Southern Polytechnic State University Top Questions

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The unique thing about Southern Polytechnic state is the small class sizes. A normal physics class will have 25 students, whereas at a larger school, the class could be 150 or more.


It's a smaller school with less packed classes that allow more one on one time with the professors. This is a great characteristic compared to that of a larger university such as UGA where the classes consist of 50 or more students. Less students per teacher allows for more intimate learning on the behalf of the student which is a great thing to have.


Southern Polytechnic State University is one of the best schools in Georgia. Out of all the universities, it has one of the highest pay rates for its graduates. This school has won many competitions against other universities in Georgia. Also, this school offers great degrees for its students with great campus resources. This school has great fraternities, sororities, clubs, and organizations that are involved with lots of campus wide activities. My favorite thing about this school is it has small class sizes and not big lecture halls. This way the students can learn and interact with the professor more comfortably.


SPSU has recently added a lot of new majors. This means many courses over lap. This is great because it allows students to take courses in a variety of disciplines. For example, I am a communications major, but this doesn’t mean I take classes in only broadcasting and journalism. I take classes in public relations, proposal writing, technical editing and writing, graphic design and web design, film production and more. This is perfect for the college student who enters college without fully knowing what they want to major in and perfect for the college graduate who has many passions.


I think the unique thing is that its based on engineering. Almost everyone that goes here is in some type of engineering major. Also the architecture program is one of the only 5 year architecture schools. I also love the small classrooms and the teachers are there to help me not just to write a book or just teach, but to actually work for the students benefit. What really got me interested in Southern Poly was the small classrooms and great professors. Other campuses did't really seem to offer these things.


I love Southern Poly! I am a transfer student from Georgia Highlands, which was a small school compared to SPSU. At Highlands I was not as involved with the student life like I am at SPSU. What is unique, to me, is all of the different cultures that attend SPSU. I also love the counselors, they are very helpful! The teachers are also helpful and very good at what they do.


SPSU is unique because we have small classrooms that are conducive to good learning environments. Even though it is a smaller school we still have a lot of good school recreation facilities. These help to reduce stress and create an environment that is good for building relationships.


The location of the campus as well as the size is unique in my estimation. Located in Cobb County, not to far from Kennessaw State, Southern Polytechnic State is the perfect size in terms of student to faculty ratio which ensures adequate assistance for all students. Additionally, the location is prime in terms of its location from downtown Atlanta, all interstates, and local businesses. Parking is not a problem, and all sporting arenas are located on campus for the sports offered.


Completely technology oriented


This school is accomodating to my type of study habits. I am very independent study driven and Southern Poly doesn't force or pressure me to interact socially with other people. They know the importance of a good education, and they do their best to provide that with every type of student here. I love this school because it basically has the same personality as myself.


Southern Poly has a more hands on feel than the other schools i considered attending. SPSU also has a large number of groups and clubs on campus.


My school has a very diverse group of races. Many foreigners come to my school to study. Also, my school offers many different programs for engineers. The architectural program is also ranked extremely high for such a small university.


SPSU is unique compared to other Engineering schools because it focuses on career-attainment as opposed to Georgia Tech, which was my other alternative, which focuses on theoretical rather than practical applications.


its more diverse and career focused then other Engineering Schools.


We are very diverse in all aspects!


There is a strong focus on hands-on learning.


engineering oriented, small classes


Southern Poly was the only school I considered.


It meets all the requirements I was hoping to find in an university.


Offer cultrual diversity , and ensure that the students are able to obtain any kidn fo help they want


It tends to be hands on


What makes SPSU unique is that the teachers knows what they are talking about. The class size is perfect


Southern Poly is still in the city but not all crowded like Atlanta. It's close enough to home for me but still far enough away. Southern Poly was actually my first choice of school to finish up through my sophomore year before transferring to Georgia Tech.


It has a unique blend of disciplines with emphasis on career after undergraduate school.