best known for having engineers job ready upon their graduation. This comes from focos on application versus theoretical.


This school is best known for its programs of study (i.e Architecture and Engineering).